Here are some options if you don’t want to spend £30 on the Foil Quill desktop organiser from WRMK that’s currently being sold on Create and Craft – I wouldn’t worry about a multi point USB hub anyhow seeing as you can only use one foil quill at at time…and the only take a few minutes to heat up so that’s not a problem either….
Wham Storage: this will work great for your storing your foil quills/foil quill pens/ foil rolls power bank etc etc.
£2.99 White storage tray from The Range: You can personalise this by foiling on vinyl, and appplying it to the tray! 🙂
Just £1 each – Wham matching mini baskets to fit in the tray – so you can add as many, or as little as you need for modular storage.
For example…a tray and six mini baskets will cost you just £9 – a third of the price of the WRMK storage.
If you haven’t got a Range store near you, you can have your order delivered for £3.95…total cost £13
so even with delivery that’s a saving of about £17 over the WRMK storage!
PS they are also available in turquoise.