Warranties on machines purchased outside the UK (Craftelier)

I wanted to clear up some misinformation spread by Create and Craft.
During the ScanNCut show broadcast at 11m Monday 8th April 2019, Dean Wilson made the following statement regarding warranties on ScanNCut machines purchased outside of the UK (no doubt referring to Craftelier).

“If you want a a warranty, a decent warranty, a legitimate warranty, then buy it from us (Create and Craft), because I’m telling you know, if you don’t, you are not going to get a warranty, and any warranty they are telling you they are giving you, I’m telling you know, tell them to talk to me, you won’t get it, Brother won’t give it to them, so this is the only place, and that’s why we’ve kept them as priced down as low as we possibly can, people are buying two”…..

I immediately e-mailed both Craftelier, and Geoff Taylor, head of Brother ScanNCut UK, based in Manchester to put a stop to the misinformation being spread by Create and Craft.

Dean Wilson’s/Create and Craft’s statement is 100% COMPLETELY UNTRUE AND AN OUTRIGHT LIE.

What’s behind this lie?

Create and Craft (UK based shopping TV channel) currently hold an exclusivity contract with Brother UK to sell the ScanNCut range and it’s accessories.

If you want to buy a UK edition with UK plug ScanNCut, then it is possible to buy from https://craftelier.com/en-gb/, who are based in Spain.

As Create and Craft hold the exclusivity contract with Brother, then obviously Craftelier cannot buy their machines from Brother UK.

However because of the lies Create and Craft have told, and the appalling customer service, lots of customers are choosing to buy from Craftelier rather than Create and Craft….obviously Create and Craft do not like this as they have an exclusivity selling contract with Brother UK. That’s why Create and Craft are spreading outright lies about warranties on machines purchased outside the UK.

Craftelier have sold the UK version with a UK plug of the SDX1200 for as low as £469, which is considerably cheaper than the lowest price Create and Craft have sold it for (£539)

Craftelier buy their machines DIRECT from Brother SPAIN, therefore the machines and their two year warranty are both completely valid and legitimate with BROTHER.

Craftelier say:

” We buy our machines from Brother Spain, which is the equivalent to Brother UK here in Spain. We are an authorised seller, so we have the same guarantee conditions as Brother UK, is just that they’ll be repaired in a different division, which is called “Grupo FB Maquinaria S.A- Brother España Portugal”
Brother is a Japanese company which has many headquarters all over the world, so the UK headquarters is only one of them, just the same as the ones here in Spain.
We have exactly the same conditions as Create and Craft regarding the warranty, the only difference is that we sell all over Europe so due to the high volume of machines we buy, we get a better deal, and that’s why we can sell them cheaper. “

What happens if you buy from Craftelier and your machine develops a fault under warranty?

Craftelier personally arrange for the machine to be collected directly from you and send it to BROTHER SPAIN (rather than Brother UK, Manchester for reasons explained above) for repair and return direct to you.

Craftelier give a far better service and aftercare than Create and Craft, and don’t tell lies to sell products (see here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOqbfIfkJBw and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmMP13XhvnY&t=1s)


3 thoughts on “Warranties on machines purchased outside the UK (Craftelier)

  1. I’m shocked and stunned at Create and Craft’s tactics. I’ve been wanting SDX1200 for sometime but cant justify the outlay. I will not buy the device from them. I do not appreciate an organisation wilfully telling lies to the unsuspecting prospective purchasers.


  2. Dear Craftelier,

    Some time ago I wrote to Brother asking about supply of the cutting machine SDX1200 as Create & Craft had been out of stock for such a long time. I received a replay from their Johnathan Quinn adding me that “Create and Craft are the only authorised UK seller of this machine”.

    You can imagine I am confused now receiving your email. Can you advise please.

    Regards Margaret Henson



    • Dear Margaret,

      I’m the owner of this blog, and I do not work for, or have any affiliation with, Craftelier.

      Create and Craft are the only authorised seller the ScanNCut in the *UK* – however it is possible to get round this andbuy from another company by purchasing the UK model SDX1200, with a UK plug, with a full two year warranty European retailers such as Craftelier who are outside the UK, and who provide much better customer service and often much cheaper prices than Create and Craft.

      There are many, many people out there who are very unhappy with Create and Craft, and who want to be able to buy their ScanNCut supplies from elsewhere, hence my blog and posts.

      Hope this helps clear up any confusion.


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