Cinderella/Ariel Disney Activation Card from Makers Superstore

I am currently making *lots* of projects with this Cinderella/Ariel activation card:

which is available in the UK exclusively through Makers Superstore:

When I looked at the files I immediately realised that although this is a Disney card, and there are some fabulous Disney projects on the card, I can also make lots of non Disney makes as well as I always like to get the maximum use out of everything.πŸ˜€

In the photos you will see a shadow box I am making – I am just leaving the cartoon character elements our leaving just the mermaid. I am going to use lots of the other sea themed elements from the card on the box – I LOVE ocean themed makes!

The shadow box isn’t finished yet as you can see but this will definitely be going up in my craft room when it is finished!

You could also put the show rhinestone designs on cards and there is also a card blank ready to cut out in the patterns on the card.

The shoes are great and could also be cut of out of holographic HTV as well as rhinestones.

Along with the Disney projects, I am going to be making these non Disney projects from these card (and more!)

A bracelet cut of out of shiny holographic marine vinyl with the smaller swirly design

A queen of shoes t shirt with the crown and shoe pattern.

Shoe shaped birthday cards.

Ocean themed htv and rhinestone t shirt for myself as I am all about the sea πŸ˜€

I have so many projects I am making with this! So much fun!

Back to cutting! πŸ™‚

Family Tree Album Project using the DX Calligraphy Kit (available exclusively in the UK from Makers Superstore)

As you all know πŸ™‚ I use my ScanNCut *a lot* – that’s because I use it to make things that I can use in my other numerous hobbies, and the ScanNCut makes this simple!

I’ve been researching my family ancestry for about 17 years. I’ve found the answers to many a family mystery and uncovered more than my fair share of skeletons in the closet. I’ve painstakingly traced back many of my lines to the early 1400’s.

A member of my family had a special birthday recently, so I drew out her side of the family tree album using the calligraphy kit with my ScanNCut DX.

I didn’t have a lot of time to complete the project so I bought a pre made scrapbook album and decorated the cover with shiny gold self adhesive vinyl. I used the font “Old English” from the site for the wording: please note that this font is NOT a single line calligraphy drawing font and so doesn’t work with the calligraphy kit – it works great for cutting out though!

The leaves pattern is inbuilt into my DX – it was absolutely perfect for my project!


As a seasoned family history researcher, I know that hand drawn calligraphy family trees cost a lot of money – that is because it is a time intensive, skilled process.

I knew I could get excellent results using the Brother DX Calligraphy kit (available exclusively in the UK from Makers Superstore) – so I used this in conjunction with the Gothic font from the SDX Calligraphy Font Set – Gothic and Unical activation card (also exclusive in the UK to Makers Superstore).

This is the front page of the album – I used a combination of patterns from the calligraphy kit together with the Gothic font from the activation card.

Here is a top tip for the calligraphy kit – for the very small writing you see on the pages, I used the same single line calligraphy font with a fine line pen in the existing universal pen holder – obviously a normal pen or marker you won’t get the wonderful variation in line width as you do with calligraphy, but this works fantastically with small text and helps give your projects a more cohesive look.

This is just one of the many pages I created for the album….the ScanNCut made the pages so fast and easy to create!

I used an inbuilt envelope pattern on the DX machine as a pocket to store certificates and old census documents etc – as we can easily resize any pattern I was able to make my envelopes the absolute perfect size to fit the documents! πŸ™‚

My family member was absolutely over the moon with her extra special gift and it is a beautiful heirloom that is sure to be loved by generations to come πŸ™‚

Makers Superstore online meetup

Makers Superstore have an online meetup on Facebook next Monday evening (24th February) -I definitely recommended joining in if you can make it! They are lovely people and have lots of help and advice to offer ScanNCut users and are only too happy to help with any questions you may have!

Here is the link to the event:

See you there! πŸ™‚

Fabulous deals and offers on ScanNCut goodies! (Just in time for Valentines Day!)

A little bit more information on Makers Superstore – they have some exclusive ScanNCut goodies on their website that can’t be bought from elsewhere within the UK – and the Disney SDX2200D is still on sale with Β£200 off due to popular demand! How exciting is that! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

For CM and DX users they have something for all of us – the small barrel pen holder – this works in the same way as the standard universal pen holder, and fits narrower width pens as well as pencils.

They also have an excellent range of of Disney activation cards – which are currently on a BOGOF! (Normally Β£39.99 each so that’s a fabulous price!)


