ScanNCut SDX series now in stock from now have the new ScanNCut SDX machines in stock  and available to ship to the UK and the rest of Europe as of NOW!

There are two options:

The SDX1200 (known as the SDX 225 in the USA) which is the highest specification model which is priced up at £495.95.


And the lower specification SDX1000 model (known as the SDX1000 in the USA) which is priced up at £463.95.



Both prices include free shipping to the UK, and are fully inclusive of import duties, so Craftelier have told me the price you see is the total price you’ll pay.

The machines are sent via courier and you will genuinely receive them within 3-5 working days.

So if you were to order today for example, you could *possibly* be playing with it this weekend!

I’ve bought from Craftelier before, as have other users I know, and I’ve never heard one report of long shipping times, non delivery of items, terrible customer service that Create and Craft customers constantly have to put up with.  Craftelier have excellent customer service!


All the products Craftelier sell do have CE certification and all the ScanNCut machines have a 2 year warranty as standard.

If you do have a problem with your machine, in regards to return or repairs, Craftelier arrange for the machine to picked up from your house and send it to Brother in Manchester for repairs.  In the unlikely event that Brother cannot repair the machine, then Craftelier will send you a brand new one.

At the moment Craftelier are selling the European version which has a European plug.

You’ll just need an European 2 Pin to UK 3 Pin Plug Adaptor that is available from Ebay

The machine will work perfectly with the adaptor.

I’ve checked with Craftelier and using the European version with the UK adaptor won’t affect the warranty in any way.

Craftelier will be stocking the UK plug models at a later date.

The machines

The SDX 1200 model is wifi enabled and does have PES/PHS file readability including improved features for reading applique files.  I’ve also seen on Youtube that is possible to turn embroidery files into cutting/drawing/embossing files.   I’m also a machine embroidery design digitizer so I’m interested to see how that will work in action and what the limitations, if any, are.  Here is what is included in the box:

  • SDX1200 machine.
  • Low tack adhesive mat.
  • Standard tack adhesive mat
  • Automatic blade.
  • Automatic blade holder.
  • Thin fabric auto blade
  • Thin fabric auto blade holder
  • Mini pen holder
  • Colour mini pen set
  • Erasable mini pen set.
  • 1 contact sheet for application of fabric through the iron.
  • 1 stylus
  • 1 spatula.
  • 1 accessories bag.
  • 1 power cable.
  • LCD touch screen 12.70cm with better definition.
  • 1303 patterns.
  • 17 different fonts.

The SDX1000 model is also wifi enabled but has no PES/PHS file readability.  Here is what is included in the box:

  • SDX1000 machine.
  • Standard tack adhesive mat
  • Automatic blade.
  • Automatic blade holder.
  • 1 touch pen.
  • 1 spatula.
  • 1 bag of accessories.
  • 1 power cable.
  • Storage bag for accessories.
  • LCD touch screen 12.70cm with better definition.
  • 682 patterns.
  • 9 different fonts.

Craftelier also will be stocking the full range of ScanNCut SDX accessories and consumables that exclusively work in the SDX models ONLY.  Please be aware that the listed items below WILL NOT WORK in the CM series machines.

These are:

The vinyl roll feeder for matless cutting (cut vinyl designs up to a maximum 6” in length and 9.9” in width).


And the following replacement/spares:

SDX autoblade holders.

SDX autoblades.

SDX Thin fabric autoblade holders.

SDX Thin fabric autoblades.

SDX 12”x12” scanning mat.

SDX 12×24” scanning mat.

SDX 12”x12 low tack adhesive mat.

SDX 12×24” low tack adhesive mat.

SDX 12”x12” standard tack adhesive mat.

SDX 12”x24” standard adhesive mat.

You can view the entire ScanNCut range and more at their website: