Foiling kit review


See how it works on YouTube:


(This is the same manual as the one included in the box.)

What you get in the box:

1 x Activation card for Scan N Cut canvas foiling function.  Scan N Cut Canvas can be accessed by computer, tablet or phone. (You don’t need to actually activate the kit on Canvas to be able to use the foiling kit in your machine – just make sure your machine has the latest software installed.  For information on doing this, please check bottom of this blog post.)  The card does give you access via Canvas to 50 foiling designs.

1 x Holder for glue pen and burnishing tool (Brother call it a pressing tool).

1 x Protective sheet – older kits have a 12″x12″ sheet – newer kits have a A4 sheet.  I prefer the 12″x12″ sheet for foiling larger areas.  Personally I think reducing the size of the protective sheet is somewhat pointless..

2 x burnishing (pressing) tool tips.

1 x dust removal sheet (for removing any excess pieces of foil).  (This is made from the same material as the stamp sheets – the dust removal sheet is significantly thicker but if you lose the dust removal sheet you can use part of a stamp sheet).

1 x Brother glue pen

1 x gold foil transfer sheet (4″x8″ or 100mm x 200mm)

1 x silver foil transfer sheet (4″x8″ or 100mm x 200mm)

Activating the kit in Scan N Cut Canvas

Activate the kit on your machine:


I love this kit.  It does work as well as you see in the video.  It’s simple to use.   BUT the amount of foil provided in the kit is stingy: just 1 sheet each of two colours which won’t allow you to do a great deal of foiling.  The quality of those two sheets in the box is excellent though, and I got fantastic results with it. However, replacement foil from Brother is 1) very expensive and 2) very, very hard to find.

There are some things I need to mention though:

  1. You’ll need to use either the low tack mat, or a standard/mid tack mat that has lost most of its adhesion as the burnishing tool does press the foil quite hard into the glue.  If you don’t, you’ll end up with your mat looking something like this:

Don’t panic if this does happen – if you can’t remove the excess paper with the spatula, then soak the mat in some warm water to soften the paper – it will be MUCH easier to removed and your mat will be restored:


2. The glue pen doesn’t seem to last very long.  I tested the kit using a one of the inbuilt snowflake designs with a size of 3.70″ x 3.70″.  I foiled two of these snowflakes – one fully filled with foil (foil from Ebay) and one with just the outline foiled (Brother branded foil).  Obviously the filled snowflake is going to use a lot more glue than the outlined snowflake.

Glue pen level before foiling snowflakes:


Glue pen level after foiling snowflakes.


Brother foil versus some foil found on Ebay.

As I mentioned, the Brother foil is near impossible to find.  I found a supplier on Ebay of generic foil: the foils were about £1 a meter plus .60p postage.  Seller is dicrafts2008

I had mixed results with the foil from Ebay:

3.70″ x 3.70″ foil fill snowflake: quite good result. slightly patchy but good shine:


I was disappointed the foil on the outline snowflake (Brother on left, Ebay on right).


The foil on the left is the Brother branded foil from the kit.  The foil on the right is from Ebay.  You can see that the Ebay foil is very patchy and doesn’t adhere to the glue as well as the Brother foil.  The Brother foil was far superior and gave an absolutely flawless result.

I was happier though with the result I obtained using the rainbow foil I bought from Ebay seller dicrafts2008: it was marginally more expensive than the plain foil and still slightly patchy, but I was still pleased with the result – you can’t see it in the photo below but the foil is *super shiny*.


I did buy a couple of the other speciality foils from Ebay seller dicrafts2008:  I haven’t had time to test them yet but will do asap and will post photos and let you know what I think.


I’ve been doing some research in to foils that we can use on the Scan N Cut.

I’ve found out why Create and Craft say Brother only recommend using Midas Touch foil (available from Create and Craft) apart from their own.

Buyer beware…..

Midas Touch foil is branded Tattered Lace, which is part of the Create and Craft/Ideal World Company, so be aware that is there is a huge amount of self interest there when it comes to Create and Craft telling us the only other foil Brother endorse is Midas Touch.

My thoughts are that you can use any high quality cold foil because if you use the foiling kit supplied by Brother, you cover the foil with the protective sheet from the kit before using the foil function to press the foil down onto the glue.

Any brand of cold foil that gives a nice result can be used – because there is obviously NO WAY the foil can damage the machine – the PROTECTIVE SHEET IS COVERING THE FOIL!

Don’t get conned into buying Create and Craft’s own brand – if you want their own brand, that’s fine, just be aware that they haven’t always told the entire truth about what foil you can use.