Oh! I’ve literally just gone back to the website and if you love Disney, then they also have the whole activation card bundle for half price!

The Disney activation cards are for all series of machines πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

For DX users they exclusively have the lovely DX trolley that I have been eyeing up…as well as the calligraphy and paper piercing kits and additional patterns activation cards for those.


So genuinely lots of crafty fun to be with everything Makers Superstore has to offer!

As usual, I’ve got lots of ideas for how all of these goodies can be used to make a huge variety of different projects – so stay tuned!

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Create and Craft CM300 untruths

On Create and Craft this morning (7am show, Saturday 8th February 2020) there were some outright untruths told about the functionality of the CM300 which I would like to put right – I really don’t like to see people mislead in this way, so I will be reporting it to the ASA – I’m passionate about consumers being given the correct information so that they can make an informed choice on their purchases.

Presenter Andy Love, demonstrator Jo Foster.

Jo Foster claimed that the machine does everything the rest of the ScanNCut range does “everything works on the 300 just like on all the other machines”

This is 100% UNTRUE and I don’t want anyone to be spending Β£250 which is a sizeable chunk of money, only to find that some kits do not work on it. I genuinely care about my fellow users!

The CM300 cannot use either the paper piercing kit, the calligraphy kit, or the roll feeder – these are all DX ONLY.

Create and Craft will try to tell you that they didn’t mention this, as they don’t sell the kits. Jo Foster will come out with her catchphrase “I’m a technophobe” statement. However, I can assure you 100% that they DO know about these kits that are on the market – you can check this fact for yourself with Geoff Taylor, manager for ScanNCut UK – his e-mail address is Also, drop an e-mail to Brother ScanNCut Europe – their e-mail address is

As the sole retailer of the CM series and of the SDX1200, Create and Craft are fully aware of this, having worked very closely with Brother over the last five or six years.

Also, when the machines are normally sold on air, they are priced at Β£199 – meaning the sold called two free mats are not really free, seeing as the machine was priced at Β£250 on this show.

PigPong Lettering Collection T Shirt project and tips for working with HTV

I really enjoyed making this t shirt using one of the fun lettering collections from the Pigpong Lettering Collection activation card and one of the inbuilt designs on my SDX1200 – (also on the SDX2200D) which is available from Makers

If you have a CM series machine and want to make a similar project then there are lots of monkey SVG files available online. 

Here are my top tips for working with heat transfer vinyl (HTV):

1) HTV is cut right side on on the mat, so remember to mirror your image before you press cut. A post it note stuck onto the screen will help remind you to do so and saves wasted vinyl! If you’re using a DX series machine, then make sure you have your half cut setting switched on. If you’re using a CM series machine, then guideline settings are pressure -1, blade 0.5-1 – this is just a guideline though and vinyl can have different thicknesses depending on brand and type, so *always* test cut first to avoid frustration and wasted vinyl.

2) Weeding your vinyl means removing the excess areas of vinyl from your design. My top tip for weeding designs is always remove the outer edge first, this will enable you to see more clearly where you need to weed the rest of your design. If you’re unsure which areas to weed away, then cut the design out of cardstock first and remove the design from the mat. You’ll see from the design cut from cardstock exactly which areas you are meant to remove. If you find it hard to find the areas that need to be weeded away, then you can use a light box, or draw out your design on the back of the HTV first. Both of these methods are really helpful for crafters new to HTV.

3) HTV is best applied to clothing that *hasn’t* been washed with fabric conditioner. Fabric conditioner will prevent the HTV from sticking to your project correctly and you could be left with your vinyl peeling away.

4) *Always* check the manufacturer’s instructions for applying HTV. You don’t have to use a heat press unless you want to – if you are using your iron then turn the steam setting OFF. Different types of vinyl require different heat settings, for differing periods of time. Some HTV needs to have the transfer tape removed while the vinyl is still warm (warm peel or hot peel) – other types of HTV needs to have the transfer tape removed once the vinyl has cooled down (cold peel).

5) When layering HTV, press the first layer for 5-6 seconds just to tack down the vinyl. Place your second layer, cover with a teflon sheet or tea towel and press for the full amount of time.

6) Leave your garment for 24 hours before landering – this will give the HTV time to adhere fully to your clothing. Washing the garment to early will lead to your vinyl peeling away from your garment.

Have fun with HTV! πŸ™‚

Please note Makers Superstore sent me the activation card to test.  The lettering collection designs on the Pigpong activation card are strictly for non commercial, personal use only.