There has been a new model added to the ScanNCut family – it’s available just in the US at the moment is and is called the SDX135 PRO. However it will be released in Europe at some point in the very near future.

This is the link to the Brother support page for the new model.

If you click on the pattern list, the website directs you to the current SDX125/SDX1000 pattern list

The SDX125 has been officially discontinued in the USA – see here

so the new model seems to be just a SDX125 for now so just possibly just a model name change – it has the same onboard patterns as the SDX125/SDX1000.

It will be released in Europe as there is an *unlisted* Youtube video on the official Brother Europe YouTube channel – so this video hasn’t been made public by Brother Europe yet πŸ™‚ – with a teaser trailer – the features as the same as the rest of the SDX series.

I’ve asked Brother for some more information on what the difference is between this and the other models in the SDX range and will post when I know more.


  1. Hi – I’m the US. I was about ready to buy an SDX125 and realized that the SDX135 Pro was available. I too could not find anything that compared the two models. I sent a Facebook message to Brother Crafts USA, and this is the reply I received: “We are excited to have you as part of the Brother family. It looks like the SDX125 is discontinued. If you would still like to learn more about it, you can visit this link: Let us know if you have any other questions!”
    So I did not get an answer to my question as to the differences between the two models. I can only assume that the SDX135 Pro is, at minimum, the same as the SDX125, if not “better.” I did ask a followup question about the differences, but have not gotten a reply yet. ~Kathy


    • Hi Kathyjn – thank you so much for getting in contact with me about this!

      I’m not surprised to hear the SDX125 has been discontinued – I SUSPECT that the the SDX225 will be next to be discontinued at some point this year – I think this is due to all the mat feed roller problems users have experienced.

      This e-mail was sent in to one of our official retailers of the ScanNCut in the UK –

      “As with many manufacturers, Brother are constantly developing and improving the products that we make.

      The SDX1200 was launched 18 months ago and the SDX2200D more recently in January 2020.

      Given the above, I can confirm that as part of our natural product development cycle, there are a number of mechanical and software differences between the two models and the SDX2200D is fitted with a different roller mechanism to the SDX1200.”

      Just FYI, the SDX1200 is the same as your SDX225, and we don’t have the SDX125 on sale here in the UK. The SDX2200D here is the same as the SDX230D Disney machine.

      Before purchasing the SDX135Pro, I would contact Brother to see whether this new machine has the new, improved roller mat feed mechanism.

      This is the landing page for support for the SDX135PRO –

      I’ve had a look at the pattern list, when you click on the link it takes you to the pattern list for the SDX125 – so it has the same onboard patterns as the current SDX125.

      So I defintely would e-mail them back, and ask them if the SDX135 has the new roller feed mechanism before you purchase – I personally wouldn’t buy a 125 as it’s being discontinued so soon after being launched – remember the CM series has been going six years now.

      Hope this helps, Nikki


      • Thanks for the additional information, Nikki. A few minutes ago I received a reply to my followup question about the SDX135. This is what they said:

        “Hi Kathy! Our social team is looking into this for you but will need to consult customer service. Would you be able to hang tight until they return on Monday?”

        With the additional details you gave me, I was able to ask specifically about the roller feed mechanism. As soon as I get an answer, I’ll let you know. I am very happy I did not succumb to my initial desires and buy a 125.

        Thanks again, Kathy


      • Hi, it’s me again. I see that someone else posted today about the 135Pro. I have been waiting to Brother USA to respond to my questions about whether or not the 135Pro had the improved roller feed mechanism. They seemed eager to help, and then I heard nothing for a few weeks. I wrote to them again 3 days ago, and today they responded with the following:

        “We have not had any reported issues with the roller feed for the SDX135 Pro.”

        Well, that’s good, but then again it is a new model. I have asked again if they can tell me whether the feed mechanism is different from the SDX125. I would not expect the 135Pro to be discontinued, however! It still does not show up on the Brother web site for purchase, either. Only Amazon and one other online retailer are selling it at the moment.


    • Hi — I did purchase the SDX135pro and I called Brother. The 135Pro came out at the end of 2019 and the 125E came out in January 2020. The 135Pro is bundled with stuff and has been upgraded … it is new and not being discontinued. The straight up 125 is discontinued but the 135Pro is the newest in that class and is not being discontinued! Thanks and hope this helps!!! I am looking forward to getting the SDX135Pro!! I did let Brother know that I was very concerned about purchasing something being discontinued or with roller problems and they assured me that they stand behind all their products and the 135Pro is a new version not being discontinued. Thanks!


      • Carmene – I just got the SDX135 Pro, too. It came a few days ago and I’m just now reading through all of the materials. I’ve never had a cutting machine before. I got this one after making several appliqued and quilted pillows of a camper van that we own. Now many other owners want one, too — so after a lot of research, I decided to give the Brother a try to help me make these pillows in the most efficient way (that does not involve lots of hand cutting!). I want to use it to cut multiple custom shapes at one time out of fusible-backed fabric. Each pillow has 12 pieces to cut. How are you liking yours so far?


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