About this blog

The Scan N Cut is an amazing machine for all sorts of of arts and crafts – I’ll be talking about the truths behind the sales pitches from the various shopping channels. 

I’ll be sharing tips and tricks, and will keep my posts as constructive and helpful as possible.

I started this blog as I am a huge ScanNCut enthusiast. I use my machine most days, and love the way it enhances my creativity and breathes life into the ideas from my imagination.

However, I do NOT support Brother in their choice of their sole UK retailer, Create and Craft. Please be aware while Create and Craft are the official UK retailer, there are other European and worldwide retailers out there online that ship to the UK, so we can in fact vote with our feet and buy elsewhere. I’ve had excellent customer service from, as have lots of other ScanNCut users, from Craftelier-


they are based in Spain (check out the various ScanNCut Facebook groups for independent reviews of their service.)

Create and Craft have repeatedly lied to, and mislead their customers in regards to the ScanNCut, and Brother seemingly endorse this – see details of an e-mail I received from Geoff Taylor, General Manager at Brother UK in Manchester further down this page.

There was a lot of talk in late 2018 on social media regarding exactly when the ScanNCut DX series was going to be launched in the UK…I always prefer to get my information in writing, direct from the horse’s mouth..so with that in mind, here’s a refresher of what Mel Heaton from Create and Craft had to say about the subject via her messenger presenter Jenny Cleary.

Yep you heard that right!

The DX series doesn’t exist! According to Mel Heaton from Create and Craft, it is a “rumour made up and spread by crafters”

So….Mel Heaton knows “nothing” about any new ScanNcut despite official Brother EUROPE announcement saying a new machine was being launched JUST ONE DAY BEFORE THIS VIDEO.

Regular Create and Craft viewers/ScanNcut users will know and have heard Mel Heaton who works for Create and Craft regularly say she goes to regular meetings with the Brother team to discuss future developments.

Despite this, and despite the fact that Create and Craft currently have SOLE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS GIVEN TO THEM BY BROTHER to sell the ScanNcut range, Jenny Cleary (the presenter) says that Mel Heaton reported she knew nothing about a new ScanNcut machine being launched onto the market.

Brother Europe had actually posted this official video onto Youtube just the day before!


I wrote to Brother asking them about…here the reply I received from them:

Tue 18 Sep, 11:14 (6 days ago)


Unfortunately my actual information is we will able to start the sale of SDX1200 in UK just a the end of October.
Best regards / Cordialement / Distinti saluti / Met vriendelijke groet / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Fausto Tomba
Customers Satisfaction Manager
Im Rosengarten 11
D-61118 Bad Vilbel
ISO 14001 Certified

I then e-mailed Geoff Taylor, General Manager at Brother UK to express my unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the way Create and Craft treat BROTHER’S LOYAL CUSTOMERS..

This was his reply..


Thank you for your e-mail as below.

As you will appreciate, Create & Craft are not affiliated to Brother and we are therefore unable to control what is said on air.

I have personally discussed this matter with Create & Craft and understand that measures have been taken internally to ensure that presenters only air information they know to be true and can only apologise on their behalf if they have caused you any upset.

Kind regards

Geoff Taylor

General Manager

I was incredibly disappointed and quite angry to be honest, at Geoff Taylor’s response, as I was aware of this article dated 25th August 2015:


Just in case it ever gets deleted from the internet, here is an excerpt:

Tony Sheridan, Managing Director of Create and Craft says; “I am delighted to extend our partnership with Brother, the ScanNCut product has been a massive success and leads an evolution in technology within the crafting industry. Aligned to the new developments coming over the next year and beyond, we will be investing in education to enhance the user experience”.

Geoff Taylor, Sales Director of Brother UK say’s; “Create and Craft have been the perfect partner for Brother and our ScanNCut product. Being able to demonstrate the ability of the machine through a live TV medium allows customers to see how versatile both the scanning and cutting is and how it gives the crafter more flexibility and creativity to their projects. An added benefit of the range is that all current and upcoming accessories will work across all machines.”

Taylor continues, “We are excited to extend our partnership with Create and Craft as we launch additions to the ScanNCut family. All our machines in the range will receive full support and updates from Brother and exciting educational support from Create and Craft.“

So how comes then Geoff Taylor replies to my complaint via e-mail with the statement:

“As you will appreciate, Create & Craft are not affiliated to Brother…”


As you can imagine, I am not happy with his reply.

This isn’t the *first* time Mel Heaton has told a pack of lies when it comes to new versions of the ScanNcut being launched on the market..

This video was aired 11th September 2015 19:33pm Create and Craft – the demonstrator is Mel Heaton, and the presenter is Martyn Parker.

Just three months after this video was launched, on the 8th January 2014 – the CM700 ScanNCut version 2 was launched (with wifi).

As Create and Craft at this time (and at the time of writing this still do) have the EXCLUSIVE rights from Brother to sell the ScanNCut and it’s accessories in the UK, Mel Heaton would have been amongst the first to know that the CM700 model with wifi (SNC2) was just around the corner, just as she knew full well the SDX series was going to be launched.