Special offers from Funky Pen

I’ve had a message from the guys over at Funky Pen – they have some special greyboard (construction board) offers going on – ideal for those 3d projects!

I’m a big fan of Funky Pen – they have excellent products at great prices, and fantastic customer service! πŸ™‚ Their website can be found at http://www.funkypen.co.uk


“We also have a 3for2 mix&match offer across a range of kids craft & colouring, notepads and pens that can be viewed here and is running until later this week – funkypen.co.uk/3for2

And finally as a heads up, from Wednesday 1st July, we have an offer which is ideal for users of our 12×12” 750Micron and 1000Micron Greyboard that like the smaller packs.

There will be 50% OFF on the following 3 product codes when the coupon code β€˜GBHALF’ is entered at checkout:GB12SQ15MIX1000750 – MIX PACK – 30 Sheets of 12×12″ Construction board – 15 Sheets 750mic & 15 Sheets 1000mic Greyboard (Normally Β£9.99 – Β£4.99 with code) funkypen.co.uk/GB12SQ15MIX1000750

GB12SQ100025RM – 25 Sheets of 12×12″ Construction board 1mm 1000mic Greyboard (Normally Β£10.98 – Β£5.49 with code) funkypen.co.uk/GB12SQ100025RM

GB12SQ75035 – 35 Sheets of 12×12″ Construction board 0.75MM 750mic Greyboard (Normally Β£10.98 – Β£5.49 with code) funkypen.co.uk/GB12SQ75035

The discount code (GBHALF) is live now if you wanted to share (early access) but it won’t be published on funkypen.co.uk/promotions or our facebook page until later tomorrow/Wednesday morning.”

Scan N Cut Educational Videos and tutorials


If you’re new to the ScanNCut or want to learn more about using the machine, then whether you use a CM series or SDX series machine, you’re in luck!

There are so many FREE educational videos, resources and tutorials out there, on EVERY aspect on using the ScanNCut – over the last six years, many talented ScanNCut users have put free tutorials out there – to save you having to trawl through Youtube or google, I’ve put a list together of the most helpful resources and Youtube channels – remember – the ones I mention are just a *few* of the hundreds of resources out there – everything you need to know about the ScanNCut is out there! πŸ™‚

First of all – READ THE MANUAL! πŸ™‚ In your box, you will have a quick start guide which will get you started – but did you know an indepth manual for your machine and ALL the kits πŸ™‚ can be found on the Brother Solutions Centre website?

Go to the website below: choose your country – product search – cutting machines – select your ScanNCut model – manuals – select “operation manual”


I highly recommend printing the manual off and keeping it in a folder next to your machine for easy reference. I also store all the manuals on a USB for backup.

I have my own YouTube channel – Independent ScanNcutter –

And I do regular Facebook lives for Makers Superstore – previous Facebook live videos can be found here:



There is a LOT of help from other users on Facebook – here are some recommended groups that have free educational content for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.



To find the educational content for these groups, first of all join the group, then head over to the “units” section.

Also there are dozens of other ScanNCut user groups out there with literally tens of thousands of fellow users who will happily help you and give you some advice πŸ™‚


Brother Crafts have over six years of educational videos on their channel, covering dozens and dozens of techniques, tips and tips:


For beginners, I HIGHLY recommend Julie Fei Fan Balzers videos – they are extremely clear and easy to follow:


For all aspects of using Canvas Workspace – see the following excellent channels:

Every Canvas Workspace project has a free video showing you how to cut and put the projects together:

Brother’s official Canvas Workspace channel (suitable for beginners) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPeOOvP1z5VGaPzb6_hQvKQ

Gentleman Crafter also has superb, very easy to follow videos on how to use both the machine and Canvas Workspace:

Applelover53 has dozens of excellent videos on all aspects of using Canvas Workspace to edit, and to create your own projects – videos are suitable from beginners upwards:

Beverleigh’s Crafty Chaos HQ channel also has lots of Canvas Workspace tutorials where she teaches you how to create projects from scratch:


Papered Chef – again, lots of excellent videos, particularly helpful for cutting stamped images and for fussy cutting patterned papers.


