ScanNCut DX Playbook review

Today I’m writing about the new ScanNCut DX Playbook!   In the UK, this is only available exclusively through Makers Superstore – their website is

The gist of this review is –

This book is EXCELLENT and extremely informative and comprehensive –

NO – all the content CANNOT be found online or elsewhere – there is nothing else out there that covers the inbuilt functions as comprehensively as this book does….I’ve already been there, read the book, seen the YouTube videos, got the ScanNCut t shirt….sorry couldn’t help that joke!

YES it is DEFINITELY well worth the price point as it contains so much excellent content – the book plus pattern collection activation card plus usb with extra bonus content and tutorials….so with that said, here is more information for you 🙂

First of all, ignore the title “ScanNCut DX Innov-is Edition Playbook” – this book is for ALL DX series machines, so in the UK that would be ALL the SDX series – so the bottom range SDX900, through to the SDX135PRO, SDX1200 and the top of the range SDX2200D.

Looking at the online blurb, I originally thought the playbook contained just basic content and a bit about using .pes files on the ScanNCut but it’s not – it’s a really fantastic, well thought out manual designed to hold your hand and help you become best friends with your ScanNCut.

It landed on my doorstep yesterday, and I was really surprised – there is a lot more content in there than I thought there was!  And most of that content actually isn’t covered on the internet, or on YouTube, so I was really delighted about that!

It’s written by Cindy Hogan, a Brother Brand Ambassador based in the USA.  Cindy has been using Brother machines for many years, and is very well known in the embroidery world for her excellent manuals on PE Design, which is digitizing software for embroidery machines.   As Cindy normally writes manuals for software, this manual is very much focused on using the functions on the machine itself.

I’ve had a really good read through it – there is some fantastic content in the book, especially for new or users intermediate or those who wish to become more confident and comfortable when using their ScanNCut.

However, this book isn’t just for those of us who also use embroidery machines, far from it!  Yes, there are chapters on using embroidery machines and .pes functions etc, but the majority of the book is designed to help you learn your machine inside out, from the beginning, in steps you can take at your own pace.

The book has about 250 A4 size pages and is packed full with useful content.  You also get the PigPong Lettering Collection activation card (which normally costs £39.99) separately – and there are some projects in the book that you will create using the activation card, plus other projects, and the book takes you through those step by step.

Inside the book there is also a USB flash drive, which contains the videos and files for the projects inside the book, as well as a glossary – which I love as it isn’t just a description of various ScanNCut terms but this actually takes you through every single screen on the machine and explains both what the menus and options on the screen mean, and  what they do.  I am an experienced user but even I am going to print this extra bonus content out to put in a folder with the playbook. it’s a brilliant reference guide.

The only thing I had trouble with was working out how to open the usb (it’s a little card with a hinge), so here is a video I found helpful – once you know how to do it you’ll be fine!

Opening the flash drive usb

The book also helps you become more comfortable with using Canvas Workspace – there are step by step instructions on setting up your Canvas Workspace account, and how to connect your ScanNCut to your wireless internet.  There are also chapters on updating the machines firmware, and activating pattern collections and uaing the premium function settings.  All this information is step by step, and in depth, meaning you can’t go wrong as you have the book and pictures to follow while you get everything set up.

That’s only a small part of the book though!

A large part of the book is dedicated to all the amazing scanning features that are built in to the machine, again there are pages and pages of in depth, step by step instructions on how to expertly use all the various scanning features – there is a *lot more* you can do with the scan function rather than just dragging a cut file over to the right area of a piece of paper or card!  This section is *excellent* and so (here’s that word again!) in depth and informative.  It goes right through every single scanning function comprehensively so you can get the best results, and on top of that, there is more content about scanning on the actual USB for you to print out if you choose (and yes I will be doing that! as it’s so helpful!

The vast majority of the content in this book has been written to help you with all the machines inbuilt functions  and this isn’t covered in such great depth on the internet, online, on Youtube, or other instructional videos or demonstrations  –  the content in the book is *extremely* comprehensive. 

The playbook also gets you started on the basics of using Canvas Workspace in conjunction with your machine.  There is too much in the book to mention everything and it’s not something that you’re going to pick up and use once or twice, I genuinely think new and intermediate users will go to this book time and time again.

The playbook/pattern collection/bonus usb content really is *worth every penny of the price* – it’s written by someone who has extensive knowledge of producing instructional manuals for Brother and this book as I said covers much more than other instructional content – it goes places other ScanNCut instructors and demonstrators  haven’t been before, right to the heart of the machine (in detail!). 

I love it and it’s going to sit right next to my ScanNCut SDX2200D as a reference guide! 🙂

ScanNCut DX Print and Cut

Hi all – I’ve just uploaded a new video to Youtube –

I’ve been using the new ScanNCut DX Print to Cut function and OMG I seriously love it – I can’t stop printing and cutting, I’m obsessed now!

Now the function is designed for the SDX machine – however there is a workaround for the CM series – which I am making a video on at the moment- look out for my video though because I have a few tips – but bear in mind it won’t work in the same way as the DX machines.

In the UK the activation card is available through

I highly recommend you also buy the Enhanced Image Tracing Premium Pack 2, as it allows you to trace images more accurately, cut landlocked areas etc.

You can use any printer, inkjet or laser to print off the printed image pages. I’m so in love with Print and Cut, I bought a laser printer!

I have several friends who have spent in the region of £7,500 (YES REALLY!) on all the usbs with printed images to cut on, so this is going to literally save them thousands of pounds now.

Basically, once you have registered the activation card (I show how to do this in my video) – You can take ANY FREE IMAGE ON THE INTERNET, yes that’s right FREE FREE FREE IMAGES! (Obviously use copyright, royalty free images so you don’t get yourself into any hot water). You can also use your own images or photos. So download a free image – try – images with transparent backgrounds are best – think of any object or image you like and you will find a FREE image!


Can you tell I’m excited yet?

Here are some of the images I have printed and then cut so far…

Canvas Workspace will automatically trace the images and put cut lines around the image for you, including landlocked areas!!

Then you can RESIZE AND DUPLICATE BOTH THE IMAGE AND THE CUT FILE TOGETHER – (no more having to mess about with printing and trying to work out how big your images are compared to your cut files.)
– MIRROR IMAGE/FLIP YOUR CUT FILES (you can create double sided printed pages this way – video for this will follow at a later date)


Print those pages off, pop them on the mat and then…



*No dragging cut files over printed images – no aligning any shapes etc – the machine just DOES IT! How fantastic is that!

It is the most magic ScanNCut thing I’ve seen for a long time, I can’t get over how it automatically positions the cut file over the image…you can put the paper anywhere on the mat…no need to worry about lining it up with a corner…the machine reads the registration marks on the paper and knows where to cut!

You can also bring in your own photos or images into Canvas Workspace and put shapes round them and RESIZE THE PHOTOS AND THE CUT FILES TOGETHER.

I print on Wilko Navigator 120gsm paper (£4 for 250 sheets) or matte photo paper – you can also get double sided matte photo paper if want to double sided print to cut)  

Happy printing and cutting! 🙂


OK guys so here is some information you need to know before the new SDX900 is launched tomorrow on Create and Craft.

I’m posting this because I’m passionate about getting truthful and accurate information out there so people can make an informed purchase.

As you know, the CM900 is now discontinued, and the SDX900 has been launched by Create and Craft to replace it.

I don’t like the name SDX900, as that implies it is a improved CM900 with autoblade.



I don’t know if the SDX900 has the new mat feed roller system or not.

The SDX900 screen is TINY, and I mean TINY. It’s only 3.47″ and that’s measured on the diagonal. The original CM300 actually has a larger screen than the new SDX900 (3.70 inches)

I am really disappointed with the screen size on the SDX900. I’ll add some comparison photos to this post

The SDX900 is meant to be a replacement for the CM900 – but the CM900 has a much larger screen, – 4.8 inches! and 1303 patterns, .pes capability, scans 12×24″ mat so be aware the SDX900 is NOT a CM900 with autoblade..

Don’t be fooled though by anything Mel or Create and Craft might tell you that this is a replacement for the CM900 – because the SDX900 is definitely not comparable with the CM900 – the SDX900 has only 682 patterns, 7 fonts, no .pes capability and doesn’t scan a 12×24 mat – the only benefit is autoblade, and the ability to use the new kits.

Lots of us here have are very unhappy with Create and Craft…some people spent over £500 and ordered their SDX1200 on the 19th September and still haven’t got their machine!

IF YOU WANT A MID RANGE, BUDGET MACHINE, then the SDX135PRO is a MUCH better buy than the new SDX900.

The SDX135PRO has the same patterns (682) as the SDX900, and the same basic specs as the new SDX900 (so doesn’t read .pes, no scan 12×24 mat etc) – but DOES have more fonts, the new mat roller feed system as I said, AND THE LARGER 5″ SCREEN

There are more improvements on the SDX135PRO over the SDX900 but I’m waiting for Brother to email me a full list.

The SDX135PRO has a 5″ screen (same size as the SDX1200 and the SDX2200D)…by comparison the SDX900 screen is only 3.47″

The SDX135PRO (and the SDX2200D) are only available through Makers Superstore.

Yes Create and Craft might have a lower price on the SDX900 tomorrow….but you’ll regret not buying the SDX135PRO with the larger screen and the better features!

The current top of the entire Brother ScanNCut range is the SDX2200D which obviously has a higher price point than the SDX135PRO.

Makers Superstore also have a much better service than Create and Craft – ask your fellow users here, and read INDEPENDENT reviews of Makers Superstore here:

SDX135PRO 5″ LARGE screen

CM300 3.70″ screen
CM900 4.8″ screen

ScanNCut DX Vinyl Auto Blade kit

I’ll be updating this page with lots of photos and a full review on the new vinyl auto blade kit shortly….the gist of my review is that it cuts *beautifully* and the tiling feature is fabulous!

Giant size vinyl projects here we come! Great for walls, windows, cars, vans etc 🙂

This new vinyl auto blade does a fantastic job of cutting intricate, fine details on both self adhesive vinyl AND heat transfer vinyl.

Before I go any further, please note that the Vinyl Auto Blade Kit is for SDX/DX machines only – so in the UK this kit will work on the

SDX135PRO, SDX2200D, SDX1200 and SDX900.

In the UK, the vinyl auto blade kit is sold exclusively through, who sell the two ScanNCut machines that I personally recommend, the SDX135 and the SDX2200D, as well as a FULL range of accessories and kits for both the CM series and the SDX series machines – how fabulous is that!

There are two versions of the kit available – the standard vinyl autoblade kit which contains –

  • Vinyl Auto Blade and Vinyl Auto Blade Holder
  • All Occasions Activation Card x 21 Designs
  • Access to Canvas Workspace vinyl features.

And the Disney vinyl autoblade kit which contains

  • 55 Designs – 21 All Occasions/34 Disney
  • Includes SDX Vinyl Auto Blade and Vinyl Auto Blade Holder
  • Access to new tiling weeding functions in Canvas Workspace

I recorded a couple of videos at the end of last week and they are now live on YouTube!

So here’s the first video: unboxing the kit, a look at the patterns etc:

And how to activate the vinyl autoblade kit; how to activate the Disney patterns; how to access the patterns and transfer them to your machine; how to access the patterns in Canvas Workspace; how to use the tiling function and more!

Hope you find the videos useful, and I would love to see photos of your projects created with the vinyl autoblade!

As ever, happy cutting! 🙂

Eclipse Card Tutorial

To create this fun, colourful card, I used the following materials:

Pattern AR-0133 which is a fantastic chameleon design on my SSDX2200D, available in the UK exclusively from Makers Superstore –

You can also use any other pattern of your choice 🙂

Makers A4 Super Smooth Extra White Cardstock 50 Sheets 300gsm (super smooth card is fantastic for ink blending!

Ink blending tools:

Tim Holtz Distress Oxides (I highly recommend that you use google to find the best prices)

Warm colours: Picked Raspberry, Candied Apple, Abandoned Coral, Wild Honey.

Cool colours: Tumbled Glass, Peacock Feathers, Salty Ocean, Twisted Citron.

Cut a piece of the super smooth cardstock in half so you have an A5 sized piece.

Ink up your cardstock in your preferred style and colours. For my projects, I’ve used linear ink blending (used a ruler) and overlapped the colours.

Chose the chameleon pattern on the machine – I resized my chameleon to fit the A5 piece of cardstock – in inches – 7.38″ wide by 4.91″ high (mm measurements are 187.5mm wide by 124.7mm high).

