Scan N Cut Foiling/Heat Embossing and the Universal Pen Holder

Yesterday I posted some technical information on the Brother branded glue pens and the Sakura Quickie Glue pens (I recommend you read the whole post!)

Part of the technical information reads:

  • The Universal Pen Holder and the Glue Pen Holder in the foiling kit have the same ‘holder code’. That is the foiling functions (using the latest firmware version) can be accessed with a glue pen in the Universal Pen Holder.

I decided to actually try this and see if this was indeed factual.

I placed a Quickie Glue Pen in the universal pen holder – to foil, I used the premium foiling function to ensure no glue got on the ScanNCut rollers (the machine applies the glue from the bottom of the design up.)


Yes, it does work!

You won’t be able to use the ScanNCut to press the foil to the paper or card though – the foiling kit comes with a pressing/burnishing tool and a protective sheet. The foil function and burnishing tool is fantastic – it makes sure every part of the foil is pressed into the foil with an even pressure. I do recommend the foiling kit because of this.

With the universal pen holder /premium foiling function method, you will have to manually press the foil into the glue.

The Brother foiling kit has a protective sheet & burnishing tool which are fantastic – the sheet protects the delicate foil while the ScanNcut makes sure every part of the foil is pressed into the foil with an even pressure. I do recommend the Brother foiling kit over the universal pen holder method for foiling because of this.

6 thoughts on “Scan N Cut Foiling/Heat Embossing and the Universal Pen Holder

  1. Does this mean that the foiling function will appear when you pin the uph in the machine if you haven’t bought the foiling kit, or does it mean you can use both holders to access the foiling function after you’ve bought the kit?
    I only have the uph so was wondering if I can access foiling or can only draw with a glue pen.


    • Hi Kathleen ,

      You have to activate the foiling function first in order to do this on the machine. You don’t need to have bought the foiling kit beforehand.

      Have a look on Youtube, there is a video out there on how to do this. You can then use a glue pen (you’ll probably need to wrap it with tape so it fits snugly) in the UPH – then click GLUE.

      You won’t be able to use the FOIL function though – for that you will need the kit as it contains a protective sheet and a burnishing tool so that the machine can evenly apply pressure to the foil. The kit also gives you extra patterns designed for foiling that are then able to be accessed in ScanNCut canvas.

      However, without the kit, once you have glued, then you can just take the mat out of the machine, apply some foil, and burnish it with your fingernail.

      Hope this helps!


    • Check out Youtube, there is a video somewhere I think by Julie Fei Fan Balzer on enabling the foiling function on the machine – you do not need the kit in order to enable the foiling function>

      Yes you will only be able to “draw” with the glue pen in the foiling function. Remember do NOT use the normal “draw” method with a glue pen as you will get glue over your rollers and damage your machine.

      Enable the foiling function, insert glue pen into uph, click on glue. Take mat out of machine, put a piece of foil over glued area, and burnish down with fingernail.

      You won’t be able to apply the foil using the machine without the kit – the kit contains the protective sheet and burnishing tool that fits into the glue pen holder in the kit.

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