ScanNCut tutorial – creating Olson face mask plastic templates

I’ve had several requests since my Facebook Live on making masks for Makers Superstore for a beginners video showing how to create a plastic template from an existing face mask pattern from beginning to end.

I’ve just uploaded a video on this to YouTube; there are links to materials and supplies as well as lots of other information in the description box below the video, but I will add them here as well.

DISCLAIMER – This face mask does not protect the person against coronavirus. The goal is to stop the spread of droplets to reduce the spread of the virus. Strictly follow all recommendations from the government and health organisations to keep you, your family and loved ones safe.

Download Olson face mask pattern: https://www.unitypoint.org/filesimages/COVID-19/UnityPointHealth-OlsonMask-Instructions.pdf

Sew the Olson Face mask pattern (PLEASE NOTE – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ADDING A LAYER OF NON WOVEN INTERFACING TO YOUR MASK) – https://www.sewcanshe.com/blog/simple-step-by-step-tutorial-for-the-olson-mask-pattern

I cut my templates from doeflex – you could also cut template plastic – google for the best prices.

SDX users – use black standard blade and autoblade settings. CM users – try turquoise standard blade starting at blade depth 4, pressure 1 *you will need to test cut to get settings right*

I use ORACAL 651 self adhesive vinyl for most of my projects, which I apply with DeTape medium tack clear transfer tape – I purchase from https://www.mdpsupplies.co.uk/ (excellent prices and good customer service)

Facebook live video on making a face mask from inbuilt shapes on ScanNCut. https://www.facebook.com/104804484280818/videos/283671089479289/

Accompanying blog post for above with links to materials and supplies: https://scanncutuk.com/2020/06/12/scanncut-face-masks/

The machine I’m using is the SDX2200D – at the time of recording (June 2020) this is the top of the range ScanNCut – in the UK this machine is available exclusively from http://www.makerssuperstore.com

Heat Transfer Vinyl

I’ve had several messages today asking me where I buy my heat transfer vinyl and how much I pay for it – I’m really happy to share information on this!

I buy a lot of vinyl, both heat transfer, and self adhesive vinyl from the following places: ALL OF THESE PLACES SELL TOP QUALITY VINYL THAT CAN BE APPLIED WITH AN IRON, WASH AND DRY WELL ETC.

Also, for most top quality plain coloured HTV, if you paying more than about Β£1.50 for aHTV sheet then you are being ripped off – I saw the Dalton Manor heat transfer vinyl show today on Create and Craft and the 12″x12″ sheets work out to about Β£4.50 a sheet – I’m sorry, bit that is a rip off price so check these websites below and do your price comparisons before you buy.

One of my FAVOURITE places is GM Crafts – http://www.gmcrafts.co.uk

they stock a WONDERFUL range of heat transfer vinyl – lots of starter kits and bundles, they stock plain colours, glitter, chrome, patterned, rainbow, metallic, inkjet printable vinyl and even light reactive vinyl which looks white indoors, and changes colour when you get it outside in the daylight. They also stock heat reactive vinyl which changes as you touch it (I have to try this vinyl!) as well as 3D bubble up vinyl, and glow in the dark vinyl. How fun is that! πŸ™‚

They do 12″ wide vinyl as well which is perfect for use on the ScanNCut!

Check out and compare their fantastic prices which include free UK delivery! They have EXCELLENT prices on all their products, can you see why I love to shop on this site? πŸ™‚

AND – GMCrafts have a downloadable cutting and pressing guide for all their types of vinyl – https://www.gmcrafts.co.uk/product-guides-media/

My next favourite is MDP supplies – https://www.mdpsupplies.co.uk/

  • large range of heat transfer vinyl – you can download a useful guide from the site telling you how to apply the vinyl, and whether it is hot peel, or cold peel.