From the machine, send the file across to Canvas Workspace – to do this tap “save” and then tap the icon that with a laptop and wifi icon.

In Canvas Workspace, open up the file you just sent across. (On the web based version of Canvas Workspace, you’ll find your file in the “My Projects” tab. If you’re using the offline/downloadable version of Canvas Workspace, then go to FILE, EDIT, IMPORT FROM YOUR CUTTING MACHINE, FCM IMAGE.

Select the Chameleon and now UNGROUP it. This will separate the outline from the inner elements. Select the INNER ELEMENTS ONLY (so leave the outline unselected) and change these to DRAW lines. Leave the outline as a CUT file. Now select everything (so both the inner element shapes, and the outline) and GROUP these back together.

Now EXPORT/TRANSFER the chameleon file back to your machine.

Scan in your inked card stock, and drag the chameleon over the top of the cardstock until your happy with the placement.

Next, insert a pen into the universal pen holder (I’ve used a glitter pen from the Scribbalicious range available from The Works). Select the “fill shape” function on the machine (shaped like a pen nib). Select DRAW, and you will find only the inner elements appear on the machine’s screen filled in with blue – this is what the machine is going to draw out.

Once the machine has drawn out and filled in the inner elements, WITHOUT DELETING ANYTHING OFF THE SCREEN OR UNLOADING THE MAT, take the universal pen holder out of the machine, and swap the pen to a different one – I’ve used a metallic pen again from the Scribbalicious range available from The Works).

Put the metallic pen/universal pen holder back in the machine. Deselect the fill function by clicking on the pen nib icon again. Select DRAW once again to draw and the machine will draw an outline around those filled shapes! Magic!

Once the machine has finished drawing the outlines, take out the universal pen holder from the machine, and replace with the blade holder. Select CUT to cut the chameleon outline.

Once the machine has finished, take everything off the mat. 🙂

I’ve cut three more chameleon outlines out of black cardstock and glued them together then offsetting the inked/drawn chameleon slightly glued to those to create a bit of contrast and to help the chameleon “pop” up from the card base a tiny bit.

To create the finished card, simply fold an A4 piece of cardstock in half and burnish down the fold to create your card base. Glue the outer inked piece to the card base first, then glue the chameleon into the opening and you have your eclipse card!

Add any sentiment you like to finish 🙂

SDX135PRO – available NOW EXCLUSIVELY through Makers Superstore!

There has been a new model added to the ScanNCut family – the SDX135PRO! 🙂

So if you’ve wanted upgrade to the latest SDX series for a while, but maybe don’t quite have the budget for the top of the range SDX2200D, then this is the mid range ScanNCut to go for, especially now the CM900 has been officially discontinued – you’ll still be able to use almost everything from your CM series machine on this, so all the kits, the manual blade holders etc (the only exception is the mats, as the SDX range uses a different style mat), but everything else will work!

In the UK, it’s available exclusively through Makers Superstore:

Check independent reviews for Makers Superstore here 🙂…/store/www-makerssuperstore-com

This machine has a great range of fabulous specifications!

New Updated Mat Feed Roller System (same as the SDX2200D) 🙂
Auto Blade Technology
Extra Large LCD Touchscreen – 5”/12.7cm
682 resizable built in designs
9 Built in Fonts
Cutting area – 11.7 x 11.7″ (297 x 297mm), 11.7 x 24″ with optional mat (297 x 610mm)
Built in Scanner – 12”x 12” Scanning Area (305mm x 305mm)
600DPI Scan to USB (for scanning photos, documents etc)
Up to 3mm cutting depth with fully automatic blade
2 Year Warranty

PLUS being a SDX series machine, there are a WHOLE RANGE of fabulous additional extras available for it – so all the accessories, kits and pattern activation cards from the CM series will work, as will the vinyl roll feeder, paper piercing kit, the calligraphy kit, the new Print to Cut activation card feature, the new vinyl autoblade kit, and the new fabric mat!

So if you’re thinking of upgrading, this is definitely a machine that will grow with you and will be a fantastic addition to your craft room and is a fantastic upgrade to the CM300, CM600, CM700, CM800Q and CM900 machines!

Let me know what you are going to make with yours! 🙂


Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the latest ScanNCut news from Brother.

You all know I do love the ScanNCut 🙂 so I always make sure I keep up to date with what’s happening, and what’s coming up with Brother.

Ok so the first bit of news is a bit of both good and bad and comes direct from my Brother source.


And there is a BRAND NEW SDX MODEL in the ScanNCut family – the SDX135 PRO!

(I posted that I thought that the CM900 was going to be discontinued a short while back, as all the new kits have been for the SDX only – the CM900 was already discontinued a while back in Australia, so I knew it was just a matter of time..)

Now I don’t know about the CM300 yet, I will do my best to find MAY be that Brother decide to keep it on for a while as a very basic entry level model, but I have asked Brother direct and will post when I get more information on that.

Now if you own a CM series (and along with my SDX I also own the CM900) then DO NOT PANIC, because Makers Superstore ARE stocking ALL the accessories for the CM series, mats, blades, kits etc so you’ll be OK for those and Makers Superstore are a VERY reliable source!

So you WILL be able to keep on cutting with your CM900, just like you can on the other CM machines that are no longer sold in the UK (ie the CM600, CM700, CM800Q).

Along with everything you need for the ScanNCut CM series, Makers Superstore also stock a FULL RANGE of accessories and kits for the ScanNCut DX series (so SDX2200D, SDX135pro, SDX1200) 🙂

Check this independent review page here:…/store/www-makerssuperstore-com

I did ask Brother just over a year ago about the mats and blades for the CM series, as I want to see us CM users are alright, and this was their reply..

“Anyway, our factory are providing accessories for some years after the production of last machine”

So I’m sure we can rely on Makers Superstore to provide us with CM series mats and blades for a while yet! 🙂

Plus if you’re thinking of upgrading to the SDX series, so I’ll post the features and specifications about the new SDX135 PRO in an upcoming post! 🙂

New ScanNCut kits and accessories out now!

OMG just seen this! 🙂 🙂 🙂

You all know how much I love my ScanNCut accessories it’s like ScanNCut central in my craft room LOL!

Makers Superstore have the brand new SDX accessories available for despatch from this Wednesday 16th September 🙂 🙂 🙂

So – all these items will work on all models of the SDX series, (but not the CM series).

Vinyl Auto Blade Kit 🙂

There are two versions of the new vinyl autoblade kit:

1) Vinyl autoblade with All Occasions activation card.

2) Vinyl autoblade with All Occasions activation card AND Disney activation card patterns.

New autoblade especially for vinyl – I have seen this in a Youtube video somewhere and it’s *a lot* smaller and finer than the current standard autoblade in the black holder and is designed for fine, intricate details – I can’t wait to try this!

There is also a Disney version, so you get the all occasions card PLUS the Disney activation card.

Disney version in this video –

The vinyl autoblade kit gives us access in Canvas Workspace to a tiling function, so we can make HUGE vinyl designs for walls etc 🙂 hahaha got to love that! Here’s how it works:

Also gives us access to create weeding boxes so makes designs easier to weed and saves on vinyl waste –

There are also spare vinyl auto blades on the site 🙂

New Frozen 2 patterns activation card 🙂

New rhinestone patterns activation card. 🙂 I absolutely love rhinestones so was really pleased to see this! Look at that fabulous unicorn!

Also there are two fabulous new additional functions available by purchasing the activation cards below:

Print to Cut Function for the ScanNCut allows you to precisely cut sheets of design with ease. “Includes: Activation Card for ScanNCut Print and Cut

Use Adobe Illustrator? The Plugin Auto Position Adjustment For use with Adobe Illustrator and SDX Series” AND ScanNCut Link has been designed for use with Adobe Illustrator software to transfer your custom-made designs directly to your ScanNCut SDX machine. “Transferring your .AI files allows you to have even more flexibility in creating your next project! Add registrations marks to help align your projects when cutting with this function.”

Happy cutting and creating everyone! 🙂

ScanNCut DX software update version 1.51 & Canvas Workspace update (August 2020)

So I’m a very happy bunny….there is a fantastic new update for the SDX series of machines giving us some fabulous new features! 🙂

Brother have released a new software update (version 1.51) for the SDX series of machines – so in the UK, for models SDX2200D and SDX1200, as well as a new update for Canvas Workspace. The update is the same for ALL SDX/DX models – so wherever you are in the world, please check for the new update! 🙂

The actual machine updates I am posting about are for the SDX machines ONLY – the CM series has NOT been updated with this functions. (I have spoken about the in and outs of why the CM series is not being updated in previous posts).

In brief, the SDX series (known as DX in the US and other countries) has been updated with three new fabulous features!

1) The ability to resize designs by percentage (this is fantastic and I’m really delighted with this new feature!) You can easily switch between standard measurements and percentages by toggling the percentage icon on and off on the resizing screen.

2) a great new function to add weeding boxes to your vinyl designs (again brilliant if you’re like me and love adding vinyl to your projects – and weeding boxes really cut down on vinyl waste!) – so set your half cut setting to on, click “cut”, hit the wrench icon and scroll down and you’ll see the new weeding box tool in the settings. You can either leave the box the size it is, or increase the spacing around your design.

3) The ability to easily access your activation card files on the machine through the “My Collection” function – it’s now fast and easy to batch download your activation cards from Canvas Workspace to your computer so that you can pop them onto a USB. Once you’ve done that, pop the USB into your ScanNCut and you will be able to easily identity and access the individual activation cards and patterns through the “My Collection” feature.

(PLEASE NOTE: the “My Collection” feature below is very buggy at the moment, and I’ve no doubt that Brother will roll out another update asap to correct it – I’ve already sent Brother Tech a video showing them the bug but once it works properly it will be brilliant!)

In addition, both the browser based version Canvas Workspace and the Canvas Workspace for PC (the downloadable version) have also been updated with various new features: here is a quick overview.

Preview images now are available for .fcm files, meaning you can see exactly what your file is before you open it.

Canvas Workspace for PC has an improved weeding box function (for vinyl projects).

The browser based version of Canvas Workspace has a new function so that you can batch download all the files from the activation cards in one go (the activation cards are purchased separately). This is fantastic if you’re like me and like to store your files on a USB (most of the time I’m too lazy to switch the computer on!) – so now you can download and transfer your activation card patterns to USB in a jiffy! 🙂

To see how to use the new features – please see the handy dandy reference guide that Brother have uploaded for the update:

Click to access sdx_afv1.5_01_endefrnlitesptruzhtkoja.pdf

Happy cutting!

ScanNCut DX Rolling Tote

So there was an offer on at Makers Superstore at the weekend, so I decided to treat myself to the ScanNCut rolling tote!

It’s amazing! It’s *huge* and stores so much stuff – also if you wanted to you could fit TWO machines in there (one on the bottom and another on the top in the cradle to protect the one in the bottom), plus mats and some accessories! I love the luggage tag as well, I’ll post some photos below.

I’m using it to store my kits and spare mats and blades in – I love everything ScanNCut and jokingly call my craft room “ScanNCut Central” and I’m happy now because I know exactly where all my ScanNCut kits are and they are all nicely organised 🙂

I absolutely love the rolling tote – now if I need to take my machine anywhere on the go, I know it will be nicely protected and the cradle will make it easy to get the machine in and out, and I can fit everything I need in it.

Amazing ScanNCut offer from Makers Superstore!

I’ve been away for a while as have been very busy with family…just come online to see the fabulous SDX2200D is now just £479.99 at Makers Superstore – they have 20% off on EVERYTHING including the SDX2200D !!! But only until minight this Sunday (26th July 2020) – see here! –

That is an FANTASTIC price for an AMAZING machine (I have three ScanNCut machines but the SDX2200D is my GO TO machine – it is seriously AWESOME), and 20% is a great discount for all the goodies on the Makers Superstore website…my favourite place for all things ScanNCut – Makers Superstore sell all accessories, kits and MORE for both the CM range and the SDX range and have really fast despatch and delivery times (think 2/3 days rather than weeks!) 🙂

The SDX2200D TOP OF THE RANGE of ALL ScanNcut machines and has an new and much improved mat roller feed system compared to the SDX1200 (which I also have). Can you tell LOL how much I love mine…I’ve been busy lately cutting stencils – I’m really into stencilling and distress inks at the minute and am loving being able to create and cut any stencil I want, saved a bomb on buying expensive stencils…really enjoying myself. 😀😀😀😀

If I didn’t have three machines already I would definitely be buying another SDX2200D…don’t think hubby would believe me if I tried telling him they made babies ….but I’m sure I will need to stock up on some spare blades and mats! 😂😂😂😂

Makers Superstore Facebook Live – postponed :-(

Sorry everyone, sadly I’m going to have to postpone tonight’s Facebook live for Makers Superstore as I have a family issue I have to deal with….apologies but I will be rescheduling the live free class as soon as I can!

