Project tutorial – Masculine Desk Calendar

I *really* love the DX paper piercing kit – it really gives card and paper a beautiful texture!

I’m delighted with the fine detail I can obtain on my ScanNCut projects – the main paper piercing kit contains 30 fabulous patterns but there is also an additional paper piercing design collection card which has an extra 30 patterns and I have so many ideas on how to use them in projects! 🙂

The activation card is available from all the retailers I normally shop at: Craftelier, Cecilia Cardano and Makers Superstore – Makers Superstore currently have the best price on the paper piercing design activation card at the time of posting (December 2019).

I used pattern no DXPPDP01018 from the card and the 0.8mm paper piercing needle to create this masculine desk calendar.

I’ve been having lots of crafty fun putting a whole load of these together as New Year gifts for family and friends. They turned out so well I thought I would upload a video I uploaded Youtube video describing how I put the elements together using the machine.

Project tutorial: ScanNCut DX VS Jennifer McGuire/Simon Says Stamp

Ok for the last couple of months I’ve been watching a Youtube channel on cardmaking by Jennifer McGuire…

I love her techniques, love her cards…..but I don’t have any dies as I only have a ScanNCut and MANY products she uses (dies and stencils in particular, including the Simon Says Stamp dies and stencils used in her video) are ALL generic shapes, squares, circles and word dies and stencils ….so nothing copyrightable at all..did some research…no hand drawn fonts just generic computer fonts..

So for those of us like myself who don’t own a die cutting machine, but do have a ScanNCut we can *literally* save THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of pounds by just cutting out those generic shapes and patterns that are already inbuilt on our machines…creating our own cuts and stencils! We don’t need to spend any extra money on generic shaped dies and stencils, no waiting for the postman, just see some inspiration, turn on the machine and create! 🙂 Isn’t that FANTASTIC! 🙂

I recorded a video showing you how to recreate a different version of the card, but of course you can use the machine to create any standard stencil of circles, bricks etc –  and I’m super delighted about that! Anything we dream of, the ScanNCut can create!

Of course generic shapes and stencils such as circles in rows are not copyright in anyway shape or form so you are not breaching anyone’s copyright if you recreate these….

I don’t encourage people to directly copy her card or the stencils and dies even though they are just generic shapes…I prefer to use ideas as a jumping off point to create something of my own – this was Jennifer’s card –

The ScanNCut gives you the flexibility to cut any stencil size up to 12″x24″ – if you have a DX model – then you can attach the vinyk roll feeder and make a huge 72″ x 9.9″ stencil from vinyl for walls, big art projects and more!

I chose an inbuilt cloud pattern (AR-A006) and arranged them in offset rows on the mat – but instead of a stencil, I used this as a mat and layer.

We have a number of very similar inbuilt shapes as the sun shapes of the Simon Says Stamp dies Jennifer used for her card – as well as a circle and a variety of hearts (see your basic patterns section of your machine)

On the DX we also have a single line font which can be used to create absolutely any strip sentiment of our choice!

To top it off, I used the “Believe” sentiment inbuilt on the DX series (LO-AB04) – although of course you can use ANY word of your choice to cut out – there are lots of inbuilt ones on the machine – CM users can easily weld a word together on the machine from the inbuilt fonts, or choose an extra font and use the offline version of Canvas Workspace to do the same thing.