They sell A4 size sheets, mini rolls, by the meter etc.

They also stock a selection of 12″x12″ sheets – https://www.mdpsupplies.co.uk/cricut

They also have a helpful guide for pressing every type of vinyl they sell – https://www.mdpsupplies.co.uk/datasheets/garmentfilmsettings.pdf

Hope this helps and have fun exploring all the different types!


ScanNCut face masks!

A big thank you to all the lovely crafters who joined me over on the Makers Superstore page yesterday for my Facebook live on using the ScanNCut to cut fabric for face masks!

If you missed it, or want to watch it again to see how to make the masks, then you can find the video here :


DISCLAIMER – This mask (or face mask) does not protect the person against coronavirus. The goal is to stop the spread of droplets to reduce the spread of the virus. Strictly follow all recommendations from the government and health organisations to keep you, your family and loved ones safe.

*** NOTE – at the moment – Makers Superstore are offering a BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE on all their fabrics (Please check their website for current offers) ***

You need basic sewing skills and a sewing machine to complete this project. A fancy sewing machine is very nice (!) but a basic model will do the job well.

You can use ANY ScanNCut in the CM series or the SDX series to do this – my preferred machine of choice is the SDX2200D, at the time of posting (June 2020) – this is the current TOP OF THE RANGE of the ScanNCut family πŸ™‚

If using SDX series – then use the BEIGE THIN FABRIC AUTOBLADE and your machine will take care of the settings!

If using CM series – use standard blade for quilting cotton and you will have to test cut – here are some cutting guidelines for you –

Brother have helpfully provided a guide on the basics of fabric cutting for both the CM and SDX series – this has suggested settings for the CM series and a troubleshooting guide:


Brother also have a basic guide to quilting which explains the difference between lengthwise, crosswise and bias grain – as this is a sewing project, we need to cut our fabric on the crosswise grain – see here for an explantion on grain lines, bias etc.


To make this facemask, I’ve used my ScanNCut SDX2200D (my preferred machine of choice!), sewing machine AND


I’m making with these cotton fat quarter bundles from Makers Superstore -www.makerssuperstore.com

If you’re new to fabric, then a fat quarter is 1/4 of a yard/meter of fabric – made by cutting half a metre of the full fabric width and then cutting this piece in half vertically (cutting it by the width). Fat quarters allow you to get a better cut of the design rather than just a quarter of a meter/yard cut across the bolt of fabric horizontally.

You need a GOOD QUALITY QUILTING COTTON – thin or loosely woven cottons are no good for making face masks!

Winnie the Pooh 5 fat quarter pack –


Frozen 5 fat quarter pack –



Any ScanNCut plus sewing machine (could handsew if you really needed to)

High tack fabric support sheet (optional – can cut paper or doeflex templates (label doeflex with self adhesive vinyl)

The CM900 and SDX machines come with a high tack support sheet in the box – replacements can be found here –


Fabric – approximately 2/3rd of a fat quarter (see above for the fabric I used in my livestream)

NON WOVEN fusible interfacing – I use:
Vilene F220 standard iron on interfacing – it comes in both white and black – google around for the best prices.

Elastic, ribbon or cord.
80/12 sewing machine needle (I use Schemtz brand which are excellent quality)
Sewing pins or clips.
Iron/ironing board or ironing pad.

Frixion Erasable Rollerball PenΒ  (ink vanishes when hit with a hot iron) – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Frixion-Erasable-Rollerball-Assorted-Colours/dp/B005349ER8/ref=asc_df_B005349ER8/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309920235837&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=18429344498370846850&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9045025&hvtargid=pla-424440815957&psc=1&th=1&psc=1

NOSE BRIDGE STRIPS ARE A *MUST* TO ENSURE A GOOD SEAL ACROSS THE TOP OF YOUR FACE MASK – (if you wear glasses and they fog up while wearing the mask then you don’t have a seal)

These are the ones I use:


Optional: I like to also sew and quilt, so to precut my fabric to go on the mat, I do use a rotary cutter, quilting ruler and self healing mat, but this is *entirely optional and not necessarily required* – this is the sort of items I use.