I will let you know the new date for the free class as soon as I can, it will be held over on the Makers Superstore Facebook page here –

The stream will be available to watch anytime once the livestream has ended, so no need to miss out if you’re in a different timezone! 🙂

I’ll be covering how to get gorgeous CLEAN CUTS with your machine…lots of troubleshooting tips, tricks and machine demos to help you get the best cut possible from a variety of materials – this is a FREE CLASS for all models of ScanNCut!

I’ll do my best to help you all as much as I can!

Special offers from Funky Pen

I’ve had a message from the guys over at Funky Pen – they have some special greyboard (construction board) offers going on – ideal for those 3d projects!

I’m a big fan of Funky Pen – they have excellent products at great prices, and fantastic customer service! 🙂 Their website can be found at


“We also have a 3for2 mix&match offer across a range of kids craft & colouring, notepads and pens that can be viewed here and is running until later this week –

And finally as a heads up, from Wednesday 1st July, we have an offer which is ideal for users of our 12×12” 750Micron and 1000Micron Greyboard that like the smaller packs.

There will be 50% OFF on the following 3 product codes when the coupon code ‘GBHALF’ is entered at checkout:GB12SQ15MIX1000750 – MIX PACK – 30 Sheets of 12×12″ Construction board – 15 Sheets 750mic & 15 Sheets 1000mic Greyboard (Normally £9.99 – £4.99 with code)

GB12SQ100025RM – 25 Sheets of 12×12″ Construction board 1mm 1000mic Greyboard (Normally £10.98 – £5.49 with code)

GB12SQ75035 – 35 Sheets of 12×12″ Construction board 0.75MM 750mic Greyboard (Normally £10.98 – £5.49 with code)

The discount code (GBHALF) is live now if you wanted to share (early access) but it won’t be published on or our facebook page until later tomorrow/Wednesday morning.”

Scan N Cut Educational Videos and tutorials


If you’re new to the ScanNCut or want to learn more about using the machine, then whether you use a CM series or SDX series machine, you’re in luck!

There are so many FREE educational videos, resources and tutorials out there, on EVERY aspect on using the ScanNCut – over the last six years, many talented ScanNCut users have put free tutorials out there – to save you having to trawl through Youtube or google, I’ve put a list together of the most helpful resources and Youtube channels – remember – the ones I mention are just a *few* of the hundreds of resources out there – everything you need to know about the ScanNCut is out there! 🙂

First of all – READ THE MANUAL! 🙂 In your box, you will have a quick start guide which will get you started – but did you know an indepth manual for your machine and ALL the kits 🙂 can be found on the Brother Solutions Centre website?

Go to the website below: choose your country – product search – cutting machines – select your ScanNCut model – manuals – select “operation manual”

I highly recommend printing the manual off and keeping it in a folder next to your machine for easy reference. I also store all the manuals on a USB for backup.

I have my own YouTube channel – Independent ScanNcutter –

And I do regular Facebook lives for Makers Superstore – previous Facebook live videos can be found here:


There is a LOT of help from other users on Facebook – here are some recommended groups that have free educational content for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

To find the educational content for these groups, first of all join the group, then head over to the “units” section.

Also there are dozens of other ScanNCut user groups out there with literally tens of thousands of fellow users who will happily help you and give you some advice 🙂


Brother Crafts have over six years of educational videos on their channel, covering dozens and dozens of techniques, tips and tips:

For beginners, I HIGHLY recommend Julie Fei Fan Balzers videos – they are extremely clear and easy to follow:

For all aspects of using Canvas Workspace – see the following excellent channels:

Every Canvas Workspace project has a free video showing you how to cut and put the projects together:

Brother’s official Canvas Workspace channel (suitable for beginners)

Gentleman Crafter also has superb, very easy to follow videos on how to use both the machine and Canvas Workspace:

Applelover53 has dozens of excellent videos on all aspects of using Canvas Workspace to edit, and to create your own projects – videos are suitable from beginners upwards:

Beverleigh’s Crafty Chaos HQ channel also has lots of Canvas Workspace tutorials where she teaches you how to create projects from scratch:

Papered Chef – again, lots of excellent videos, particularly helpful for cutting stamped images and for fussy cutting patterned papers.

ScanNCut tutorial – creating Olson face mask plastic templates

I’ve had several requests since my Facebook Live on making masks for Makers Superstore for a beginners video showing how to create a plastic template from an existing face mask pattern from beginning to end.

I’ve just uploaded a video on this to YouTube; there are links to materials and supplies as well as lots of other information in the description box below the video, but I will add them here as well.

DISCLAIMER – This face mask does not protect the person against coronavirus. The goal is to stop the spread of droplets to reduce the spread of the virus. Strictly follow all recommendations from the government and health organisations to keep you, your family and loved ones safe.

Download Olson face mask pattern:


I cut my templates from doeflex – you could also cut template plastic – google for the best prices.

SDX users – use black standard blade and autoblade settings. CM users – try turquoise standard blade starting at blade depth 4, pressure 1 *you will need to test cut to get settings right*

I use ORACAL 651 self adhesive vinyl for most of my projects, which I apply with DeTape medium tack clear transfer tape – I purchase from (excellent prices and good customer service)

Facebook live video on making a face mask from inbuilt shapes on ScanNCut.

Accompanying blog post for above with links to materials and supplies:

The machine I’m using is the SDX2200D – at the time of recording (June 2020) this is the top of the range ScanNCut – in the UK this machine is available exclusively from

Heat Transfer Vinyl

I’ve had several messages today asking me where I buy my heat transfer vinyl and how much I pay for it – I’m really happy to share information on this!

I buy a lot of vinyl, both heat transfer, and self adhesive vinyl from the following places: ALL OF THESE PLACES SELL TOP QUALITY VINYL THAT CAN BE APPLIED WITH AN IRON, WASH AND DRY WELL ETC.

Also, for most top quality plain coloured HTV, if you paying more than about £1.50 for aHTV sheet then you are being ripped off – I saw the Dalton Manor heat transfer vinyl show today on Create and Craft and the 12″x12″ sheets work out to about £4.50 a sheet – I’m sorry, bit that is a rip off price so check these websites below and do your price comparisons before you buy.

One of my FAVOURITE places is GM Crafts –

they stock a WONDERFUL range of heat transfer vinyl – lots of starter kits and bundles, they stock plain colours, glitter, chrome, patterned, rainbow, metallic, inkjet printable vinyl and even light reactive vinyl which looks white indoors, and changes colour when you get it outside in the daylight. They also stock heat reactive vinyl which changes as you touch it (I have to try this vinyl!) as well as 3D bubble up vinyl, and glow in the dark vinyl. How fun is that! 🙂

They do 12″ wide vinyl as well which is perfect for use on the ScanNCut!

Check out and compare their fantastic prices which include free UK delivery! They have EXCELLENT prices on all their products, can you see why I love to shop on this site? 🙂

AND – GMCrafts have a downloadable cutting and pressing guide for all their types of vinyl –

My next favourite is MDP supplies –

  • large range of heat transfer vinyl – you can download a useful guide from the site telling you how to apply the vinyl, and whether it is hot peel, or cold peel.

They sell A4 size sheets, mini rolls, by the meter etc.

They also stock a selection of 12″x12″ sheets –

They also have a helpful guide for pressing every type of vinyl they sell –

Hope this helps and have fun exploring all the different types!


ScanNCut face masks!

A big thank you to all the lovely crafters who joined me over on the Makers Superstore page yesterday for my Facebook live on using the ScanNCut to cut fabric for face masks!

If you missed it, or want to watch it again to see how to make the masks, then you can find the video here :

DISCLAIMER – This mask (or face mask) does not protect the person against coronavirus. The goal is to stop the spread of droplets to reduce the spread of the virus. Strictly follow all recommendations from the government and health organisations to keep you, your family and loved ones safe.

*** NOTE – at the moment – Makers Superstore are offering a BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE on all their fabrics (Please check their website for current offers) ***

You need basic sewing skills and a sewing machine to complete this project. A fancy sewing machine is very nice (!) but a basic model will do the job well.

You can use ANY ScanNCut in the CM series or the SDX series to do this – my preferred machine of choice is the SDX2200D, at the time of posting (June 2020) – this is the current TOP OF THE RANGE of the ScanNCut family 🙂

If using SDX series – then use the BEIGE THIN FABRIC AUTOBLADE and your machine will take care of the settings!

If using CM series – use standard blade for quilting cotton and you will have to test cut – here are some cutting guidelines for you –

Brother have helpfully provided a guide on the basics of fabric cutting for both the CM and SDX series – this has suggested settings for the CM series and a troubleshooting guide:

Brother also have a basic guide to quilting which explains the difference between lengthwise, crosswise and bias grain – as this is a sewing project, we need to cut our fabric on the crosswise grain – see here for an explantion on grain lines, bias etc.

To make this facemask, I’ve used my ScanNCut SDX2200D (my preferred machine of choice!), sewing machine AND


I’m making with these cotton fat quarter bundles from Makers Superstore

If you’re new to fabric, then a fat quarter is 1/4 of a yard/meter of fabric – made by cutting half a metre of the full fabric width and then cutting this piece in half vertically (cutting it by the width). Fat quarters allow you to get a better cut of the design rather than just a quarter of a meter/yard cut across the bolt of fabric horizontally.

You need a GOOD QUALITY QUILTING COTTON – thin or loosely woven cottons are no good for making face masks!

Winnie the Pooh 5 fat quarter pack –

Frozen 5 fat quarter pack –


Any ScanNCut plus sewing machine (could handsew if you really needed to)

High tack fabric support sheet (optional – can cut paper or doeflex templates (label doeflex with self adhesive vinyl)

The CM900 and SDX machines come with a high tack support sheet in the box – replacements can be found here –

Fabric – approximately 2/3rd of a fat quarter (see above for the fabric I used in my livestream)

NON WOVEN fusible interfacing – I use:
Vilene F220 standard iron on interfacing – it comes in both white and black – google around for the best prices.

Elastic, ribbon or cord.
80/12 sewing machine needle (I use Schemtz brand which are excellent quality)
Sewing pins or clips.
Iron/ironing board or ironing pad.

Frixion Erasable Rollerball Pen  (ink vanishes when hit with a hot iron) –

NOSE BRIDGE STRIPS ARE A *MUST* TO ENSURE A GOOD SEAL ACROSS THE TOP OF YOUR FACE MASK – (if you wear glasses and they fog up while wearing the mask then you don’t have a seal)

These are the ones I use:

Optional: I like to also sew and quilt, so to precut my fabric to go on the mat, I do use a rotary cutter, quilting ruler and self healing mat, but this is *entirely optional and not necessarily required* – this is the sort of items I use.

PREP: Iron fabric (can lightly starch if you would like – I use Mary Ellen’s Best Press)

Pre cut fabric ON GRAIN – (fabric folded selvedge edge to selvedge edge) –

2 x 12″ WIDE by 8″ HIGH pieces of fabric (matching fabric – same fabric for both sides)

2 X 12″ WIDE by 8″ HIGH pieces of Vilene F220 fusible interfacing.

Create pattern – for my size (adult)

For the mask, you will need to cut TWO x Vilene F220 fusible interfacing and TWO x fabric pieces.

Select Basic Shapes – BA-A093 Perfect shape to create the style of face mask we’re going to make today!

Turn OFF aspect ratio – resize to 6.75″ high x 11.02″ wide (adult size – for other sizes, use fantastic resizing feature on ScanNCut then cut out of PAPER first to gauge size required)



** PLACE FUSIBLE INTERFACING GLUE (rough) side UP and SMOOTH SIDE DOWN ONTO MAT. (You don’t want to loose any fusible glue dots that might stick to your mat so do it this way)

Cutting fabric – you can either cut a paper or doeflex and cut the fabric the old fashioned way BUT I am going to show you how to cut fabric on the ScanNCut

Mat with high tack support sheet attached & BEIGE THIN FABRIC BLADE on SDX (standard turquoise blade for CM series)

Just place fabric square on the mat (BE AWARE OF THE GRAIN) and smooth it down with (I use the Brother brayer – does the job perfectly)


Position cut file over fabric – HAS TO BE ON GRAIN VERY IMPORTANT FOR SEWING PROJECTS – cannot rotate shape because otherwise you will be cutting on bias, which is stretchy, and your fabric will go out of shape, too much stretch is no good for a face mask!


