The Disney SDX2200D is on sale!

Just a heads up…Makers Superstore have a great price on the Disney SDX2200D – £200 off the normal price which brings it down to £599 – that’s a brilliant saving! The offer only lasts for one week though, so be sure to check it out!

Makers Superstore also carry a full range of kits, accessories, mats, blades and more for your machine – they have ultra fast desk and excellent customer service – so head on over!


5 thoughts on “The Disney SDX2200D is on sale!

  1. Hi I bought the machine after reading your blog. I also bought Create &Craft Mel’s dvd about using scan n cut. It was not much use as the 2200d seems quite different from the previous versions.
    I am having a lot of difficulty trying to work out how to use tattered lace charisma images to cut out with the svg files on official usb. The screen is very small and it is quite hard to superimpose the svg image over the scan. Especially when there are multiple images sometimes i get them to separate but mostly i delete all but one, cut that then start again! This is far harder than a simple pass through a die cutter.
    The earlier machines have a triangle, square and circle button but this is not on my machine. All advice gladly received.


    • Hi there,

      Yes Mel’s tutorials DVD is for CM users and as you have found, there are lots of things different on the SDX series – there are lots of new functions as well on the SDX that Mel’s tutorial USB doesn’t obviously cover as it for the CM900.

      Unfortunately also Mel marketed the tutorial usb toward SDX users when the SDX is a bit of a different beast as you say.

      I have seen Mel’s USB as a friend loaned to me so I understand what you are saying.

      I don’t use the charisma files personally – I use the print to cut card and copyright, royalty free images from the likes of Pixabay and FreePIk – so I save hundreds of pounds by not buying the usbs –

      With the print to cut, there is no need to line up anything – see my video on how it works – it will save you LOADS of aggravation – the function creates marks that the machine reads and automatically lines up – and you will save LOADS of money as well 🙂

      For your existing usbs and using charisma – I would get in contact with Mel herself and ask her for some advice.

      Let me know how you get on!

      All the best!


    • Also, really glad to hear you’ve bought the SDX2200D – hope you are enjoying it!

      Please feel free to join my Facebook group here where I post hints and tips 🙂

      There is a test function on the SDX series – (the triangle, square and circle test cuts)

      Tap “cut” first – on the next screen, you’ll see that there is a “test” box on the screen – tap that, and the test cut screen will come up –

      The middle box with the circle and triangle images is where you can choose the shape and size of your test cut – tap that, select the shape you want, and say OK.

      You also have the options on that screen to scan in the mat so you can move your test cut into the right place, nudge the test cut shape a little along the mat etc.

      Hope this helps, and let me know if I can help you with anything else 🙂


      • Hi, thank you so much! The video has taught me the very thing I wanted to know! The machine works as a stand alone but in actual fact I must get a computer for the programme to access all sorts free stuff I didn’t know existed! You have been such a help that I have joined Facebook to join your group. Many thanks for your thoughtful generosity.


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