ScanNCut DX Rolling Tote

So there was an offer on at Makers Superstore at the weekend, so I decided to treat myself to the ScanNCut rolling tote!

It’s amazing! It’s *huge* and stores so much stuff – also if you wanted to you could fit TWO machines in there (one on the bottom and another on the top in the cradle to protect the one in the bottom), plus mats and some accessories! I love the luggage tag as well, I’ll post some photos below.

I’m using it to store my kits and spare mats and blades in – I love everything ScanNCut and jokingly call my craft room “ScanNCut Central” and I’m happy now because I know exactly where all my ScanNCut kits are and they are all nicely organised 🙂

I absolutely love the rolling tote – now if I need to take my machine anywhere on the go, I know it will be nicely protected and the cradle will make it easy to get the machine in and out, and I can fit everything I need in it.

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