FUSE INTERFACING TO WRONG SIDE OF BOTH FABRIC PIECES – GLUE SIDE DOWN – (if you make mistake and get glue on your iron, then run it hot over a tumble dryer sheet and this will clean all the glue off – isn’t that magic?)


I’m going to use my 1/4″ foot (if you don’t have one, use 1/4″ guide on bed of your sewing machine).

Right sides together, sew down both curved edges.


Turn piece upside down – nest/ match seams again – making sure seam is straight on both sides – PIN IN PLACE

CHECK WHICH END IS TOP OF YOUR FACEMASK IF YOU ARE USING A DIRECTIONAL PATTERN – AT THE TOP* – start sewing and backstitch about two and half inches in – backstitch at end.

Sew straight across the bottom.


PREPARE TO INSERT NOSE BRIDGE STRIP – from seam – measure out and mark 1.75″ on both sides (nose bridge piece is 3.50 inches long).

INSERT NOSE BRIDGE STRIP – one pin across bottom, one pin across either end.

I like to use ZIPPER FOOT to top stitch – I use the edge of this as a guide.

Start TOP STITCHING at top right hand side – pivot and turn – BE VERY CAREFUL AS YOU APPROACH NOSE BRIDGE STRIP.

At start of nose bridge strip, (use needle wheel to test you are NOT going to hit the metal bridge strip – YOU WILL BREAK NEEDLE AND POSSIBLY DAMAGE THE TIMING ON YOUR MACHINE – YOU DON’T WANT ANY BROKEN NEEDLES FLYING INTO YOUR EYE) pivot and stitch DOWN four or five stitches


MAKE SURE TOP OF NOSE BRIDGE STRIP IS FLUSH WITH TOP SEAM – run edge of zipper foot along the edge of the nose bridge piece until you reach next pin/mark – work out where end of nose bridge strip is – sew along to end –

PIVOT (use needle wheel to test you are NOT going to hit the metal bridge strip – YOU WILL BREAK NEEDLE AND POSSIBLY DAMAGE THE TIMING ON YOUR MACHINE – YOU DON’T WANT ANY BROKEN NEEDLES FLYING INTO YOUR EYE) pivot and stitch UP four or five stitches until you can get zipper foot to fit flush with edge of fabric again.

Continue to top stitch – go over beginning of stitches five or six stitches to secure.

Basic mask is done!


More than one way to do this –

One way – decide which side of mask you want to be FRONT.

Insert elastic.

Turn over edges about 1/2″ inch – sew (backstitch at start and end) – again I use zipper foot.

Or can insert ribbon or cord – use pony beads to make adjustable.

Hope you found this useful! 🙂

Face masks – ScanNCut style!

Let’s use our ScanNCut the full and make something we all need – face masks!

I wanted to do something different from the normal tutorials already out there I can offer you something different from Applelover53 to save repeating techniques that are already out there 🙂


So….This Thursday at 4pm UK time over on the Makers Superstore’s Facebook page, as I will be covering all about making facemasks and how to make them fun with the ScanNCut!

I have lots of tips and techniques to share – super easy and no fancy equipment required – just your ScanNCut, a basic sewing machine, cotton fabric, thread and elastic, cord or ribbon.

Hope to see you there! 🙂

Blooming June Competition Time!

Just seen this competition on the Makers Superstore page and thought I would share….I know a member from one of the Facebook groups won the last one…who wouldn’t want to win £50 credit to spend on ScanNCut goodies! 🙂

To enter, send the photos of your makes to

I’ve made some amazing makes with the embossing kit – you can line emboss as you see in the photos below but you can also region emboss to get the embossing folder look (to see my makes have a look at my Instagram page – nutsaboutthescanncut)

Good luck!

Makers Superstore current offers! :-)

Makers Superstore current Covid-19 situation (despatch time) and offers:

Despatch and delivery – currently they aim to despatch within 48-72 hours, next working day delivery once order is despatched.


Have a current three for the price of two offer on cardstock – code 342

Scroll down the page as they have some offers on and special card making kits available.

I use and LOVE their pearlescent cardstock – it’s 300gsm, and is coloured to the core – absolutely beautiful quality and cuts fantastic on the ScanNCut.

(Here are some photos of some of the projects I’ve made with it – highly recommended as it gives a BEAUTIFUL finish to your projects! 🙂

They also have an offer on packs of A4 cardstock at the moment (30 A4 sheets per pack) £7.50

and offer on 30 sheets of their core and premium cardstock – £9.99

They also have a special offer on tool sets – I also use all of these – they are very useful and I love the spatula (it’s a huge improvement on the plastic spatula that comes with the machine!)

Brother ScanNCut Tools Kit Scraper, Brayer/Roller, Precision Tweezers, Spatula and Hook Set £39.96\

I checked last night and found that Makers Superstore currently have some bundle offers on the ScanNCut SDX2200D –

If anyone is thinking of buying, or upgrading their machine, the SDX2200D is the current TOP OF THE RANGE machine – more patterns, better hardware than previous SDX machine (updated mat feed roller mechanism), updated software.

Their current machine bundle offers are:

– £650

SDX2200D ScanNCut


Foil It Collection – Foil Transfer Starter Kit, Foil Transfer Sheets Collection – Pink, Red,Green, Blue, Gold, Silver (4 sheets of each colourway) – 50 Sheets x A4 Super Smooth Cardstock – 300GSM 30 Sheets x 12×12 220-350GSM Cardstock – Coloured, Pearlescent, Kraft & Vellum (colours may vary)


SDX2200D ScanNCut

Emboss It Collection – Embossing Starter Kit, 3 x 12×12 Template Sheets, 4 x Metal Sheets, 50 Sheets x A4 Super Smooth Cardstock 300GSM30 Sheets x 12×12 220-350GSM Cardstock – Coloured, pearlescent, kraft and vellum (colours may vary)

ScanNCut SDX2200D – BLING IT BUNDLE – £685

SDX2200D ScanNCut 🙂

PLUS Rhinestone Starter Kit3 x Template Sheets 12″ x 12″ (305 mm x 305 mm),10 x Transfer Sheets 12″ x 12″ (305 mm x 305 mm), 50 Sheets x A4 Super Smooth Extra White Cardstock 300GSM30 Sheets x 12×12 220-350GSM Cardstock – Coloured, pearlescent, kraft and vellum (colours may vary)

Makers also have some individual kit bundles on sale: ALL of these kits work on both the CM series and SDX series machines.

Foil It Collection: £59.99

Foil Transfer Starter Kit PLUS 6 Sets of Foil Transfer Sheets: 1 x 4 Foil Transfer Sheets of 3.9” x 7.8” (100mm x 200mm) Pink, 1 x 4 Foil Transfer Sheets of 3.9” x 7.8” (100mm x 200mm) Red, 1 x 4 Foil Transfer Sheets of 3.9” x 7.8” (100mm x 200mm) Green, 1 x 4 Foil Transfer Sheets of 3.9” x 7.8” (100mm x 200mm) Blue, 1 x 4 Foil Transfer Sheets of 3.9” x 7.8” (100mm x 200mm) Gold, 1 x 4 Foil Transfer Sheets of 3.9” x 7.8” (100mm x 200mm) Silver

Emboss it Collection: £72.99

Embossing Starter Kit PLUS 3 x 12″ x12″ (305mm x 305mm) Template sheets, 2 x 7.9″ x 6.1″ (200mm x 155mm) Metal sheets – Brass2 x 7.9″ x 6.1″ (200mm x 155mm) Metal sheets – Silver

Bling It Collection: £79.99:

Rhinestone Starter Kit PLUS 3 x Template Sheets 12″ x 12″ (305 mm x 305 mm) and 10 x Transfer Sheets 12″ x 12″ (305 mm x 305 mm)

ScanNCut self adhsive vinyl & transfer tape, heat transfer vinyl.

I’ve had to top up my vinyl stash recently: I was running low of colours (my photo shows all I had left) so I thought I would share some places where I shop and what I buy:

I’m a new and very happy customer of Crafty Cutter – I had excellent customer service and their products have excellent prices (A4 sheets of Oracal 651 which is self adhesive vinyl) at just 0.55p a sheet which is the right price and not a rip off price).

I will definitely be shopping there again, really great prices and they sell a fantastic range of self adhesive and heat transfer vinyl.

MDP Supplies – really reliable, really fast, the price you pay is for next working day delivery. Excellent range of all types of vinyl, transfer tape etc.

My go to transfer tape for vinyl is Detape – they are 50 meter rolls that are reusable many times over. I normally buy the 12″ roll size so I can do projects as large as my mat if I want to. The tape is also reusable many times over so really very economical. 🙂

I also love GM Crafts for vinyl – they have a huge range of different types of self adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl. Quick delivery as well and great customer service.

My go to self adhesive permanent vinyl is Oracal 651 for most projects. For walls I use Oracal 631 which again is self adhesive but is removable (and won’t damage your paint when you peel it off).

May is for Making – Brother Foiling Starter Kit

Hope you can all join me for another Facebook Live tomorrow – Wednesday 20th May at 4PM UK time over on the Makers Superstore Facebook page (if you miss it, or the time is inconvenient, then the stream will be available to watch again at any time, once the live stream has ended)

I will be teaching a FREE lesson on how to use the foiling kit with your ScanNCut – this fabulous kit works on all CM and SDX series machines!

I’ve had my foiling kit a long while – the kit contains 50 designs accessible through Canvas Workspace and contains lots of lovely designs, sentiments, backgrounds, borders, frames for toppers etc.

I’m going to sharing LOTS of projects and I will be teaching:

The basics of using the kit, settings etc.

Foiling a design

Foiling a custom background design.

Multi coloured foiling 🙂

Foiling preprinted background papers

And even how to foil your rubber stamps – did you know you can also do that on your ScanNCut? 🙂

Hope to see you there and looking forward to chatting with you all!

Learn to use your ScanNCut

My top tip for today – Did you know there are detailed manuals that are easy to follow for your ScanNCut, kits and acessories on the Brother Solutions Centre?

Print them out and store them together with all the guides that came with the machine, in a folder next to your machine for easy reference – I’ve decorated mine with self adhesive vinyl using onboard fonts FO-A009, FO-A012 and pattern LO-AC05. (Onboard patterns may vary depending upon machine model).


ScanNCut tutorial – cutting designs with multiple layers.

I’ve just uploaded a new Youtube tutorial – how to cut inbuilt designs that have multiple parts/layers.

I also show how to cut, weed, and apply self adhesive vinyl.

I love this particular Mickey Mouse design – it’s so modern, fresh and fun!

It would also look fantastic in HTV on a t shirt 🙂

This design is one of the onboard patterns on the SDX2200D, which is the current top of the range ScanNCut (in the UK it is exclusively available through Makers Superstore) –

May is for Making!

I’ve teamed up with Makers Superstore this month and am going to be bringing you a very special Facebook live FREE tutorial on using the embossing kit, this Wednesday 6th May, at 4pm!

The fabulous embossing kit works on both the CM series machine, and the SDX series, so matter what machine you have, you will be able obtain fantastic results!

So please join me for the live stream – I’m going to be covering all the essentials you need to know to make stunning, and I mean *stunning* embossed projects on both cardstock and parchment on the ScanNCut and the class is going to be 100% FREE OF CHARGE!

I’ll be posting sneak peaks of the projects tomorrow….and announcing a FREE super special addition for the kit that will only be available if your purchase through Makers Superstore!

Looking forward to seeing you there! 🙂

ScanNCut SDX2200D Disney edition

While I was updating my blog, I noticed that I had a lot of search terms on my blog on where to buy the SDX2200D Disney ScanNCut in the UK.

It’s available here in the UK *exclusively* through Makers Superstore –

Makers Superstore have the most AMAZING customer service so that’s why I’m so happy to recommend them!

Makers Superstore also sell the full range of blades, mats, kits and accessories for the *entire* ScanNCut range – so whether you’ve got a CM series machine or a SDX series machine they have everything you need and their products are sent as next working day *as standard*, so you don’t have to wait three weeks for your goodies to arrive 🙂

I got my hands on the amazing SDX2200d ScanNCut last Saturday – so if there is anything at all you want to know about it, give me a shout and I’ll be happy to help! 🙂

Using CM series blades in your ScanNCut SDX

Did you know you CAN use your CM series standard and deep cut blades in your SDX machine?

