Mel Heaton from Create and Craft confirming the universal pen holder works with the premium foiling function.

Mel uses these technique to create multicoloured ombre effect drawings with Kuretake pens..confirming the universal pen holder has the same registration marks as the glue pen holder (as I mentioned in a previous blog post).

So I was right! There is NO reason why you can’t use a Quickie Glue pen in the holder in this way – it won’t rip through your card as Jo Foster claimed – you just won’t be able to use the FOIL function (you need the protective mat and burnishing tool only supplied in the foiling kit).  I do recommend the foiling kit as I said before; the FOIL function uses the burnishing tool to beautifully and evenly press foil into the glue.

This is a great technique you can you use with embossing powders though! 🙂


How to refill the Brother glue pens (foiling/heat embossing)

Another ScanNCut user kindly shared the following tip with me – and I’m sharing it here with her permission.  Thank you Micky!

Micky says:

“I refill my foil glue pens, all you need is the zig 2way glue and a clean ink syringe, the clear plug in the pen barrel is just a silicone substance which can be removed just use a syringe to suck it out and replace after filling your pen 😬 you get access to the glue pen barrel the same way you would remove the ink barrel from a biro pen. 👍”

Thanks to Micky’s inspiration, I realised there was a super quick and easy way to refill my Brother glue pen – both my and Micky’s method uses the original Brother pen barrel – so you can still easily see what glue level number your pen is at.

Here’s my solution – refilling the Brother barrel using a Sakura Quickie Glue pen which as I have explained in a previous blog post is *exactly the same pen* as the Brother one, albeit for the branding and the pen lids.


You don’t have to do this, you can just draw matching glue level lines on the Quickie Glue pen.  I wanted to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to do!



Scan N Cut Foiling/Heat Embossing and the Universal Pen Holder

Yesterday I posted some technical information on the Brother branded glue pens and the Sakura Quickie Glue pens (I recommend you read the whole post!)

Part of the technical information reads:

  • The Universal Pen Holder and the Glue Pen Holder in the foiling kit have the same ‘holder code’. That is the foiling functions (using the latest firmware version) can be accessed with a glue pen in the Universal Pen Holder.

I decided to actually try this and see if this was indeed factual.

I placed a Quickie Glue Pen in the universal pen holder – to foil, I used the premium foiling function to ensure no glue got on the ScanNCut rollers (the machine applies the glue from the bottom of the design up.)


Yes, it does work!

You won’t be able to use the ScanNCut to press the foil to the paper or card though – the foiling kit comes with a pressing/burnishing tool and a protective sheet. The foil function and burnishing tool is fantastic – it makes sure every part of the foil is pressed into the foil with an even pressure. I do recommend the foiling kit because of this.

With the universal pen holder /premium foiling function method, you will have to manually press the foil into the glue.

The Brother foiling kit has a protective sheet & burnishing tool which are fantastic – the sheet protects the delicate foil while the ScanNcut makes sure every part of the foil is pressed into the foil with an even pressure. I do recommend the Brother foiling kit over the universal pen holder method for foiling because of this.

Foiling without the Brother Foil Transfer Kit

Someone on Facebook has tipped me off that the Foiling Starter Kit is not available in Australia.

I checked the Brother website for Australia (…) and they were right, strangely enough the foiling kit is missing from the consumables page.  The rhinestone kit is there, as well as the embossing kit, but the foiling and stamping kit are not.

To update your Scan N Cut to the latest software, follow this video here – – from what I’ve read and heard the foiling update premium function should work on all machines.

However this is no good to Scan N Cut users in Australia – if they can’t buy the tools, they can’t use that function – the extra feature the premium function has is that after gluing and applying the foil, you put your protective sheet over it, fit the pressing tool in the holder, and the machine evenly presses the foil to the sheet so you get a a consistent finish to the foil.

The foiling starter kit has the tools that fit in the scan n cut – glue pen holder, burnishing tool etc and gives you 50 extra patterns for foiling.

I’ve seen some videos that suggest you can use the machine to foil without the kit.

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t tried this method myself, and someone has suggested there is a possibility that glue may get on to the rollers.  If it does, and your machine needs to go for repairs, any warranty will be invalidated because of non standard use.

So here is the technique for your information…just be aware that glue may get on your rollers damaging your machine and invalidating any warranty….

You’ll need:

Universal pen holder – 2 in 1 glue stick (Quickie Glue Pen, Stix 2 in 1 Glue Pen etc) – craft foil suitable for COLD FOILING.

Load some paper/card, insert a 2 in 1 glue pen such as a Quickie Glue Pen in the universal pen holder (you may have to wrap the pen in masking tape to get it to fit into the holder), then draw a pattern with the DRAW function. (Note about the glue in the 2 in 1 glue pens – when the glue is first applied it’s light blue in colour – you have to wait a minute or two so the glue turns clear before applying the foil.)

Take the mat out of the machine and the card off the mat (so you avoid accidentally sticking any foil to the mat). Apply the foil to the glue and rub over with your fingernail or a squeegee. Remove the foil and voila!

Links to YouTube videos on Scan N Cut foiling without the Brother kit.

Hope this information helps!