FREE ScanNCut Facebook live class tomorrow 25th August 2021!

A little heads up that Makers Superstore have a Bank Holiday special price on the SDX135 tomorrow – it’s normally £499 but the special Bank Holiday price will be £399 so £100 off! How amazing is that!

As I have the SDX135, I thought I could do a free class for everyone – as you know I don’t mind helping other people out and answering their questions on using the machine.

The SDX135 is the model above the SDX900 in the entire ScanNCut SDX range – it has a couple more fonts than the SDX900 AND has that all important large 5″ screen (I’ll attach a photo so you can see just what a difference the bigger screen makes), as well as the updated mat feed roller system.

I have a SDX135 (as well as my SDX2200) and I love it as I couldn’t do without that large 5″ screen!

It’s been a busy time but as I have some spare time now and my SDX135 is out on my desk and I have some projects to do so I thought I may as well do a FREE Facebook live class tomorrow at 1PM (UK BST)

Makers Superstore have very kindly agreed to let me take over their Facebook page again (so I don’t annoy my friends and family! lol) – hope you can join me!

So hope you can join me, we could have a look at the machine and do some questions and answers and I also have a heat transfer vinyl design to cut out, so maybe I could go through that on the live as well. 🙂

Hope to see you at 1pm tomorrow! (If you can’t make that time, then once the live stream has ended, it will be available to watch at anytime). 🙂

4 thoughts on “FREE ScanNCut Facebook live class tomorrow 25th August 2021!

  1. Hi Nikki

    HELP please 😃
    I ordered an SDX 135 Pro ordered from Makers in their bank holiday promotion you mention above as an upgrade from my CM300 which I’ve had 4 or 5 years. I’d say I am knowledgeable about my current machine so was very surprised when I couldn’t load the mat on the 135 this afternoon. It just whizzes in and out a number of times at high speed and then chucks the mat out leaving the display screen showing ‘loading’ with the circle of dots whirring around. This never stops, I cannot switch off at the display, can only turn off at the wall.
    I assume the machine is faulty because of the screen displaying the loading symbol which never stops, if I press the feed button again the wording on screen changes to unloading and continues to whirr round and round.
    For the last 6 hours I have read all the manuals, connected wireless, done an upgrade, tried to load the mat a few more times but the same thing just keeps happening. I have emailed Makers tonight.

    Many thanks in advance


    • Hi Suzanne, really sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, I’ve been away for a few days.

      It sounds like sadly the machine does have a fault – this is very rare with the new SDX135 and SDX2200D machines.

      Makers Superstore have always been excellent, and I’m sure they will sort it out for you. If you have any problems at all, then please get back in touch with me and I’ll do my best to help.

      Please let me know how you get on, and hope it gets sorted for you ASAP.


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