This information can be really useful if you’re temporarily out of autoblades for some reason – so you’ll be able to keep on cutting!

I’ve uploaded a video to show how adjust the appropriate settings in the machine:

Official Brother manual on using the CM series standard and deep cut blade on the SDX series:

Drawing with the ScanNCut – the Brother Small Barrel Pen Holder




The small barrel pen holder looks identical to the original universal pen holder, and works in the same way, although obviously as the name suggests, it is designed to fit those smaller barrel pens you have in your stash – such as gel ball pens etc, that have previously had to had tape wrapped around them to make them fit.

The small barrel pen holder will work with pens that are within these diameters: 7.8 mm – 9.6 mm and have a length more than 70 mm

I’ve uploaded a YouTube video showing how it works:

For futher information, the manual for the small barrel pen holder can be found here:

Create and Craft misleading customers again – SDX1200 false statements.

Important information for those who may have purchased the SDX1200 this week or are thinking of buying it from Create and Craft, Crafting etc: This week Mel Heaton has been saying that the SDX1200 is “the top, top spec” and that it is the top of the range of all ScanNCut machines.

THIS IS 100% UNTRUE.Melanie Heaton and Create and Craft 100% know this is a FALSE statement. Most users are already aware there have already been a huge number of false statements by Mel Heaton concerning the ScanNCut.

The TOP specification ScanNCut at the moment is the SDX2200D Disney edition, which is ONLY available through Makers Superstore.

The SDX2200D is absolutely the latest machine, as it was launched at the end of December last year – the SDX1200 was launched in November 2018.

I have an e-mail from Geoff Taylor, head of Brother ScanNCut UK explaining that the SDX2200D has a number of internal mechanical differences to the SDX1200 as well as new software, new, improved, mat feed roller system as well as 132 additional built-in Disney designs which the SDX1200 does not have.

The updated mat feed roller system is really IMPORTANT information as thousands of users have had issues with the mats misfeeding on the SDX1200. Brother Germany have said that the SDX1200 has a serious design flaw in the mat feed roller mechanism.

This was the e-mail from Geoff Taylor. If you want to confirm this information for yourself, please contact me and I will pass on his e-mail address to you.

“Hello Ms XXXXX
May I first take this opportunity of thanking you for purchasing the Brother SDX1200.
As with many manufacturers, Brother are constantly developing and improving the products that we make.
The SDX1200 was launched 18 months ago and the SDX2200D more recently in January 2020.
Given the above, I can confirm that as part of our natural product development cycle, there are a number of mechanical and software differences between the two models and the SDX2200D is fitted with a different roller mechanism to the SDX1200.
Kind regards

Important news: SDX 125 discontinued in US, CM900 discontinued in Australia.

I’ve had lots of e-mails asking me why the SDX1200 and the CM900 are being sold so cheaply at the moment as there is a 4 day deal on at Create and Craft on the SDX1200.

The SDX1200 is £499 for NON members and £449 for members. This machine was only launched FIFTEEN months ago.

If you have bought this machine, or are thinking about it, there is some important information you need to know.

First of all, this afternoon, Nigel May claimed that Create and Craft sell the entire ScanNCut range.

That’s not true – they do NOT sell the new SDX2200D – only Makers Superstore in the UK have the contract to sell this machine, which has had improvements made to it.

The SDX2200D is priced at £599 at the moment and I think it is worth if for the improved mat loading system – just google or YouTube SDX1200 mat feeding problems and you will see why the original series is being discontinued.

There is a reason why I mention the SDX2200D and that’s because I have an e-mail from Geoff Taylor, head of Brother ScanNCut UK explaining that the SDX2200D has a new, improved, mat feed roller system. For further information on this, please contact Makers Superstore who will be only too happy to help 🙂 – I have added a link to their contact us page below.

The updated mat feed roller system is really IMPORTANT information as thousands of users have had issues with the mats misfeeding on the SDX1200. Brother Germany have said that the SDX1200 has a serious design flaw in the mat feed roller mechanism.


The original SDX range is already starting to be discontinued in the US, just FIFTEEN months after launch – because thousand of users have reported mat feeding problems with the SDX1200 as I said above.

The US has two of the original SDX series with the same internal hardware as our SDX1200 – the SDX125 and the SDX225.

The SDX125 has been DISCONTINUED in the US and is no longer officially for sale.

The CM900 has been DISCONTINUED in Australia and is NO LONGER FOR SALE THERE.…/produc…/all-scanncuts/scanncuts

This was an e-mail from Geoff Taylor, head of ScanNCut UK: If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Makers Superstore direct through their contact page:

“Hello Ms XXXXX

May I first take this opportunity of thanking you for purchasing the Brother SDX1200.

As with many manufacturers, Brother are constantly developing and improving the products that we make.

The SDX1200 was launched 18 months ago and the SDX2200D more recently in January 2020.

Given the above, I can confirm that as part of our natural product development cycle, there are a number of mechanical and software differences between the two models and the SDX2200D is fitted with a different roller mechanism to the SDX1200.

Kind regards


Makers Superstore, MDP Supplies and GM Crafts update

I thought it would be helpful to post some information up on some of the most popular ScanNCut related businesses that are thankfully still able to operate safely at the current time – if you read through to the bottom, I have information on Makers Superstore (ScanNCut machines, accessories, kits and more) – MDP Supplies (vinyl) and GM Crafts (vinyl).



I’m subscribed to the Makers Superstore newsletter, and received this message which I wanted to pass on for others:

“Dear Makers,

I hope you’re holding up well during these unprecedented times. I thought I’d give you an update from Makers HQ. 
For the moment will remain open for business. It’s important to me that we are still able to support creativity through this time of social hardship and uncertainty.

However, to safeguard our team and to ensure we comply with the Government guidelines, the following operational changes have been put in place.

-All the Makers team now work from home.
-All internal and external meetings are now virtual.
-My ‘better half’ and I will be personally packing your orders, our office is a short walk from our home, we have no issue complying with social
distancing and all contact remaining within the family household unit. 
Our delivery partner DPD continue to pick up from our facility and as such we plan to maintain our next working day delivery. However, this may be impacted subject to localised network delays. 

Contact free delivery
DPD now operate a contact free delivery process recognising that some people may be self- isolating and unwilling or unable to open their door to receive parcels.

They have a range of delivery options for everyone:

You can download the DPD app and set your delivery preferences to leave in a safe place.

If you don’t have the DPD app you can now leave a note on your front door telling DPD where to leave your parcel and the driver will take a photo. Please note that without the ‘leave in a safe place’ instruction, the driver will not deliver the parcel.

I’d like to thank all those that have sent us messages of support. As a relatively new business with a small dedicated team it’s great to know the people are there for you. 
As mentioned in previous emails, Makers, let’s keep an eye out for each other, if we can do anything for you or you just want to share your boredom busting makes or tips, please get in touch through our social communities or email via and remember you’re never alone in our Makers family.

Stay safe 

Tony and the Makers Team”


MDP are still despatching online orders, but all their trade counters are closed.

Here is a link to MDP’s COVID-19 statement.



GMCrafts are still taking online orders at present.

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ScanNCut SDX Calligraphy kit project – Illuminated letter Medieval manuscript

I really enjoyed putting this project together – I’ve made two of these for my twin daughters bedrooms 🙂

For this project, I used: some gold mirror cardstock that I’ve had in my stash for ages, and cardstock from Makers Superstore

– this is very high quality cardstock and is solid coloured to the core, so cuts like butter on the machine and is ideal for this type of heirloom project.

The Brother ScanNCut SDX Calligraphy Starter Kit – some of you will have it already, but here in the UK it is available exclusively through Makers Superstore: (I’ve had my kit since September last year and have used it for lots of projects).

And the Brother ScanNCut SDX Calligraphy Font Set – Gothic and Unicial font activation card – my brother bought this card for me at Christmas and it’s the first chance I’ve had to use it.

On the SDX series, there is a folder of onboard patterns that are absolutely ideal for this kind of project – I’ve highlighted the ones in red that I’ve used in the image from the pattern list below:

I used Canvas Workspace to create the frame for the illuminated letter, but it is perfectly doable on the machine itself.

There are lots of tutorials on how to do things like this Canvas Workspace on YouTube, so rather than reinvent the wheel, I thought I would share how you can do this on the machine itself:

Choose AR-J101 and duplicate four times.

Add a square from the basic shapes, and create an inwards offset (choose whatever size offset suits you). Move the inner square off to one side for now.

Now rotate and place the four duplicate swirls round the large square to suit, select all, and then weld.

Now select the welded swirl pattern, and the inwards offset square, select all, and align everything centrally horizontally and centrally vertically.

Group both your outer swirl frame and inner square together and you have your frame for your illuminated letter.
I also used one of the patterns in the borders section of the machine – again highlighted below in red.

I can’t remember exactly where I got the font for the illuminated letter D and the rest of the letters for daughter – but I’ve had a look and on there is a 100% free font that is very similar called “Olde English”

That’s about it, so I’ll be with another post in the near future 🙂

Happy crafting! 🙂

YouTube live Thursday 19th March 2020 – Calligraphy kit questions and answers session!

I wanted to make a special framed project for my twin daughters – so I put together two of these projects and am going to frame them for their bedroom walls:

I’m going to be doing my first Youtube live tomorrow night (Thursday 19th March 2020) at

8PM UK time!

answering any questions you may have about the calligraphy kit and the project – so I hope you will join me!

After the Youtube live, I will be updating the blog with details of all the patterns I used to put the project together – apart from the calligraphy kit and the font, all the rest of the patterns are built in to the SDX series.

Hope to see you there 🙂


There has been a new model added to the ScanNCut family – it’s available just in the US at the moment is and is called the SDX135 PRO. However it will be released in Europe at some point in the very near future.

This is the link to the Brother support page for the new model.

If you click on the pattern list, the website directs you to the current SDX125/SDX1000 pattern list

The SDX125 has been officially discontinued in the USA – see here

so the new model seems to be just a SDX125 for now so just possibly just a model name change – it has the same onboard patterns as the SDX125/SDX1000.

It will be released in Europe as there is an *unlisted* Youtube video on the official Brother Europe YouTube channel – so this video hasn’t been made public by Brother Europe yet 🙂 – with a teaser trailer – the features as the same as the rest of the SDX series.

I’ve asked Brother for some more information on what the difference is between this and the other models in the SDX range and will post when I know more.

Cinderella Ariel Disney Activation card – the perfect fit!

The Makers Superstore BOGOF offer on the activation cards has ended….

So if you treated youself to some of the cards while the offer was on, you should hopefully have them in your hands now so let the Disney crafting fun begin! (PS they work on both the CM series and the DX series!)

I’m still playing with the Cinderella/Ariel activation card….still got lots of projects I want to make from this one! Here are a couple of cards I made this weekend:

The thing I love about the Cinderella/Ariel card is that the patterns on there are so versatile….the patterns on there are suitable for Princesses of all ages you can see. 🙂

It’s coming up to school report time…and my two teenage Princesses have excelled theirselves yet again 🙂 so I knew I needed to make two gorgeous cards that I could slip some money in so they can treat theirselves during the Easter holidays.

The shoe design from the activation card was a perfect fit for my project – sorry for the pun – I couldn’t resist! :-

The cards were very simple to make –

I first inked up a piece of cardstock slightly bigger than I needed.

To get the rainbow effect, I used just FOUR colours of Distress Oxide inkpads:

Picked Raspberry, Mustard Seed, Salty Ocean and Wilted Violet.

I used a very simple ink blending technique – inking each colour in rainbow sequence overlapping each colour as I went – this gave me the full rainbow spectrum, seven beautiful vibrant colours in total.

While I was waiting for the ink panel to dry. I just lined multiple of the shoes up in rows, mirror imaging every other row, and added a rectangle to this. I also duplicated the rectangle so I had two of the same size.

I then cut out the shoe panel from the rainbow background, and a gold background from the other rectangle. and glued them together.

The “congrats” sentiment is a built in sentiments from the SDX machine – pattern number LO-AC07. I cut this out three times, glued them together and covered them with Glossy Accents.

On the inside of the card, I used pattern BA-A140 as a pocket that I can pop some cash into. I used the Brother SDX calligraphy kit (which is on offer at the moment at Makers Superstore btw!) to write the word “Enjoy” onto this.

