3DFunPrintz Universal Pen Adapter

The ScanNCut universal pen adapter is made by a UK company called 3DFunPrintz – It is very, very simple to set up and use.

Please note – this is NOT the same holder as the Sharpie marker holder – this is a different holder which has been designed to fit a wide range of pens, pencils, and markers.

You can shop for it here: https://3d-fun-printz.mybigcommerce.com/

It actually fits MORE size pens than the Brother Universal pen holder!

Yes there is a new Brother small barrel pen holder coming out for pens/pencils with narrow barrel, (I already have it but I won’t be bothering with it) – the 3D Printz one gets rid of the need for the two Brother pen holders – it does the job of both in one!

I absolutely LOVE this pen holder – it is made from recyclable plastic (PLA) which originates from cornstarch, which is brilliant.

It is extremely simple and hassle free to use!

Here are details of my favourite pens that I’ve found that fit 🙂

I am based in the UK, so will be talking about UK retailers.

There are a whole range of fabulous pens out there, and you don’t have to buy a big, expensive bundle of Kuretake pens to get fabulous results.

I don’t recommend the bundles of Kuretake pens for ScanNcut users – not all of them have nibs suitable for use with the ScanNCut – I’ll be talking about the Kuretake ones that do give great results with the ScanNCut further below, but please note if you want to use them in the ScanNCut you wll need the Zig Writer pens as they have bullet nibs on both ends.  Brush style nibs are not suitable for using with the ScanNCut.

Pentel white Hybrid Gel Grip K118:

This is one of my absolute favourite pens – brilliant for writing/fine detailing on dark cardstock – as it’s a gel pen it has a beautiful, splodge free, smooth delivery of ink….I always keep a few spare in case I run out, it’s an essential in my craft room.

Shop around for the best prices – I often find the most competitive prices are on Amazon.

B&M stores:

I really like the Nibb pack of 8, finepoint 0.44mm pens, I use these all the time for drawing monoline fonts, and for drawing in fine details.  These are just £2.49 a pack and are great quality. 


The Works stores (high street and online):

have an excellent range of various style pens that are again of fantastic quality at a brilliant price point. They all last ages, and do not run out quickly.

A big favourite of mine from The Works are the Scribbalicious metallic gel pens in a pack of four, 2 silver and 2 gold.  They are great quality pens and priced at just 79p a pack.  These are another favourite of mine for sentiments.  You can see in the beautidul metallic finish these pens on my video above.

For drawing, then cutting I also am a big fan of Scribblicious pack of 10 double ended markers.  They have a thick bullet nib on one end, and a fine bullet nib on the other.  Again these can’t be beaten at £2 a pack – they last ages and do not bleed or fray! https://www.theworks.co.uk/p/calligraphy-pens/double-ended-colour-markers—pack-of-10/5052089129146

My absolute favourites are the Scribbalicious pack of 10 Glitter Gel pens (I actually prefer these to the premium, more expensive Wink of Stella pens available elsewhere).  I use them all the time for sentiments and fine detailing.  I’ve found them to have a amazing finish, as they are gel pens they have an extremely smooth delivery of ink, and they are just £2 for a pack to boot, can’t be beaten! https://www.theworks.co.uk/p/pens-and-pencils/scribblicious-glitter-gel-pens—pack-of-10/5052089211988


I’ve recently disovered the same gel pens can be bought in Poundland which is even better!

I also like these 16 pack of double ended markers from Poundland: great selection of colours and for a pound you can’t go wrong!

As you can see they have a fabulous range of fun, vibrant colours!

Kuretake Wink of Stella

A set of 12 can be found for around the £15-£17 mark.  They are premium quality pens, with a more subtle sparkle than the Scribbalicious glitter gel pens.  I do have a set of these, but as I said, I do prefer the Scribbalicious.   I recommend using a search engine to find the best prices – I normally find the most competitive prices on Amazon.

Kuretake Zig Writer pens:

I buy these in the gold and metallic silver versions.  They are a premium quality pen.  I don’t use them for everyday drawing and cutting but use them on special projects for weddings, special occasions, special birthdays etc.  The Writer pens are double ended, one fine bullet nib, and one thicker bullet nib, fabulous for drawing then cutting out.  You can find them priced from £2 each.  I recommend using a search engine to find the best prices. I normally find the best prices on Amazon.


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