Heat Transfer Vinyl

I’ve had several messages today asking me where I buy my heat transfer vinyl and how much I pay for it – I’m really happy to share information on this!

I buy a lot of vinyl, both heat transfer, and self adhesive vinyl from the following places: ALL OF THESE PLACES SELL TOP QUALITY VINYL THAT CAN BE APPLIED WITH AN IRON, WASH AND DRY WELL ETC.

Also, for most top quality plain coloured HTV, if you paying more than about £1.50 for aHTV sheet then you are being ripped off – I saw the Dalton Manor heat transfer vinyl show today on Create and Craft and the 12″x12″ sheets work out to about £4.50 a sheet – I’m sorry, bit that is a rip off price so check these websites below and do your price comparisons before you buy.

One of my FAVOURITE places is GM Crafts – http://www.gmcrafts.co.uk

they stock a WONDERFUL range of heat transfer vinyl – lots of starter kits and bundles, they stock plain colours, glitter, chrome, patterned, rainbow, metallic, inkjet printable vinyl and even light reactive vinyl which looks white indoors, and changes colour when you get it outside in the daylight. They also stock heat reactive vinyl which changes as you touch it (I have to try this vinyl!) as well as 3D bubble up vinyl, and glow in the dark vinyl. How fun is that! 🙂

They do 12″ wide vinyl as well which is perfect for use on the ScanNCut!

Check out and compare their fantastic prices which include free UK delivery! They have EXCELLENT prices on all their products, can you see why I love to shop on this site? 🙂

AND – GMCrafts have a downloadable cutting and pressing guide for all their types of vinyl – https://www.gmcrafts.co.uk/product-guides-media/

My next favourite is MDP supplies – https://www.mdpsupplies.co.uk/

  • large range of heat transfer vinyl – you can download a useful guide from the site telling you how to apply the vinyl, and whether it is hot peel, or cold peel.

They sell A4 size sheets, mini rolls, by the meter etc.

They also stock a selection of 12″x12″ sheets – https://www.mdpsupplies.co.uk/cricut

They also have a helpful guide for pressing every type of vinyl they sell – https://www.mdpsupplies.co.uk/datasheets/garmentfilmsettings.pdf

Hope this helps and have fun exploring all the different types!


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