Ink Lily Alcohol pens markers generic Chinese markers

Re: my last post on the Hethrone 80 set of markers from Amazon…update!

OMG – the pack of 80 generic Chinese alcohol markers that I bought for Β£19 appear to be the *same* as Ink Lily Pens (priced at Β£349 for 180 pens on Create and Craft or

They have the same numbers and names – the difference at the moment seems to be that the Amazon have bullet tipped nibs, while the Ink Lily markers have brush tips. I do have already have quite a bit of information to share on the Ink Lily markers, so keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts….

Create and Craft give you some stamps, and classes – but OMG what a MASSIVE price difference!


**I’m going to be buying the rest of the sets on Amazon you can bet!

I’m going to add links to the individual colour refills so you can see I am correct – the barrels are different shapes – I do have a friend who has Ink Lily pens, so if anyone does doubt they are one and the same cheap pens that are on Amazon, I would be happy to do a video/photo comparison!

Compare these colours from my generic Hethrone set from Amazon to the Ink Lily refill numbers and names (links below slideshow)

*Ink Lily refills have the same name and numbers as the generic Chinese markers!*

Alcohol markers that don’t break the bank!

Just wanted to share details of some lovely markers I bought from Amazon!

I am just getting into colouring in stamps , only have a few Promarkers which I really like, and I didn’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on markers so I checked out some of the sets on Amazon – I took a chance on this 80 set of alcohol markers for Β£19.…/dp/B08N3Y7W2K/ref=sr_1_5…

I was so pleased when I tried them out! πŸ™‚They are EXCELLENT value for money, stunning vibrant colours, really nice for the price, come in a nice plastic carrying case as well, one end is a broad nib, one end is a fine tip.

The range of colours is superb and they lay down colour really well! They don’t smell much either like some alcohol markers.

I saw they are now down to one in stock, so check out the prices and reviews on similar alcohol markers, I am going to be getting some skin tones next!…

I have been trying them out and am super happy with them, I coloured in some stamps I had with them – I *really* like the jug in the inbuilt patterns on the machine – I just looked and actually every ScanNCut has the jug pattern (except for the US model SDX85) – so what I did was use the paper piercing kit to punch out one of the background patterns and then cut the jug from this in size that would look good with my stamps.

Super chuffed with the markers, will be using them a lot more! πŸ™‚

Makers Superstore Super Sale!

OMG Makers Superstore have 10% off EVERYTHING at the moment!

Go to their site –

Use discount code MATES10 at checkout (not in conjunction with any other offer)

This includes the SDX2200D! 😍😍😍😍 which is now at the BEST PRICE EVER! £539.99 ONLY UNTIL MIDNIGHT THURSDAY 24th June 2021!

Here’s why I love my ScanNCut SDX2200D and my SDX135

They are standalone, so no need to connect to a computer to operate, editing, resizing etc can be done on the machine itself – so can never be bricked (this is the reason why I originally chose the ScanNCut over the Cricut) -large 5″ clear screen

Free online editing software with no monthly subscription to pay.

1345 inbuilt designs on the SDX2200D – 682 on the SDX135

Inbuilt scanner for accurate fussy cutting – allows you to scan in shapes and drawings and create your own cut files!

Whisper quiet – and a joy to use!

Optional roll feeder accessory that allows matless cutting of ANY vinyl (not just “smart” vinyl” – which is really just vinyl with an extra backing that acts as a mat).

Get in there! 😍😍😍😍😍

Unboxing the amazing ScanNCut SDX135!

I know a lot of people still have their machine in the box – so with that in mind, to show you how quick and easy it is to get going, I recorded an unboxing video opening my new amazing SDX135 – the best of the mid range machines on the UK ScanNCut market.

I am loving using the SDX135, very happy with it, uses all the new SDX kits and it has the large 5″ screen, has the amazing autoblade feature etc – what’s not to love!

There is a fantastic free pattern for the dust cover on Canvas Workspace, so after recording the video, I cut the pattern out of self adhesive vinyl and decorated my new machine! Quick, easy and so much fun!

Hopefully it will encourage some of you open those boxes and get playing with your machines! πŸ™‚

In the UK the SDX135 is only sold by Makers Superstore – which is *the* place to get the best ScanNCut machines, and all the accessories and kits you could wish for! Their site can be found at

To see why I always recommend Makers Superstore, see their independent reviews page here:

Happy crafting!


I get lots of lovely crafters out there asking me what is the top of the range, or newest ScanNCut, so thought I would do a general quick post, just to clear up some misinformation.

1) Just because a machine is the latest out, doesn’t automatically mean it’s top of the range…always carefully check the specifications first!

