Converting .fcm files to embroidery files

Use Brother’s “Simply Applique” software to create applique embroidery files from the .fcm format on the ScanNCut!

Julie Fei Fan Balzer’s Youtube video  -

This looks like a great idea, but I do have some reservations about it….now I am also an avid machine embroiderer and digitizer, and I also teach digitizing, so I know my stuff…this is a form of auto digitizing, but from what I can see, it looks great for the home embroiderer who has a ScanNcut and wants to do applique easily.

Obviously the size applique you can create is going to be limited to your hoop size – so although you can cut a large shape on a 12″x24″ mat,  if you’ve only got a 4″x4″ hoop then that’s the largest applique you are going to be able to use.

The biggest size hoop available to the home embroiderer is about 14″x9″… in general most embroidery machines have sizes ranging from 4″x4″ to about 10″x5″ or 12″x8 depending on what brand machine you have and how much you have paid for it.

Julie Fei Fan Balzer’s Youtube video  -

This looks fabulous, but can’t be found here in the UK (yet)…no doubt we will be forced to buy it through Create and Craft… doubt at an extortionate price……

And despite a thorough Google search, it has improved near impossible to find out what price this is/will be retailing at…the nearest I could find was a sold listing on Ebay for a new item for $299 US.


ScanNCut Mat Petition to Brother

Someone on Facebook (not me this time!) has started a petition to Brother about the original mats which come supplied with most machines, their definite loss of stickiness, and the lack of new mat availability from Create and Craft – who mysteriously seem to have trouble sourcing the mats…and then encourage everyone to buy multiple mats when they do come in….ensuring a nice big fat instant revenue for them.

Reading the Facebook posts and petition was enlightening – I had no idea so many users feel they were missold their machines!

Here’s the link…

Cleaning out the blade holder

All sorts of fibres, tiny bits of vinyl, lint etc can collect in the blade holder and around the blade which can cause cutting problems.

Here’s how I clean my blade holder:

1) Twist the bottom piece anti clockwise until it comes off.  Be careful of your fingers, children, pets etc with the sharp exposed blade.




2) Give the inside of the blade holder, and the blade iteself a careful go over with a pipe cleaner.  The pipe cleaner magically attracts all the fibres and lint.  I also take this opportunity to give the blade a check over under a magnifying glass for any nicks.


3) Put the blade holder back together again and you’re ready to go! 🙂


Please note: this post is to help ScanNCut users ONLY.  I do NOT give permission for any shopping channel or shopping channel demonstrator, or presenter to mention this tip on or off air as I do not agree with their sales tactics.  Thank you.