Create and Craft misleading customers again – SDX1200 false statements.

Important information for those who may have purchased the SDX1200 this week or are thinking of buying it from Create and Craft, Crafting etc: This week Mel Heaton has been saying that the SDX1200 is “the top, top spec” and that it is the top of the range of all ScanNCut machines.

THIS IS 100% UNTRUE.Melanie Heaton and Create and Craft 100% know this is a FALSE statement. Most users are already aware there have already been a huge number of false statements by Mel Heaton concerning the ScanNCut.

The TOP specification ScanNCut at the moment is the SDX2200D Disney edition, which is ONLY available through Makers Superstore.

The SDX2200D is absolutely the latest machine, as it was launched at the end of December last year – the SDX1200 was launched in November 2018.

I have an e-mail from Geoff Taylor, head of Brother ScanNCut UK explaining that the SDX2200D has a number of internal mechanical differences to the SDX1200 as well as new software, new, improved, mat feed roller system as well as 132 additional built-in Disney designs which the SDX1200 does not have.

The updated mat feed roller system is really IMPORTANT information as thousands of users have had issues with the mats misfeeding on the SDX1200. Brother Germany have said that the SDX1200 has a serious design flaw in the mat feed roller mechanism.

This was the e-mail from Geoff Taylor. If you want to confirm this information for yourself, please contact me and I will pass on his e-mail address to you.

“Hello Ms XXXXX
May I first take this opportunity of thanking you for purchasing the Brother SDX1200.
As with many manufacturers, Brother are constantly developing and improving the products that we make.
The SDX1200 was launched 18 months ago and the SDX2200D more recently in January 2020.
Given the above, I can confirm that as part of our natural product development cycle, there are a number of mechanical and software differences between the two models and the SDX2200D is fitted with a different roller mechanism to the SDX1200.
Kind regards

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