For the second card, I cut another shoe panel in black from the Makers Superstore range of pearlescent cardstock – (it’s absolutely gorgeous card, pearlescent both sides and coloured to the core – cuts on the machine like a hot knife through butter!) and simply pieced in the remaning rainbow shoes that was the waste from my original panel.

I’d love to see what projects you’re making – so please leave me a comment!

Happy cutting! 🙂

Cinderella/Ariel Disney Activation Card from Makers Superstore

I am currently making *lots* of projects with this Cinderella/Ariel activation card:

which is available in the UK exclusively through Makers Superstore:

When I looked at the files I immediately realised that although this is a Disney card, and there are some fabulous Disney projects on the card, I can also make lots of non Disney makes as well as I always like to get the maximum use out of everything.😀

In the photos you will see a shadow box I am making – I am just leaving the cartoon character elements our leaving just the mermaid. I am going to use lots of the other sea themed elements from the card on the box – I LOVE ocean themed makes!

The shadow box isn’t finished yet as you can see but this will definitely be going up in my craft room when it is finished!

You could also put the show rhinestone designs on cards and there is also a card blank ready to cut out in the patterns on the card.

The shoes are great and could also be cut of out of holographic HTV as well as rhinestones.

Along with the Disney projects, I am going to be making these non Disney projects from these card (and more!)

A bracelet cut of out of shiny holographic marine vinyl with the smaller swirly design

A queen of shoes t shirt with the crown and shoe pattern.

Shoe shaped birthday cards.

Ocean themed htv and rhinestone t shirt for myself as I am all about the sea 😀

I have so many projects I am making with this! So much fun!

Back to cutting! 🙂

Family Tree Album Project using the DX Calligraphy Kit (available exclusively in the UK from Makers Superstore)

As you all know 🙂 I use my ScanNCut *a lot* – that’s because I use it to make things that I can use in my other numerous hobbies, and the ScanNCut makes this simple!

I’ve been researching my family ancestry for about 17 years. I’ve found the answers to many a family mystery and uncovered more than my fair share of skeletons in the closet. I’ve painstakingly traced back many of my lines to the early 1400’s.

A member of my family had a special birthday recently, so I drew out her side of the family tree album using the calligraphy kit with my ScanNCut DX.

I didn’t have a lot of time to complete the project so I bought a pre made scrapbook album and decorated the cover with shiny gold self adhesive vinyl. I used the font “Old English” from the site for the wording: please note that this font is NOT a single line calligraphy drawing font and so doesn’t work with the calligraphy kit – it works great for cutting out though!

The leaves pattern is inbuilt into my DX – it was absolutely perfect for my project!


As a seasoned family history researcher, I know that hand drawn calligraphy family trees cost a lot of money – that is because it is a time intensive, skilled process.

I knew I could get excellent results using the Brother DX Calligraphy kit (available exclusively in the UK from Makers Superstore) – so I used this in conjunction with the Gothic font from the SDX Calligraphy Font Set – Gothic and Unical activation card (also exclusive in the UK to Makers Superstore).

This is the front page of the album – I used a combination of patterns from the calligraphy kit together with the Gothic font from the activation card.

Here is a top tip for the calligraphy kit – for the very small writing you see on the pages, I used the same single line calligraphy font with a fine line pen in the existing universal pen holder – obviously a normal pen or marker you won’t get the wonderful variation in line width as you do with calligraphy, but this works fantastically with small text and helps give your projects a more cohesive look.

This is just one of the many pages I created for the album….the ScanNCut made the pages so fast and easy to create!

I used an inbuilt envelope pattern on the DX machine as a pocket to store certificates and old census documents etc – as we can easily resize any pattern I was able to make my envelopes the absolute perfect size to fit the documents! 🙂

My family member was absolutely over the moon with her extra special gift and it is a beautiful heirloom that is sure to be loved by generations to come 🙂

Makers Superstore online meetup

Makers Superstore have an online meetup on Facebook next Monday evening (24th February) -I definitely recommended joining in if you can make it! They are lovely people and have lots of help and advice to offer ScanNCut users and are only too happy to help with any questions you may have!

Here is the link to the event:

See you there! 🙂

Fabulous deals and offers on ScanNCut goodies! (Just in time for Valentines Day!)

A little bit more information on Makers Superstore – they have some exclusive ScanNCut goodies on their website that can’t be bought from elsewhere within the UK – and the Disney SDX2200D is still on sale with £200 off due to popular demand! How exciting is that! 🙂 🙂

For CM and DX users they have something for all of us – the small barrel pen holder – this works in the same way as the standard universal pen holder, and fits narrower width pens as well as pencils.

They also have an excellent range of of Disney activation cards – which are currently on a BOGOF! (Normally £39.99 each so that’s a fabulous price!)


Oh! I’ve literally just gone back to the website and if you love Disney, then they also have the whole activation card bundle for half price!

The Disney activation cards are for all series of machines 🙂 🙂

For DX users they exclusively have the lovely DX trolley that I have been eyeing up…as well as the calligraphy and paper piercing kits and additional patterns activation cards for those.


So genuinely lots of crafty fun to be with everything Makers Superstore has to offer!

As usual, I’ve got lots of ideas for how all of these goodies can be used to make a huge variety of different projects – so stay tuned!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Create and Craft CM300 untruths

On Create and Craft this morning (7am show, Saturday 8th February 2020) there were some outright untruths told about the functionality of the CM300 which I would like to put right – I really don’t like to see people mislead in this way, so I will be reporting it to the ASA – I’m passionate about consumers being given the correct information so that they can make an informed choice on their purchases.

Presenter Andy Love, demonstrator Jo Foster.

Jo Foster claimed that the machine does everything the rest of the ScanNCut range does “everything works on the 300 just like on all the other machines”

This is 100% UNTRUE and I don’t want anyone to be spending £250 which is a sizeable chunk of money, only to find that some kits do not work on it. I genuinely care about my fellow users!

The CM300 cannot use either the paper piercing kit, the calligraphy kit, or the roll feeder – these are all DX ONLY.

Create and Craft will try to tell you that they didn’t mention this, as they don’t sell the kits. Jo Foster will come out with her catchphrase “I’m a technophobe” statement. However, I can assure you 100% that they DO know about these kits that are on the market – you can check this fact for yourself with Geoff Taylor, manager for ScanNCut UK – his e-mail address is Also, drop an e-mail to Brother ScanNCut Europe – their e-mail address is

As the sole retailer of the CM series and of the SDX1200, Create and Craft are fully aware of this, having worked very closely with Brother over the last five or six years.

Also, when the machines are normally sold on air, they are priced at £199 – meaning the sold called two free mats are not really free, seeing as the machine was priced at £250 on this show.

PigPong Lettering Collection T Shirt project and tips for working with HTV

I really enjoyed making this t shirt using one of the fun lettering collections from the Pigpong Lettering Collection activation card and one of the inbuilt designs on my SDX1200 – (also on the SDX2200D) which is available from Makers

If you have a CM series machine and want to make a similar project then there are lots of monkey SVG files available online. 

Here are my top tips for working with heat transfer vinyl (HTV):

1) HTV is cut right side on on the mat, so remember to mirror your image before you press cut. A post it note stuck onto the screen will help remind you to do so and saves wasted vinyl! If you’re using a DX series machine, then make sure you have your half cut setting switched on. If you’re using a CM series machine, then guideline settings are pressure -1, blade 0.5-1 – this is just a guideline though and vinyl can have different thicknesses depending on brand and type, so *always* test cut first to avoid frustration and wasted vinyl.

2) Weeding your vinyl means removing the excess areas of vinyl from your design. My top tip for weeding designs is always remove the outer edge first, this will enable you to see more clearly where you need to weed the rest of your design. If you’re unsure which areas to weed away, then cut the design out of cardstock first and remove the design from the mat. You’ll see from the design cut from cardstock exactly which areas you are meant to remove. If you find it hard to find the areas that need to be weeded away, then you can use a light box, or draw out your design on the back of the HTV first. Both of these methods are really helpful for crafters new to HTV.

3) HTV is best applied to clothing that *hasn’t* been washed with fabric conditioner. Fabric conditioner will prevent the HTV from sticking to your project correctly and you could be left with your vinyl peeling away.

4) *Always* check the manufacturer’s instructions for applying HTV. You don’t have to use a heat press unless you want to – if you are using your iron then turn the steam setting OFF. Different types of vinyl require different heat settings, for differing periods of time. Some HTV needs to have the transfer tape removed while the vinyl is still warm (warm peel or hot peel) – other types of HTV needs to have the transfer tape removed once the vinyl has cooled down (cold peel).

5) When layering HTV, press the first layer for 5-6 seconds just to tack down the vinyl. Place your second layer, cover with a teflon sheet or tea towel and press for the full amount of time.

6) Leave your garment for 24 hours before landering – this will give the HTV time to adhere fully to your clothing. Washing the garment to early will lead to your vinyl peeling away from your garment.

Have fun with HTV! 🙂

Please note Makers Superstore sent me the activation card to test.  The lettering collection designs on the Pigpong activation card are strictly for non commercial, personal use only.

The Disney SDX2200D is on sale!

Just a heads up…Makers Superstore have a great price on the Disney SDX2200D – £200 off the normal price which brings it down to £599 – that’s a brilliant saving! The offer only lasts for one week though, so be sure to check it out!

Makers Superstore also carry a full range of kits, accessories, mats, blades and more for your machine – they have ultra fast desk and excellent customer service – so head on over!


Pigpong Lettering Collection Tutorial

The Pigpong Lettering Collection activation card is now available to purchase in the UK exclusively from Makers Superstore!

I couldn’t wait to get creating with the patterns on the card – I am so keen to show you how to create projects from other materials other than cardstock! 🙂

….and I wanted to share with you how I created keyrings from marine vinyl so I’ve just uploaded a new project tutorial to YouTube 🙂

The video can be viewed here:

The keyrings are a fast and easy project to complete and make fantastic for gifts for friends and family!

There are some great patterns on the card and I’m really looking forward to creating more projects with them, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more video tutorials!

Disclaimer: Makers Superstore sent me the PigPong activation card to test.

Please note that the patterns on this activation card are for personal, non commercial use only.

Project tutorial – Masculine Desk Calendar

I *really* love the DX paper piercing kit – it really gives card and paper a beautiful texture!

I’m delighted with the fine detail I can obtain on my ScanNCut projects – the main paper piercing kit contains 30 fabulous patterns but there is also an additional paper piercing design collection card which has an extra 30 patterns and I have so many ideas on how to use them in projects! 🙂

The activation card is available from all the retailers I normally shop at: Craftelier, Cecilia Cardano and Makers Superstore – Makers Superstore currently have the best price on the paper piercing design activation card at the time of posting (December 2019).

I used pattern no DXPPDP01018 from the card and the 0.8mm paper piercing needle to create this masculine desk calendar.

I’ve been having lots of crafty fun putting a whole load of these together as New Year gifts for family and friends. They turned out so well I thought I would upload a video I uploaded Youtube video describing how I put the elements together using the machine.

Important update: warranties on machines purchased outside the UK


I’ve had an e-mail from a user who logged a complaint with the ASA regarding Dean Wilson’s incorrect statements on warranties for ScanNCut machines bought outside the UK.

Please read the ASA’s reply below, and the original complaint which I have pasted under that.

This is the section of the show that lead to the complaint:

—– Original Message —–From: Adam ElmahdiTo:Sent: Tuesday, May 07, 2019 12:23 PMSubject: ASA Enquiry Ref: A19-567341

Dear Mr ***************

Thank you for contacting the ASA with your complaints about Create And Craft.

We have assessed the issues you raised, and agree that the statements made regarding the warranties were misleading. We have taken steps to address this.

We have explained your concerns to the advertiser and provided guidance to them on the areas that require attention, together with advice on how to ensure that their advertising complies with the Codes in future.

Thank you once again for taking the time to raise your concerns with us. Comments such as yours help us to understand the issues that matter to consumers and we will keep a record of your complaint on file for use in future monitoring. If you would like more information about our complaint handling principles, please visit our website at

Kind regards,
Adam Elmahdi

Complaints Executive
Direct line 020 7492 2165
Advertising Standards AuthorityMid City Place, 71 High HolbornLondon WC1V 6QTTelephone 020 7492 2222


———- Forwarded message ———Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2019 at 12:42

Subject: Re: Brother ScanNCut WarrTo:


I just sent a complaint to the ASA about the Create and Craft broadcast last week where Dean Wilson told porkies about the SDX1200, the warranty, and the support from Brother UK.

