Cinderella/Ariel Disney Activation Card from Makers Superstore

I am currently making *lots* of projects with this Cinderella/Ariel activation card:

which is available in the UK exclusively through Makers Superstore:

When I looked at the files I immediately realised that although this is a Disney card, and there are some fabulous Disney projects on the card, I can also make lots of non Disney makes as well as I always like to get the maximum use out of everything.πŸ˜€

In the photos you will see a shadow box I am making – I am just leaving the cartoon character elements our leaving just the mermaid. I am going to use lots of the other sea themed elements from the card on the box – I LOVE ocean themed makes!

The shadow box isn’t finished yet as you can see but this will definitely be going up in my craft room when it is finished!

You could also put the show rhinestone designs on cards and there is also a card blank ready to cut out in the patterns on the card.

The shoes are great and could also be cut of out of holographic HTV as well as rhinestones.

Along with the Disney projects, I am going to be making these non Disney projects from these card (and more!)

A bracelet cut of out of shiny holographic marine vinyl with the smaller swirly design

A queen of shoes t shirt with the crown and shoe pattern.

Shoe shaped birthday cards.

Ocean themed htv and rhinestone t shirt for myself as I am all about the sea πŸ˜€

I have so many projects I am making with this! So much fun!

Back to cutting! πŸ™‚

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