PREP: Iron fabric (can lightly starch if you would like – I use Mary Ellen’s Best Press)

Pre cut fabric ON GRAIN – (fabric folded selvedge edge to selvedge edge) –

2 x 12″ WIDE by 8″ HIGH pieces of fabric (matching fabric – same fabric for both sides)

2 X 12″ WIDE by 8″ HIGH pieces of Vilene F220 fusible interfacing.

Create pattern – for my size (adult)

For the mask, you will need to cut TWO x Vilene F220 fusible interfacing and TWO x fabric pieces.

Select Basic Shapes – BA-A093 Perfect shape to create the style of face mask we’re going to make today!

Turn OFF aspect ratio – resize to 6.75″ high x 11.02″ wide (adult size – for other sizes, use fantastic resizing feature on ScanNCut then cut out of PAPER first to gauge size required)



** PLACE FUSIBLE INTERFACING GLUE (rough) side UP and SMOOTH SIDE DOWN ONTO MAT. (You don’t want to loose any fusible glue dots that might stick to your mat so do it this way)

Cutting fabric – you can either cut a paper or doeflex and cut the fabric the old fashioned way BUT I am going to show you how to cut fabric on the ScanNCut

Mat with high tack support sheet attached & BEIGE THIN FABRIC BLADE on SDX (standard turquoise blade for CM series)

Just place fabric square on the mat (BE AWARE OF THE GRAIN) and smooth it down with (I use the Brother brayer – does the job perfectly)



Position cut file over fabric – HAS TO BE ON GRAIN VERY IMPORTANT FOR SEWING PROJECTS – cannot rotate shape because otherwise you will be cutting on bias, which is stretchy, and your fabric will go out of shape, too much stretch is no good for a face mask!


FUSE INTERFACING TO WRONG SIDE OF BOTH FABRIC PIECES – GLUE SIDE DOWN – (if you make mistake and get glue on your iron, then run it hot over a tumble dryer sheet and this will clean all the glue off – isn’t that magic?)


I’m going to use my 1/4″ foot (if you don’t have one, use 1/4″ guide on bed of your sewing machine).

Right sides together, sew down both curved edges.


Turn piece upside down – nest/ match seams again – making sure seam is straight on both sides – PIN IN PLACE

CHECK WHICH END IS TOP OF YOUR FACEMASK IF YOU ARE USING A DIRECTIONAL PATTERN – AT THE TOP* – start sewing and backstitch about two and half inches in – backstitch at end.

Sew straight across the bottom.


PREPARE TO INSERT NOSE BRIDGE STRIP – from seam – measure out and mark 1.75″ on both sides (nose bridge piece is 3.50 inches long).

INSERT NOSE BRIDGE STRIP – one pin across bottom, one pin across either end.

I like to use ZIPPER FOOT to top stitch – I use the edge of this as a guide.

Start TOP STITCHING at top right hand side – pivot and turn – BE VERY CAREFUL AS YOU APPROACH NOSE BRIDGE STRIP.

At start of nose bridge strip, (use needle wheel to test you are NOT going to hit the metal bridge strip – YOU WILL BREAK NEEDLE AND POSSIBLY DAMAGE THE TIMING ON YOUR MACHINE – YOU DON’T WANT ANY BROKEN NEEDLES FLYING INTO YOUR EYE) pivot and stitch DOWN four or five stitches


MAKE SURE TOP OF NOSE BRIDGE STRIP IS FLUSH WITH TOP SEAM – run edge of zipper foot along the edge of the nose bridge piece until you reach next pin/mark – work out where end of nose bridge strip is – sew along to end –

PIVOT (use needle wheel to test you are NOT going to hit the metal bridge strip – YOU WILL BREAK NEEDLE AND POSSIBLY DAMAGE THE TIMING ON YOUR MACHINE – YOU DON’T WANT ANY BROKEN NEEDLES FLYING INTO YOUR EYE) pivot and stitch UP four or five stitches until you can get zipper foot to fit flush with edge of fabric again.

