SDX roll feeder 2 is here!

I have just seen a post from Makers Superstore that they have the roll feeder 2 and spare leader sheets in stock! (As with the original roll feeder, this accessory is for SDX machines only). Now we can cut rolls of heat transfer vinyl as well as self adhesive vinyl! πŸ™‚

What’s the difference between the original roll feeder and the new one?

Here is the information from the official Brother website πŸ™‚

Reverse it – now you can use reverse rolled, as well as forward rolled materials on your Roll Feeder II, such as heat transfer vinyl.

In the thick of it – you can now cut materials from 0.15 mm up to 0.5 mm thick on the roll feeder II (roll feeder I range 0.21 mm – 0.35 mm).

Easier feed for reverse rolled and more delicate materials with the included Leader Sheet.Compatible with ScanNCut DX range only – please check Brother Solutions Center for compatibility.

Here’s a link to the roll feeder 2 manual –

Please note important information in the manual:

● This attachment was specially designed for the ScanNCut DX model. It cannot be used with any model other than the
ScanNCut DX.

● In order to use the roll feeder function, the dedicated application CanvasWorkspace (PC Version) must be installed on your computer.


Ok so I have thought long and hard about posting this video…but I’m going to do it. As you know, I love to help out other people with their ScanNCut, and am very community minded, and make videos in my free time to help others out as well as doing Facebook Lives for free.

It’s important that you all watch this short video

I still have all my YouTube videos (I keep them backed up in several places) and am still deciding on the best place to re upload them to….so I’ll keep you updated on that.

I have several new tutorials coming out shortly, so I’ll keep you updated on those as well. As soon as I’ve decided on the appropriate platform (I still have full access to YouTube, so may upload them there), I’ll post links πŸ™‚

I’ve uploaded the video as Create and Craft are still misleading customers over the ScanNCut (Dean Wilson claimed on today’s weekender show the CM900 is still being updated when in fact the CM900 was discontinued by Brother in September 2020..if you want to check with Brother, I highly suggest you do that because as you know, I am passionate about making sure we all have the most accurate information..

I don’t like Create and Craft misleading customers, and getting my YouTube channel deleted just shows them in a very unpleasant light. This isn’t the only unpleasant thing they have done…they have attacked other people in the past – see this article..before anyone says it’s a coincidence…it isn’t….I’ve had to make crosswords for magazines in the past, and the software prevents any offensive or swear words from appearing in the article.

Free class time change

Sorry due to unforseen circumstances I was unable to do 1pm. however great news is that my FREE ScanNCut class is now at 3pm (UK time) today over on the Makers Superstore Facebook page – I don’t work for them, I do the free classes to help my fellow crafters get to grips with their ScanNCut πŸ™‚

I have some things to cut out anyway, so come and craft with me at 3pm today!

Hope to see you there! πŸ™‚

FREE ScanNCut Facebook live class tomorrow 25th August 2021!

A little heads up that Makers Superstore have a Bank Holiday special price on the SDX135 tomorrow – it’s normally Β£499 but the special Bank Holiday price will be Β£399 so Β£100 off! How amazing is that!

As I have the SDX135, I thought I could do a free class for everyone – as you know I don’t mind helping other people out and answering their questions on using the machine.

The SDX135 is the model above the SDX900 in the entire ScanNCut SDX range – it has a couple more fonts than the SDX900 AND has that all important large 5″ screen (I’ll attach a photo so you can see just what a difference the bigger screen makes), as well as the updated mat feed roller system.

I have a SDX135 (as well as my SDX2200) and I love it as I couldn’t do without that large 5″ screen!

It’s been a busy time but as I have some spare time now and my SDX135 is out on my desk and I have some projects to do so I thought I may as well do a FREE Facebook live class tomorrow at 1PM (UK BST)

Makers Superstore have very kindly agreed to let me take over their Facebook page again (so I don’t annoy my friends and family! lol) – hope you can join me!

So hope you can join me, we could have a look at the machine and do some questions and answers and I also have a heat transfer vinyl design to cut out, so maybe I could go through that on the live as well. πŸ™‚

Hope to see you at 1pm tomorrow! (If you can’t make that time, then once the live stream has ended, it will be available to watch at anytime). πŸ™‚

Fantastic offer on the ScanNCut SDX135!

Just gone on to the Makers Superstore website site to see what’s new..they have a new SDX135 offer and some new usbs added to the website. πŸ™‚

If you’re thinking of getting a ScanNCut or upgrading, read this first πŸ™‚ My honest advice if you are thinking of upgrading is to get the SDX135 over the SDX900 because of the screen size. Look at the photo I’ve added to see the difference the 5″ screen makes. And plus I know for sure the SDX135 has the new, improved mat feed roller system πŸ™‚

They have a brilliant offer on the SDX135 at the moment, – I already have the SDX135 and it’s a fabulous machine. I’m going to treat myself to a USB or two though πŸ™‚

You’ll be able to put the self adhesive vinyl in the bundle to good use by putting it on the mugs – the t shirts will be good for getting some HTV and putting it on. Plus you get a couple of USBS in with the bundle.

