Foiling without the Brother Foil Transfer Kit

Someone on Facebook has tipped me off that the Foiling Starter Kit is not available in Australia.

I checked the Brother website for Australia (…) and they were right, strangely enough the foiling kit is missing from the consumables page.  The rhinestone kit is there, as well as the embossing kit, but the foiling and stamping kit are not.

To update your Scan N Cut to the latest software, follow this video here – – from what I’ve read and heard the foiling update premium function should work on all machines.

However this is no good to Scan N Cut users in Australia – if they can’t buy the tools, they can’t use that function – the extra feature the premium function has is that after gluing and applying the foil, you put your protective sheet over it, fit the pressing tool in the holder, and the machine evenly presses the foil to the sheet so you get a a consistent finish to the foil.

The foiling starter kit has the tools that fit in the scan n cut – glue pen holder, burnishing tool etc and gives you 50 extra patterns for foiling.

I’ve seen some videos that suggest you can use the machine to foil without the kit.

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t tried this method myself, and someone has suggested there is a possibility that glue may get on to the rollers.  If it does, and your machine needs to go for repairs, any warranty will be invalidated because of non standard use.

So here is the technique for your information…just be aware that glue may get on your rollers damaging your machine and invalidating any warranty….

You’ll need:

Universal pen holder – 2 in 1 glue stick (Quickie Glue Pen, Stix 2 in 1 Glue Pen etc) – craft foil suitable for COLD FOILING.

Load some paper/card, insert a 2 in 1 glue pen such as a Quickie Glue Pen in the universal pen holder (you may have to wrap the pen in masking tape to get it to fit into the holder), then draw a pattern with the DRAW function. (Note about the glue in the 2 in 1 glue pens – when the glue is first applied it’s light blue in colour – you have to wait a minute or two so the glue turns clear before applying the foil.)

Take the mat out of the machine and the card off the mat (so you avoid accidentally sticking any foil to the mat). Apply the foil to the glue and rub over with your fingernail or a squeegee. Remove the foil and voila!

Links to YouTube videos on Scan N Cut foiling without the Brother kit.

Hope this information helps!

2 thoughts on “Foiling without the Brother Foil Transfer Kit

  1. I’ve done foiling in this way without the foiling kit, and it works just fine. So please be reassured, dear Australian crafters, you don’t really need the kit. I think it’s just a quite expensive way of rubbing the foil over the glue! Using your finger is a lot cheaper ;-).


  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing these clever workarounds. A triumph of human ingenuity. Necessity is truly the mother of invention!


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