2) The current and ONLY TOP OF THE RANGE SCANNCUT to date (June 2021) is the SDX2200D, exclusively sold in the UK by Makers Superstore. (see explanation below)

3) There are only two official UK retailers in the UK, Makers Superstore who sell the SDX2200D and the SDX135 (the two best models, see explanation below) and Create and Craft who sell the SDX1200 and the SDX900. Both retailers are the fully aware of each other’s product range, as they both attend regular meetings with Brother Manchester.

Here is a list of the current SDX machines in range order, from BOTTOM of the range to the TOP of the range, and what makes each one different. To compare the rest of the features for each machine, number of patterns etc, please see comparison list which came from Brother. My notes for each machine are the differences between each one.

BOTTOM OF THE SDX RANGE – SDX900 – smallest screen of all the SDX’s – 3.47″ (smaller than CM300, 600, 700 and 800q screens which are 3.7″, so the SDX900 has a 1″ smaller screen all round). Screen size is 1.53″ smaller than the rest of the range. Least number of built in fonts = 7 (sits in the SDX range where the old CM300 used to be). 1MB internal memory for storing files (please note that updates WILL NOT make your machine run out of memory – previous updates are overwritten by the new update file – I have that in writing from Jonathan Quinn who is the engineer at Brother Manchester). Reads 600 shapes on mat at any one time.

MID RANGE MODEL – SDX135 – large screen 5″, 9 fonts, reads 600 shapes on mat at any one time, new mat feed roller system (to fix mat feed problems users had with the SDX1200 and it’s equivalent worldwide model numbers) – I have to find out what it was, but there was one more extra thing that the SDX135 had over the SDX900, but I can’t remember what it was offhand – but it definitely has one more thing that the SDX900 doesn’t). 1MB internal memory for storing files.

MID/HIGH RANGE MODE – SDX1200 – large 5″ screen, 1303 patterns, 17 fonts, comes with black autoblade, fabric blade, mini pen holder only with coloured pens, fabric pens. Low tack/standard mats. 1.5mb internal memory for storing files. Enhanced .pes/phc file capability. Reads 900 shapes on mat at any one time.

TOP OF THE RANGE IN SPECIFICATION MODEL – SDX2200D – 1455 inbuilt patterns (includes Disney designs) 17 fonts, 5″ large screen – only machine that contains inbuilt rhinestone patterns, only machine that has inbuilt roller feed patterns that cut direct from the machine (NO OTHER SCANNCUT CURRENTLY DOES THIS EXCEPT THE 2200D) – 2MB internal memory for storing files, new mat feed roller system (to fix mat feed problems users had with the SDX1200 and it’s equivalent worldwide model numbers) – Reads 900 shapes on mat at any one timecomes with a trial rhinestone kit as standard(tools and rhinestones) so that you can make the inbuilt rhinestone designs, and the universal pen holder as standard (as well as the mini pen holder, coloured pens, fabric pens). Enhanced .pes/phc file capability. Comes with low tack/standard mats.

Here is something I have in writing so in black and white about the SDX2200D from the head of Brother ScanNCut UK, based in Manchester.

“As with many manufacturers, Brother are constantly developing and improving the products that we make.
The SDX1200 was launched 18 months ago and the SDX2200D more recently in January 2020.
Given the above, I can confirm that as part of our natural product development cycle, there are a number of mechanical and software differences between the two models and the SDX2200D is fitted with a different roller mechanism to the SDX1200.”

So there you have it, the SDX2200D IS the top of the range! πŸ™‚

Whatever machine you have, happy cutting! πŸ™‚

The SDX135PRO has arrived in my craft room!

Look what arrived this morning!I

I have a new baby…a beautiful SDX135PRO 😍😍😍

I’m so excited to unbox, set up and start cutting and making! πŸ™‚

I thought I could do an out of the box video, so hopefully should have that up in the next couple of days – I’ll put together some information about the machine specs as well for you all.

If you’re interested, pop over to the Makers Superstore website, they have some information up, and I’m planning on putting lots more information up on my blog about this machine.

Look out for lots of makes, videos, lives etc, as I can’t wait to put this beauty through it’s crafty paces!


I’m demonstrating the paper piercing kit live on the Cambridge Craft Festival Instagram page today (Saturday 5th June) at 2pm (UK time)!

It’s going to be a fun 30 minute live FREE lesson, focusing on making a quick and very easy paper piercing project – I would love you to join me!

There are a range of other things going on their Instagram page tomorrow which I’ll be watching throughout the day.

Hope to see you there! πŸ™‚