Create and Craft, “Brother ScanNCut Birthday Special”, Monday 8 April 2019, 11:00 to 12:00, Dean Wilson (Presenter) and Melanie Heaton (Demonstrator), Segment From: 09:15 to 10:07

Dean Wilson (referring to the Brother ScanNCut SDX1200):
“We’re back in stock Ladies and Gentleman, now this has sold out hasn’t it. Do you know how long it takes to get this deal put back together again, and Brother, we are exclusive, you can [????] and listen. If you are thinking of going online, and I would, if you are going to buy anything in this day and age, you get your app, you go online, you check the prices, you do your research, you read the reviews and you go right I’ll buy it. Here’s the thing, we’re the only people selling it, we’re the only place you can get it, cause we’re the number one in the world, and if you want a warranty, and a decent warranty, and you want a legitimate warranty, from Brother and Brother Support, you need to buy it from us. Cause I’m telling you now, if you don’t, you’re not going to get a warranty, and any warranty they’re telling you they’re giving you, I’ll tell you now, tell them to talk to me, cause you won’t get it, cause Brother won’t give it to them. So this is the only place, and that’s why we’ve kept the price down as low as we possible can, people are buying two”

Segment From: 44:55 to 45:15
Dean Wilson:
“But do you know what, buy what you can afford, that’s the main thing. Hopefully we’ve made it affordable, we are the number one, this is a [????] get it, you can’t get it anywhere else, and if you do find it somewhere else, you won’t have the warranty. Trust me, I’ve done the research, talking to the team this morning, we have a one-to-one relationship with Brother [UK], which means you are going to get a top end service”
Complaint:The broadcast is misleading in that it claims that Create and Craft are the only people selling the Brother ScanNCut SDX1200, and that if you buy the SDX1200 from elsewhere, the warranty won’t be valid.
An un-substantiated claim is that due to the ‘one-to-one relationship with Brother UK’, if the ScanNCut SDX1200 is bought from Create and Craft, the support from Brother UK, is a ‘top end service’, that you won’t get if bought elsewhere.
Buying any Brother product from any authorised Brother vendor, and you WILL get a valid legitimate warranty.

Some of the questions about the Brother ScanNCut warranty from Brother EU
Who is issuing this warranty?This warranty is issued byBrother Sewing Machines Europe GmbHIm Rosengarten 1161118 Bad VilbelE-Mail: to in this document as “Brother”).

To whom does Brother issue this warranty?Brother issues this warranty to you if you have purchased the product new from an authorised Brother vendor as the first purchaser and end-user of the product.

How long is this warranty valid?This warranty shall be valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.If the machine is used for commercial purposes, this warranty shall be valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Where does this warranty apply?This warranty applies in the European Union, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

What you should do if you think that an event covered by the warranty has occurred?Inform the authorised Brother vendor from whom you purchased your machine of your concerns within the warranty period, and forward or send your machine at your own expense to the vendor along with the original invoice or receipt showing the date of purchase, product description and vendor name. If you cannot contact your authorised Brother vendor, contact Brother within the warranty period. Brother will then inform you where to send your machine and the original invoice or receipt.

Warranties on machines purchased outside the UK (Craftelier)

I wanted to clear up some misinformation spread by Create and Craft.
During the ScanNCut show broadcast at 11m Monday 8th April 2019, Dean Wilson made the following statement regarding warranties on ScanNCut machines purchased outside of the UK (no doubt referring to Craftelier).

“If you want a a warranty, a decent warranty, a legitimate warranty, then buy it from us (Create and Craft), because I’m telling you know, if you don’t, you are not going to get a warranty, and any warranty they are telling you they are giving you, I’m telling you know, tell them to talk to me, you won’t get it, Brother won’t give it to them, so this is the only place, and that’s why we’ve kept them as priced down as low as we possibly can, people are buying two”…..

I immediately e-mailed both Craftelier, and Geoff Taylor, head of Brother ScanNCut UK, based in Manchester to put a stop to the misinformation being spread by Create and Craft.

Dean Wilson’s/Create and Craft’s statement is 100% COMPLETELY UNTRUE AND AN OUTRIGHT LIE.

What’s behind this lie?

Create and Craft (UK based shopping TV channel) currently hold an exclusivity contract with Brother UK to sell the ScanNCut range and it’s accessories.

If you want to buy a UK edition with UK plug ScanNCut, then it is possible to buy from, who are based in Spain.

As Create and Craft hold the exclusivity contract with Brother, then obviously Craftelier cannot buy their machines from Brother UK.

However because of the lies Create and Craft have told, and the appalling customer service, lots of customers are choosing to buy from Craftelier rather than Create and Craft….obviously Create and Craft do not like this as they have an exclusivity selling contract with Brother UK. That’s why Create and Craft are spreading outright lies about warranties on machines purchased outside the UK.

Craftelier have sold the UK version with a UK plug of the SDX1200 for as low as £469, which is considerably cheaper than the lowest price Create and Craft have sold it for (£539)

Craftelier buy their machines DIRECT from Brother SPAIN, therefore the machines and their two year warranty are both completely valid and legitimate with BROTHER.

Craftelier say:

” We buy our machines from Brother Spain, which is the equivalent to Brother UK here in Spain. We are an authorised seller, so we have the same guarantee conditions as Brother UK, is just that they’ll be repaired in a different division, which is called “Grupo FB Maquinaria S.A- Brother España Portugal”
Brother is a Japanese company which has many headquarters all over the world, so the UK headquarters is only one of them, just the same as the ones here in Spain.
We have exactly the same conditions as Create and Craft regarding the warranty, the only difference is that we sell all over Europe so due to the high volume of machines we buy, we get a better deal, and that’s why we can sell them cheaper. “

What happens if you buy from Craftelier and your machine develops a fault under warranty?

Craftelier personally arrange for the machine to be collected directly from you and send it to BROTHER SPAIN (rather than Brother UK, Manchester for reasons explained above) for repair and return direct to you.

Craftelier give a far better service and aftercare than Create and Craft, and don’t tell lies to sell products (see here – and here


ScanNCut SDX series now in stock from now have the new ScanNCut SDX machines in stock  and available to ship to the UK and the rest of Europe as of NOW!

There are two options:

The SDX1200 (known as the SDX 225 in the USA) which is the highest specification model which is priced up at £495.95.


And the lower specification SDX1000 model (known as the SDX1000 in the USA) which is priced up at £463.95.



Both prices include free shipping to the UK, and are fully inclusive of import duties, so Craftelier have told me the price you see is the total price you’ll pay.

The machines are sent via courier and you will genuinely receive them within 3-5 working days.

So if you were to order today for example, you could *possibly* be playing with it this weekend!

I’ve bought from Craftelier before, as have other users I know, and I’ve never heard one report of long shipping times, non delivery of items, terrible customer service that Create and Craft customers constantly have to put up with.  Craftelier have excellent customer service!


All the products Craftelier sell do have CE certification and all the ScanNCut machines have a 2 year warranty as standard.

If you do have a problem with your machine, in regards to return or repairs, Craftelier arrange for the machine to picked up from your house and send it to Brother in Manchester for repairs.  In the unlikely event that Brother cannot repair the machine, then Craftelier will send you a brand new one.

At the moment Craftelier are selling the European version which has a European plug.

You’ll just need an European 2 Pin to UK 3 Pin Plug Adaptor that is available from Ebay

The machine will work perfectly with the adaptor.

I’ve checked with Craftelier and using the European version with the UK adaptor won’t affect the warranty in any way.

Craftelier will be stocking the UK plug models at a later date.

The machines

The SDX 1200 model is wifi enabled and does have PES/PHS file readability including improved features for reading applique files.  I’ve also seen on Youtube that is possible to turn embroidery files into cutting/drawing/embossing files.   I’m also a machine embroidery design digitizer so I’m interested to see how that will work in action and what the limitations, if any, are.  Here is what is included in the box:

  • SDX1200 machine.
  • Low tack adhesive mat.
  • Standard tack adhesive mat
  • Automatic blade.
  • Automatic blade holder.
  • Thin fabric auto blade
  • Thin fabric auto blade holder
  • Mini pen holder
  • Colour mini pen set
  • Erasable mini pen set.
  • 1 contact sheet for application of fabric through the iron.
  • 1 stylus
  • 1 spatula.
  • 1 accessories bag.
  • 1 power cable.
  • LCD touch screen 12.70cm with better definition.
  • 1303 patterns.
  • 17 different fonts.

The SDX1000 model is also wifi enabled but has no PES/PHS file readability.  Here is what is included in the box:

  • SDX1000 machine.
  • Standard tack adhesive mat
  • Automatic blade.
  • Automatic blade holder.
  • 1 touch pen.
  • 1 spatula.
  • 1 bag of accessories.
  • 1 power cable.
  • Storage bag for accessories.
  • LCD touch screen 12.70cm with better definition.
  • 682 patterns.
  • 9 different fonts.

Craftelier also will be stocking the full range of ScanNCut SDX accessories and consumables that exclusively work in the SDX models ONLY.  Please be aware that the listed items below WILL NOT WORK in the CM series machines.

These are:

The vinyl roll feeder for matless cutting (cut vinyl designs up to a maximum 6” in length and 9.9” in width).


And the following replacement/spares:

SDX autoblade holders.

SDX autoblades.

SDX Thin fabric autoblade holders.

SDX Thin fabric autoblades.

SDX 12”x12” scanning mat.

SDX 12×24” scanning mat.

SDX 12”x12 low tack adhesive mat.

SDX 12×24” low tack adhesive mat.

SDX 12”x12” standard tack adhesive mat.

SDX 12”x24” standard adhesive mat.

You can view the entire ScanNCut range and more at their website:


Official launch date of Brother SDX1200 in the UK

There was a lot of talk in late 2018 on social media regarding exactly when the ScanNCut DX series was going tobe launched in the UK…I always prefer to get my information in writing, direct from the horses with that in mind, here’s a refresher of what Mel Heaton from Create and Craft had to say about the subject via her messenger presenter Jenny Cleary.

Yep you heard that right!

The machine doesn’t exist! According to Mel Heaton from Create and Craft, it is a “rumour made up and spread by crafters”

And here’s the official launch date I have from Brother Europe via e-mail….
Tue 18 Sep, 11:14 (6 days ago)


Unfortunately my actual information is we will able to start the sale of SDX1200 in UK just a the end of October.
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Fausto Tomba
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This isn’t the *first* time Mel Heaton has told a pack of lies when it comes to new versions of the ScanNcut being launched on the market..

This video was aired 11th September 2015 19:33pm Create and Craft – the demonstrator is Mel Heaton, and the presenter is Martyn Parker.

Just three months after this video was launched, on the 8th January 2014 – the CM700 ScanNCut version 2 was launched (with wifi).

As Create and Craft at this time (and at the time of writing this still do) have the EXCLUSIVE rights from Brother to sell the ScanNCut and it’s accessories in the UK, Mel Heaton would have been amongst the first to know that the CM700 model with wifi (SNC2) was just around the corner, just as she knew full well the SDX series was going to be launched.

ScanNCut SDX available in the UK in Autumn 2018 from

In my last blog post, I talked about how I felt customers and users had been mislead by Create and Craft when the CM800Q Quilters Edition was launched.

With that information, and what with all the other various untruths that Create and Craft and Mel Heaton have told in the past, for example categorically stating in September 2015 during a CM600 sell off that there would be no new machine launched -when in fact the the CM700 SNC2 was launched shortly afterwards – ( –  I wanted to provide my fellow ScanNCut users with information on the upcoming new ScanNCut machine which is due to be launched shortly.  Forewarned is forearmed!


The bundled accessories will be different depending on the model and location, and there may be a firmware update.


I have some information from  Craftelier (   Although they are based in Spain, they do ship to the UK.  For users information, Craftelier have informed me that they do not have any affiliation with Create and Craft or Ideal World, and that they buy their ScanNCuts and accessories directly from Brother.

Here is an excerpt from one of the emails from Craftelier:

“We will be stocking the new Brother machines around the first weeks of November, and we will certainly be selling them to the UK once we have them. On regards of the new cutting mat, we weren’t aware of it, so I guess they will release them with the new machines, if that’s the case, we’ll be having them too”.