I just cut and pasted the offer from the Makers Superstore site:


Brother ScanNCut SDX 135 Pro Machine4 x Sublimation T-Shirts – Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
4 x Sublimation Mugs 11oz
1 x First Edition 52 Sheet Vinyl Pack – Gloss or Matt
2 x First Edition Digital Dies USB (Assorted Designs)
1 x SDX 135 Business Guide

I have the SDX135 – it’s a brilliant machine, it will cut, draw, foil, pierce, draw calligraphy, emboss just the same as all the other SDX machines…it just has less patterns, scans a 12″x12″ area only, and doesn’t have the .pes capababilty…but it does have more a couple more fonts than the SDX900.

And also crucially it has that large 5″ screen – I honestly think if you buy a ScanNcut like the SDX900 with the teeny tiny screen you will regret it – even if you use Canvas Workspace, you will still strain your eyes on the tiny screen of the SDX900….I am adding a photo of the huge difference in screen size between the SDX900 and the SDX135 ..

For comparison the SDX135 screen is 5″, the CM300/600/700/800 screens were 3.75″ and the SDX900 is teeny tiny at 3.47″..all my information on screen sizes came direct from Brother here –


Digital background papers

If you like printing background papers or rice papers, then I have some money saving tips for you πŸ™‚

For any textured backgrounds, check out the websites and – you will be able to use and alter these backgrounds in the free program My Craft Studio as well! πŸ™‚

Pixabay and Freepik have a huge range of texture backgrounds (as well as anything else you can think of!) – bricks, hessian, marble, glitter, wood, floorboards, metals, everything AND SO MUCH MORE! πŸ™‚ – and you can get what you need FREE!

Some of the patterns on Freepik are available to purchase, but I’ve saved hundreds by downloading the free backgrounds instead of buying usbs with stock artwork on.

Here’s a marble example:

For paper to print on:
Lots of us use Ice matte photo paper – available single or double sided, in a range of gsm’s to suit your projects –

For RICE PAPER – I use Artway Chinese Sumi paper – 48 sheets in a pad – Β£8.99 on Amazon

Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Ink Lily Alcohol pens markers generic Chinese markers

Re: my last post on the Hethrone 80 set of markers from Amazon…update!

OMG – the pack of 80 generic Chinese alcohol markers that I bought for Β£19 appear to be the *same* as Ink Lily Pens (priced at Β£349 for 180 pens on Create and Craft or

They have the same numbers and names – the difference at the moment seems to be that the Amazon have bullet tipped nibs, while the Ink Lily markers have brush tips. I do have already have quite a bit of information to share on the Ink Lily markers, so keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts….

Create and Craft give you some stamps, and classes – but OMG what a MASSIVE price difference!


**I’m going to be buying the rest of the sets on Amazon you can bet!

I’m going to add links to the individual colour refills so you can see I am correct – the barrels are different shapes – I do have a friend who has Ink Lily pens, so if anyone does doubt they are one and the same cheap pens that are on Amazon, I would be happy to do a video/photo comparison!

Compare these colours from my generic Hethrone set from Amazon to the Ink Lily refill numbers and names (links below slideshow)

*Ink Lily refills have the same name and numbers as the generic Chinese markers!*

Alcohol markers that don’t break the bank!

Just wanted to share details of some lovely markers I bought from Amazon!

I am just getting into colouring in stamps , only have a few Promarkers which I really like, and I didn’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on markers so I checked out some of the sets on Amazon – I took a chance on this 80 set of alcohol markers for Β£19.…/dp/B08N3Y7W2K/ref=sr_1_5…

I was so pleased when I tried them out! πŸ™‚They are EXCELLENT value for money, stunning vibrant colours, really nice for the price, come in a nice plastic carrying case as well, one end is a broad nib, one end is a fine tip.

The range of colours is superb and they lay down colour really well! They don’t smell much either like some alcohol markers.

I saw they are now down to one in stock, so check out the prices and reviews on similar alcohol markers, I am going to be getting some skin tones next!…

I have been trying them out and am super happy with them, I coloured in some stamps I had with them – I *really* like the jug in the inbuilt patterns on the machine – I just looked and actually every ScanNCut has the jug pattern (except for the US model SDX85) – so what I did was use the paper piercing kit to punch out one of the background patterns and then cut the jug from this in size that would look good with my stamps.

Super chuffed with the markers, will be using them a lot more! πŸ™‚