ScanNCut self adhsive vinyl & transfer tape, heat transfer vinyl.

I’ve had to top up my vinyl stash recently: I was running low of colours (my photo shows all I had left) so I thought I would share some places where I shop and what I buy:

I’m a new and very happy customer of Crafty Cutter – I had excellent customer service and their products have excellent prices (A4 sheets of Oracal 651 which is self adhesive vinyl) at just 0.55p a sheet which is the right price and not a rip off price).

I will definitely be shopping there again, really great prices and they sell a fantastic range of self adhesive and heat transfer vinyl.

MDP Supplies – really reliable, really fast, the price you pay is for next working day delivery. Excellent range of all types of vinyl, transfer tape etc.

My go to transfer tape for vinyl is Detape – they are 50 meter rolls that are reusable many times over. I normally buy the 12″ roll size so I can do projects as large as my mat if I want to. The tape is also reusable many times over so really very economical. πŸ™‚

I also love GM Crafts for vinyl – they have a huge range of different types of self adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl. Quick delivery as well and great customer service.

My go to self adhesive permanent vinyl is Oracal 651 for most projects. For walls I use Oracal 631 which again is self adhesive but is removable (and won’t damage your paint when you peel it off).

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