And another e-mail reads:

We are supposed to receive the new Brother machines at the same time as any other stores, as soon as they release them.  We’ll have the UK version, but we’ll probably have the version with the European plug before, but don’t worry all you would need is an adaptor and they’ll work perfectly.
On regards of the returns or repairs, we pick the machine up form the customer’s house and we send it to Brother so they can fix it, if it can’t be fixed we would send them a new machine.
Thanks for the information about the new brother machines and supplies. We’ll also receive the new cutting mats, and any other accessories that go along with the machine.”

PLEASE NOTE: There is no separate AC adaptor for the DX machines, it is built into the machine. The mains lead is plugged directly into the machine (seems to be 2 types of mains lead, a 2-pin and 3-pin).  Craftelier will have the UK model with the right plug available to purchase.

So if you want a ScanNcut from elsewhere than Create and Craft…then Craftelier are happy to ship to the UK!  I am a Craftelier customer and I’ve always been delighted with their service.  As you can see above, Craftelier offer excellent customer service, and I would feel very confident about buying UK model machine with a UK plug from them.

I have written to Craftelier today and asked them what price the new DX will retail at, and once I know, I will let you know. 🙂


Please note: before I sat down to write the rest of this post, I also made sure I got all my facts 100% completely correct by writing personally to Brother.  I will include their written replies where relevant.

Today’s date is the 24 August 2018 and regular viewers of Create and Craft will already know that the channel have been selling off their stocks of the ScanNCut at hugely reduced prices, no doubt in preparation for the launch of the new ScanNcut launch.  The CM900 is today at being sold at the record low price of £299 for members (£333 for non members).  Also the CM800Q was available for £269.10 to club members, and with some bundled fabric.






Brother are still insisting as of today that they do not have a release date for the UK  – scroll down to the comments and see my Mum Crafter reply to that!  It’s a bit small to show here, but you can bet I took a screen shot for future reference!  The CM300 and CM700 have recently been on sale at Create and Craft at very low prices, and now the CM900 is on sale for a rock bottom price…it doesn’t take a genius to work out that a new machine is coming out sooner than Brother and Create and Craft say.



I have a HUNCH that the machine will be in stock at Create and Craft in the first few weeks of NOVEMBER here in the UK AND THAT THE MODEL NUMBER HERE WILL BE SDX1200. 

Once I find out the recommended retail price for Europe, readers of my blog will be the first to know!



As soon as I saw on the 7th August this year that the new SDX series had been launched in America for release in SEPTEMBER this year there, I started seriously researching everything I could about this new ScanNCut.

In America, the new machine is called the ScanNCut DX225. Official launch date is SEPTEMBER 2018.

The top of the range models are sold by authorised Brother Sewing dealers. The lower spec models will be sold on shopping channels such as HSN (The Home Shopping Network).

Here’s a link to the official Brother website.

In the US the machine is going to retail at $799 US dollars (as of today August 2018 that works out to around £622 dollars) – see the following press release:


Please note that the new DX series will be released in Australia in OCTOBER this year – this information is from this sewing machine dealer in Australia.


The cost of the DX1200 (same spec as USA model DX225) is $799 Australian dollars which currently as of August 2018 works out £456 approximately.

I got the Australian price from both the Echidna Sewing site and these other retailers:—scan-n-cut-dx-sdx1200.aspx

There will be two different specification models released in Australia  (named the SDX1000 and the SDX 1200) – see Alanda Crafts page – 


I haven’t been able to find out any technical specifications for the DX1000 as yet – but going by the model number  I assume (and this is only an assumption) that the DX1000 will have a lesser technical specification than the DX1200.

Bearing in mind there will be a lower and higher specification model released in Australia, I very much hope that Create and Craft will not stitch up their UK customers by releasing the lower spec model here at the higher price.  


It looks very similar to the DesignNCut DC range of machines that needed to be connected to a computer to work. Although they are available in Europe (November 2017), the UK (Create and Craft) doesn’t sell them.

Here are a few photos to whet your appetite….quite a few people on social media think the new styling looks “clunky” and think the CM series looks more modern…I have to agree…my husband thinks the new DX looks like a bread bin!   I don’t like to judge a book by it’s cover, so as long as it lives up to the hype, I’ll be happy.  It is significantly larger than the CM ranges – not so much in width, but in depth due to the addition of the tool storage tray.

I’m not sure whether this new larger machine will fit into the current range of ScanNCut rolling tote bags or not as of yet.




And the new series has some interesting new features –

  • Auto blade adjustment that detects the thickness of the material being cut
  • 5-inch LCD screen
  • Built-in storage tool trays
  • Cuts up to 3mm (0.1 inch) thick material, such as felt and foam
  • Quieter than previous ScanNCuts
  • Up to 600 DPI for Scan to USB function
  • Can take a roll feeder (for cutting vinyl)
  • Enhanced PES/PHC file readability


Please see Julie Fei Fan Balzer’s video on the DX’s features here – but be aware that Julie is a paid Brother representative.



Personally I am greatly disappointed that the new machine does not have two features that the Cricut maker does have….

  1. real rotary blade feature.
  2. Dual accessory holder to be able to draw/cut or emboss then cut without the need to change tools.

As the only hobby cutting machine on the market which is both a standalone and needs no computer connection and the only machine which has a scanner, I feel personally Brother have missed out on an opportunity to completely knock out the Cricut maker, particularly while launching a brand new model of machine.

As the ScanNCut DX is also marketed as Innovis and is being sold at dealers in the USA in a bundle with their top of the range sewing/embroidery machines, I really feel a rotary blade feature should have been added.  I would have definitely settled on buying the new model if it had come with a dual accessory holder…as I said, I am very disappointed that it doesn’t have at least a dual accessory holder.

It does however have what seems to be a new style fabric blade (they call it a thin fabric blade – it appears they are referring to quilting cottons) – however this is the old craft knife style of blade.  You are supposed to be able to cut through thin fabric without the need to apply a fabric stiffener such as Terial Magic, or sandwiching between freezer paper.

Brother – if ONLY you had given us a rotary blade!


One of the most exciting new features of the new DX series is the auto blade depth feature, which in theory means you will be able to place materials of different thickness on your mat and the machine will automatically adjust the blade setting to the required depth. Using the autoblade feature  would mean testing the depth of the material everytime the blade comes down, which may slow the machine down a bit.   I’ll be interested to see how this does work.


There is what appears to be a somewhat clumsy two position “scanner lever” system on the new DX series – one position is designed for scanning “thin material” and the other for more standard thickness material?  From first glance at the manual it appears they have tried to use this system to improve the quality of the scans.  The DX also has a greatly improved resolution of 600 dpi (up from 300dpi on the CM series).  The 600DPI (Dots Per Inch) is only when scanning in photos etc, to save to an external USB as JPEG files. The conversion of a scanned image to vectors is done at about 100 DPI (based on the recommended setting of Potrace, a Raster to Vector Converter). The preview images of the media are about 20 DPI, very low quality.


With regards to cutting vinyl, the new machine does have a setting for half cuts (kiss cuts) which means in theory, that you should be able to cut through your vinyl without cutting through the backing paper or sheet.

It also features MATLESS CUTTING via a roll feeder system (which appears to be an optional accessory in the US so is not included with the machine there)  – it can cut a vinyl roll up to 6 foot in length, although there does seem to be a 2″ discrepancy in the width it can cut on one of the official Brother USA videos..if you look at this video

– at around the 2 min 30 seconds mark where matless cutting is mentioned, you’ll see that there is some text that says “9.9” wide design area, 70.2″ long” but just after that at the 2 min 38 seconds mark, there is more text that says “cut material up to 12 inches wide and almost 6′ in length.”

Obviously 70.2″ is more or less 6 feet – I’m have emailed Brother immediately to double check so I can get an official answer in writing, but my guess at the moment is that the machine can take up to 12 inches of vinyl in width, but will only cut PATTERNS up to  9.9″ in size, so that’s something to watch out that Create and Craft give out the correct information about when the new machine is launched here in the UK. 

Once I get the official answer from Brother, I will let you be sure to check out future blog posts!

There is a lot more…I have added a link at the end of this post to the DX225 model user manual, so you can read for yourself all the new features on the DX series.

Now for some VERY important things to note for current ScanNCut users who are thinking of buying this new machine.

I asked Brother USA the following question on their Youtube video – “Will the existing accessories for the CM series ie MATS, foiling kit, embossing kit, universal pen holder fit in the new SDX225 or will users have to pay out for new mats, kits and accessories etc?

(scroll down to the comments to see my question) –

Brother USA did not reply, but I did have a reply via e-mail from a good online friend of mine with the following information:

“On Brother USA’s Youtube channel, you asked about whether the new ScanNCut DX would take existing accessories.

From the User Guide PDF, these accessories will only work in the new DX: –

  • New Cutting Mats
  • New Scanning Mats
  • New Auto Blade Holder (3mm depth)
  • New Auto Blade Holder for Fabric (1mm depth)
  • New Auto Blade (3mm depth)
  • New Auto Blade (1mm depth)
  • New Roll Feed Attachment
  • New 600 DPI Scanner
  • New 3mm Cutting Depth

These existing accessories *will* work in the new DX: –

  • Standard Blade Holder
  • Deep Cut Blade Holder
  • Pen Holder
  • Universal Pen Holder
  • Embossing Tool
  • Foiling Tool”

The autoblades will only be available for the DX series – there will be no updates allowing the CM series to use this feature.


I asked my friend who is a technical wizard why both the new DX cutting mats AND the new DX scanning mats will not work in the CM series, and vice versa. His reply was the registration dots that the machines use in reading the mats are different to those on the CM series mats.

Here are the photos of the various mats: current CM series mats, registration marks/lack of registration marks are circled in red below..

Current CM series mats:


New DX series mats:

Looking at the top of the DX mat with the ‘Horse’ shape, the mat ‘registration marks’ only appear to be at one end, so you can only put the mat in one way. What’s odd is that they have ‘alignment marks’ at the top and bottom of the mat, similar to those on the DesignNCut/ScanNCut mats. These are used for ‘capturing’ images for raster to vector conversion when used with the DesignNCut.
It’s only the 12 x 12 mats that have the ‘alignment marks’, the 12 x 24 mats don’t have them on.


The fact that the new DX mats are not compatible with the old CM series machines did worry me, a lot! I could imagine Create and Craft having a field day with that one, so I thought I would prepare in advance, as it were. 🙂

So I wrote to Brother direct asking them whether they will still be making mats for the CM Series machines.  Here are their replies:


I don’t think our factory will stop the production of ScanNCut CM600, CM300 , CM900 etc.

I think we will have always on the market a cheaper product for entry level.

Anyway, our factory are providing accessories for some years after the production of last machine.  

Best regards / Cordialement / Distinti saluti / Met vriendelijke groet / Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Fausto Tomba
Customers Satisfaction Manager

Im Rosengarten 11

D-61118 Bad Vilbel

ISO 14001 Certified



Just to double check, I had a friend message Brother USA through Facebook messenger: here’s the conversations:

“please could you let me know if and when the ScanNCut machines are coming out in the UK? Also will the CM series mats fit the new DX machines and will the DX mats with the CM machines?”

“No time frame has been released yet for the UK. The mats are not interchangeable.”

and again she messaged Brother USA with the following:

“.will Brother be continuing to produce mats for the CM series? Thank you 🙂

“Yes, the mats will be available for the ScanNCut Machines.”
So excellent news all round, despite the mats not being interchangeable between the CM series and the DX series, CM series users will still be able to get those all important mats…and of course there are always the Artistix mats that everyone loves! 🙂
So just be aware you  won’t need to buy the new machine if we don’t want to/can’t afford to as the CM series mats and accessories will still be produced and I have that IN WRITING FROM BROTHER.  If you want to drop the Brother European team an e-mail yourself, then please do.  Their e-mail address is
So Melanie Heaton,  Jo Foster and Create and Craft, please make sure you tell your customers the correct information on launch day…..anyhow this post will be all over social media for everyone to read… I know Create and Craft will want to ensure customers and all current users to have all the 100% correct information, right from the first day of launch here in the UK ……Amd please note I have it in writing from Brother that mats will still be produced for the CM series and that all the current extras such as foiling kits, embossing kits, universal pen holder, old style blade holders, etc etc will fit into the new DX series.
SDX 225/SDX1200 USER MANUAL available for download (PDF) –

Official links and YouTube videos relating to the launch of the machine in the USA:

Official Brother USA launch video  🙂  –

Official Brother USA feature video with Julie Fei Fan Balzer with some technical specifications –

Julie Fei Fan Balzers personal vlog (watch from 1.45 mins to around the 9 minute mark to see the machine in action) –

LindaZssewingcentre – matless cutting with roll feeder in action –