Family Tree Album Project using the DX Calligraphy Kit (available exclusively in the UK from Makers Superstore)

As you all know πŸ™‚ I use my ScanNCut *a lot* – that’s because I use it to make things that I can use in my other numerous hobbies, and the ScanNCut makes this simple!

I’ve been researching my family ancestry for about 17 years. I’ve found the answers to many a family mystery and uncovered more than my fair share of skeletons in the closet. I’ve painstakingly traced back many of my lines to the early 1400’s.

A member of my family had a special birthday recently, so I drew out her side of the family tree album using the calligraphy kit with my ScanNCut DX.

I didn’t have a lot of time to complete the project so I bought a pre made scrapbook album and decorated the cover with shiny gold self adhesive vinyl. I used the font “Old English” from the site for the wording: please note that this font is NOT a single line calligraphy drawing font and so doesn’t work with the calligraphy kit – it works great for cutting out though!

The leaves pattern is inbuilt into my DX – it was absolutely perfect for my project!


As a seasoned family history researcher, I know that hand drawn calligraphy family trees cost a lot of money – that is because it is a time intensive, skilled process.

I knew I could get excellent results using the Brother DX Calligraphy kit (available exclusively in the UK from Makers Superstore) – so I used this in conjunction with the Gothic font from the SDX Calligraphy Font Set – Gothic and Unical activation card (also exclusive in the UK to Makers Superstore).

This is the front page of the album – I used a combination of patterns from the calligraphy kit together with the Gothic font from the activation card.

Here is a top tip for the calligraphy kit – for the very small writing you see on the pages, I used the same single line calligraphy font with a fine line pen in the existing universal pen holder – obviously a normal pen or marker you won’t get the wonderful variation in line width as you do with calligraphy, but this works fantastically with small text and helps give your projects a more cohesive look.

This is just one of the many pages I created for the album….the ScanNCut made the pages so fast and easy to create!

I used an inbuilt envelope pattern on the DX machine as a pocket to store certificates and old census documents etc – as we can easily resize any pattern I was able to make my envelopes the absolute perfect size to fit the documents! πŸ™‚

My family member was absolutely over the moon with her extra special gift and it is a beautiful heirloom that is sure to be loved by generations to come πŸ™‚

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