Continue to top stitch – go over beginning of stitches five or six stitches to secure.

Basic mask is done!


More than one way to do this –

One way – decide which side of mask you want to be FRONT.

Insert elastic.

Turn over edges about 1/2″ inch – sew (backstitch at start and end) – again I use zipper foot.

Or can insert ribbon or cord – use pony beads to make adjustable.

Hope you found this useful! πŸ™‚

Face masks – ScanNCut style!

Let’s use our ScanNCut the full and make something we all need – face masks!

I wanted to do something different from the normal tutorials already out there I can offer you something different from Applelover53 to save repeating techniques that are already out there πŸ™‚


So….This Thursday at 4pm UK time over on the Makers Superstore’s Facebook page, as I will be covering all about making facemasks and how to make them fun with the ScanNCut!


I have lots of tips and techniques to share – super easy and no fancy equipment required – just your ScanNCut, a basic sewing machine, cotton fabric, thread and elastic, cord or ribbon.

Hope to see you there! πŸ™‚

Blooming June Competition Time!

Just seen this competition on the Makers Superstore page and thought I would share….I know a member from one of the Facebook groups won the last one…who wouldn’t want to win Β£50 credit to spend on ScanNCut goodies! πŸ™‚

To enter, send the photos of your makes to team@makersretail.co.uk

I’ve made some amazing makes with the embossing kit – you can line emboss as you see in the photos below but you can also region emboss to get the embossing folder look (to see my makes have a look at my Instagram page – nutsaboutthescanncut)

Good luck!

Makers Superstore current offers! :-)

Makers Superstore current Covid-19 situation (despatch time) and offers:


Despatch and delivery – currently they aim to despatch within 48-72 hours, next working day delivery once order is despatched.


Have a current three for the price of two offer on cardstock – code 342


Scroll down the page as they have some offers on and special card making kits available.

I use and LOVE their pearlescent cardstock – it’s 300gsm, and is coloured to the core – absolutely beautiful quality and cuts fantastic on the ScanNCut.

(Here are some photos of some of the projects I’ve made with it – highly recommended as it gives a BEAUTIFUL finish to your projects! πŸ™‚

They also have an offer on packs of A4 cardstock at the moment (30 A4 sheets per pack) Β£7.50

and offer on 30 sheets of their core and premium cardstock – Β£9.99


They also have a special offer on tool sets – I also use all of these – they are very useful and I love the spatula (it’s a huge improvement on the plastic spatula that comes with the machine!)

Brother ScanNCut Tools Kit Scraper, Brayer/Roller, Precision Tweezers, Spatula and Hook Set Β£39.96

I checked last night and found that Makers Superstore currently have some bundle offers on the ScanNCut SDX2200D – https://www.makerssuperstore.com/digital-cutting

If anyone is thinking of buying, or upgrading their machine, the SDX2200D is the current TOP OF THE RANGE machine – more patterns, better hardware than previous SDX machine (updated mat feed roller mechanism), updated software.

Their current machine bundle offers are:

– Β£650

SDX2200D ScanNCut


Foil It Collection – Foil Transfer Starter Kit, Foil Transfer Sheets Collection – Pink, Red,Green, Blue, Gold, Silver (4 sheets of each colourway) – 50 Sheets x A4 Super Smooth Cardstock – 300GSM 30 Sheets x 12×12 220-350GSM Cardstock – Coloured, Pearlescent, Kraft & Vellum (colours may vary)


SDX2200D ScanNCut

Emboss It Collection – Embossing Starter Kit, 3 x 12×12 Template Sheets, 4 x Metal Sheets, 50 Sheets x A4 Super Smooth Cardstock 300GSM30 Sheets x 12×12 220-350GSM Cardstock – Coloured, pearlescent, kraft and vellum (colours may vary)

