Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the latest ScanNCut news from Brother.

You all know I do love the ScanNCut 🙂 so I always make sure I keep up to date with what’s happening, and what’s coming up with Brother.

Ok so the first bit of news is a bit of both good and bad and comes direct from my Brother source.


And there is a BRAND NEW SDX MODEL in the ScanNCut family – the SDX135 PRO!

(I posted that I thought that the CM900 was going to be discontinued a short while back, as all the new kits have been for the SDX only – the CM900 was already discontinued a while back in Australia, so I knew it was just a matter of time..)

Now I don’t know about the CM300 yet, I will do my best to find MAY be that Brother decide to keep it on for a while as a very basic entry level model, but I have asked Brother direct and will post when I get more information on that.

Now if you own a CM series (and along with my SDX I also own the CM900) then DO NOT PANIC, because Makers Superstore ARE stocking ALL the accessories for the CM series, mats, blades, kits etc so you’ll be OK for those and Makers Superstore are a VERY reliable source!

So you WILL be able to keep on cutting with your CM900, just like you can on the other CM machines that are no longer sold in the UK (ie the CM600, CM700, CM800Q).

Along with everything you need for the ScanNCut CM series, Makers Superstore also stock a FULL RANGE of accessories and kits for the ScanNCut DX series (so SDX2200D, SDX135pro, SDX1200) 🙂

Check this independent review page here:…/store/www-makerssuperstore-com

I did ask Brother just over a year ago about the mats and blades for the CM series, as I want to see us CM users are alright, and this was their reply..

“Anyway, our factory are providing accessories for some years after the production of last machine”

So I’m sure we can rely on Makers Superstore to provide us with CM series mats and blades for a while yet! 🙂

Plus if you’re thinking of upgrading to the SDX series, so I’ll post the features and specifications about the new SDX135 PRO in an upcoming post! 🙂

4 thoughts on “CM900 DISCONTINUED IN UK

  1. So just like Cricut did, Brother sells a machine at full high price then discontinues it … Thankfully you can still use Canvas & your usbs etc .. I understand companies bringing out new machines, but Crafters cannot always afford top of the range .. There are enough CM owners out there to keep going so dont understand why the need to Discontinue …


    • Hi Pam, technology does move on, and I do have both a CM series machine and the SDX2200D – the SDX2200D does have more advanced features like the autoblade and the roll feeder, no one *has* to either upgrade, or buy the top of the range unless they want to. The basic CM range is nearly seven years old, and like everything else, printers, phones etc, there are always improvements coming along – same happens with sewing and embroidery machines.

      There is a HUGE difference between a discontinued Cricut and a discontinued ScanNCut! All models of ScanNCut can be used without a computer (unlike the Cricut), so as long as mats and blades are made, then the CM series will still work perfectly while the Cricut when discontinued just becomes an expensive doorstop!


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