Official launch date of Brother SDX1200 in the UK

There was a lot of talk in late 2018 on social media regarding exactly when the ScanNCut DX series was going tobe launched in the UK…I always prefer to get my information in writing, direct from the horses with that in mind, here’s a refresher of what Mel Heaton from Create and Craft had to say about the subject via her messenger presenter Jenny Cleary.

Yep you heard that right!

The machine doesn’t exist! According to Mel Heaton from Create and Craft, it is a “rumour made up and spread by crafters”

And here’s the official launch date I have from Brother Europe via e-mail….
Tue 18 Sep, 11:14 (6 days ago)


Unfortunately my actual information is we will able to start the sale of SDX1200 in UK just a the end of October.
Best regards / Cordialement / Distinti saluti / Met vriendelijke groet / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Fausto Tomba
Customers Satisfaction Manager
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D-61118 Bad Vilbel
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This isn’t the *first* time Mel Heaton has told a pack of lies when it comes to new versions of the ScanNcut being launched on the market..

This video was aired 11th September 2015 19:33pm Create and Craft – the demonstrator is Mel Heaton, and the presenter is Martyn Parker.

Just three months after this video was launched, on the 8th January 2014 – the CM700 ScanNCut version 2 was launched (with wifi).

As Create and Craft at this time (and at the time of writing this still do) have the EXCLUSIVE rights from Brother to sell the ScanNCut and it’s accessories in the UK, Mel Heaton would have been amongst the first to know that the CM700 model with wifi (SNC2) was just around the corner, just as she knew full well the SDX series was going to be launched.

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