ScanNCut SDX2200D – BLING IT BUNDLE – Β£685

SDX2200D ScanNCut πŸ™‚

PLUS Rhinestone Starter Kit3 x Template Sheets 12″ x 12″ (305 mm x 305 mm),10 x Transfer Sheets 12″ x 12″ (305 mm x 305 mm), 50 Sheets x A4 Super Smooth Extra White Cardstock 300GSM30 Sheets x 12×12 220-350GSM Cardstock – Coloured, pearlescent, kraft and vellum (colours may vary)

Makers also have some individual kit bundles on sale: ALL of these kits work on both the CM series and SDX series machines.

Foil It Collection: Β£59.99

Foil Transfer Starter Kit PLUS 6 Sets of Foil Transfer Sheets: 1 x 4 Foil Transfer Sheets of 3.9” x 7.8” (100mm x 200mm) Pink, 1 x 4 Foil Transfer Sheets of 3.9” x 7.8” (100mm x 200mm) Red, 1 x 4 Foil Transfer Sheets of 3.9” x 7.8” (100mm x 200mm) Green, 1 x 4 Foil Transfer Sheets of 3.9” x 7.8” (100mm x 200mm) Blue, 1 x 4 Foil Transfer Sheets of 3.9” x 7.8” (100mm x 200mm) Gold, 1 x 4 Foil Transfer Sheets of 3.9” x 7.8” (100mm x 200mm) Silver

Emboss it Collection: Β£72.99

Embossing Starter Kit PLUS 3 x 12″ x12″ (305mm x 305mm) Template sheets, 2 x 7.9″ x 6.1″ (200mm x 155mm) Metal sheets – Brass2 x 7.9″ x 6.1″ (200mm x 155mm) Metal sheets – Silver

Bling It Collection: Β£79.99:

Rhinestone Starter Kit PLUS 3 x Template Sheets 12″ x 12″ (305 mm x 305 mm) and 10 x Transfer Sheets 12″ x 12″ (305 mm x 305 mm)

Current offers & Covid-19 situation – MDP Supplies, Crafty Cutter, GM Crafts

I’ve been looking at some of my favourite sites to see if there are any special offers on, and what the situation is with despatch due to Covid 19.

A lot of ScanNCutters use the fabulous greyboard from Funky Pen for their 3D projects.


From their website:
“Funkypen.co.uk is still accepting orders as we are an online only retailer but due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and government restrictions, we are running at reduced capacity. Stock levels and availability of products may be reduced due to the supply chain issues and closures, especially as time passes. We will try to keep our website updated and of course contact you if your order if affected. We also ask that you allow a little longer for your order to arrive”


MDP Supplies – updated Tuesday – 02/06/20


Trade Counters: All trade counters are closed until 15th June 2020 due to the necessary restrictions. Therefore no Collection Orders will currently be processed but you can place an online order for delivery.

Online Orders
We are still despatching online orders as we have implemented changes to staff procedures at our warehouses to ensure social distancing of staff.

UK Mainland
These changes, combined with receiving a high volume of orders, means that we have had to temporarily remove our guaranteed next day delivery options. Our teams have been working incredibly hard and have been working overtime to meet the demand. All orders are being picked and packed as quickly as possible but please allow 2-3 working days for delivery.


“As a small family business, we are trying our best to continue to operate as near as normal to ensure our customers are not impacted. Diane (mum) and Garry (dad) are the only two people based in the office processing orders and keeping the shelves stocked. Currently, we are managing to dispatch orders received by 12pm the same day (unless orders contain patterns that can have a 2 working day dispatch time.)

Crafty Cutter offers – they have a few items in their sale section and their Β£5 and under section.



GM Crafts update their site on a DAILY basis detailing any delays in the Royal Mail postal system: please check here for latest updates: