Paper Piercing Facebook Live Class

Thanks to everyone who came to my Facebook live for Makers Superstore last night!

Here are some of the wonderful patterns I pierced out last night on my ScanNCut SDX2200D with the paper piercing kit, which I absolutely love for the beautiful texture it gives to projects!

I’ve had the kit since September 2019 and I have made so many lovely projects with it – it is my favourite add on kit πŸ˜€

It works on ALL models of the SDX ScanNCut family, so in the UK that’s model numbers SDX900, SDX135PRO, SDX1200 and SDX2200D.

It’s available to buy through the Makers Superstore website –

If you missed out on the live, then it’s now available to watch at anytime at your convenience over on the Makers Superstore Facebook live page here –

Hope you enjoyed my free class and happy piercing! πŸ™‚

Free Facebook live on paper piercing :-)

I’m taking over the Makers Superstore Facebook page again on SUNDAY 11th APRIL at 7pm UK time to do another FREE class in my own free time πŸ™‚ , this time on the paper piercing kit, and I will have LOTS of hints and tips for using it, as well as general hints and tips for getting the best out of your machine πŸ™‚

Join the class here –

Don’t worry if it’s silly o’clock where you are, once the live stream has ended, it will be available to watch at your convenience!

You can use the designs in your projects either side depending on whether you want texture or not…you can also stitch the finished designs if you want to…gives a whole new element to ScanNCut projects which I love.

I can’t tell you how many bits of card stock I have punched holes through πŸ™‚ It’s super addictive and I love the finished results! Here is one of the first projects I made…I have made so many with the paper piercing kit!

Paper piercing gives a beautiful texture to projects, the designs can be used on either side depending on whether you want more texture or not… can use the holes to stitch the designs…the kit allows you to create piercing patterns for any design you want…I use it a lot so would love to show you how it works.

It’s also fantastic for creating pierced edges along borders and pierced mats and layers!

To get the FREE downloads, you’ll need to have a Dropbox account – here is how it works:

Sign up for a FREE DropBox account….

I’ll make sure a link is posted in the live so you can get the free files to download –

How to download a file or folder from Dropbox…/sync…/download-entire-folders

Hope to see you all there for some making fun and giveaways! πŸ™‚

All things Vinyl Facebook Live!

I’m loving the ScanNCut vinyl autoblade! Hope you can all join me for my Facebook live tomorrow at 7pm UK time over on the Makers Superstore Facebook page! I’m taking over their Facebook page again πŸ™‚ for lots more ScanNCut crafty fun – I’m giving away some free svgs for the project, have lots of hints and tips for you as well on all things vinyl – both self adhesive and heat transfer vinyl (HTV for short) , so looking forward to seeing you there!


Free ScanNCut Facebook live with a giveaway for everyone!

Hi all,

As you know, I love to help other people with their ScanNCut machine, so I’m planning on a FREE class on Facebook on Sunday 21st March at 2pm – covering ALL models of ScanNCut – so I’ll have all my machines out and ready – and I’ll also answer any questions you have about the SDX series models – I’ll also be doing a giveaway worth Β£15 to EVERY person who joins in for the session!

I’ll post more details nearer the time, but hope you can join me there and please private message me with any questions!

Can’t wait to see you there!


ScanNCut DX Playbook review

Today I’m writing about the new ScanNCut DX Playbook! Β  In the UK, this is only available exclusively through Makers Superstore – their website is

The gist of this review is –

This book is EXCELLENT and extremely informative and comprehensive –

NO – all the content CANNOT be found online or elsewhere – there is nothing else out there that covers the inbuilt functions as comprehensively as this book does….I’ve already been there, read the book, seen the YouTube videos, got the ScanNCut t shirt….sorry couldn’t help that joke!

YES it is DEFINITELY well worth the price point as it contains so much excellent content – the book plus pattern collection activation card plus usb with extra bonus content and tutorials….so with that said, here is more information for you πŸ™‚

First of all, ignore the title “ScanNCut DX Innov-is Edition Playbook” – this book is for ALL DX series machines, so in the UK that would be ALL the SDX series – so the bottom range SDX900, through to the SDX135PRO, SDX1200 and the top of the range SDX2200D.

Looking at the online blurb, I originally thought the playbook contained just basic content and a bit about using .pes files on the ScanNCut but it’s not – it’s a really fantastic, well thought out manual designed to hold your hand and help you become best friends with your ScanNCut.

It landed on my doorstep yesterday, and I was really surprised – there is a lot more content in there than I thought there was!  And most of that content actually isn’t covered on the internet, or on YouTube, so I was really delighted about that!

It’s written by Cindy Hogan, a Brother Brand Ambassador based in the USA.  Cindy has been using Brother machines for many years, and is very well known in the embroidery world for her excellent manuals on PE Design, which is digitizing software for embroidery machines.   As Cindy normally writes manuals for software, this manual is very much focused on using the functions on the machine itself.

I’ve had a really good read through it – there is some fantastic content in the book, especially for new or users intermediate or those who wish to become more confident and comfortable when using their ScanNCut.

However, this book isn’t just for those of us who also use embroidery machines, far from it!  Yes, there are chapters on using embroidery machines and .pes functions etc, but the majority of the book is designed to help you learn your machine inside out, from the beginning, in steps you can take at your own pace.

The book has about 250 A4 size pages and is packed full with useful content.  You also get the PigPong Lettering Collection activation card (which normally costs Β£39.99) separately – and there are some projects in the book that you will create using the activation card, plus other projects, and the book takes you through those step by step.

Inside the book there is also a USB flash drive, which contains the videos and files for the projects inside the book, as well as a glossary – which I love as it isn’t just a description of various ScanNCut terms but this actually takes you through every single screen on the machine and explains both what the menus and options on the screen mean, and  what they do.  I am an experienced user but even I am going to print this extra bonus content out to put in a folder with the playbook. it’s a brilliant reference guide.

The only thing I had trouble with was working out how to open the usb (it’s a little card with a hinge), so here is a video I found helpful – once you know how to do it you’ll be fine!

Opening the flash drive usb

The book also helps you become more comfortable with using Canvas Workspace – there are step by step instructions on setting up your Canvas Workspace account, and how to connect your ScanNCut to your wireless internet.  There are also chapters on updating the machines firmware, and activating pattern collections and uaing the premium function settings.  All this information is step by step, and in depth, meaning you can’t go wrong as you have the book and pictures to follow while you get everything set up.

That’s only a small part of the book though!

A large part of the book is dedicated to all the amazing scanning features that are built in to the machine, again there are pages and pages of in depth, step by step instructions on how to expertly use all the various scanning features – there is a *lot more* you can do with the scan function rather than just dragging a cut file over to the right area of a piece of paper or card!  This section is *excellent* and so (here’s that word again!) in depth and informative.  It goes right through every single scanning function comprehensively so you can get the best results, and on top of that, there is more content about scanning on the actual USB for you to print out if you choose (and yes I will be doing that! as it’s so helpful!

The vast majority of the content in this book has been written to help you with all the machines inbuilt functions  and this isn’t covered in such great depth on the internet, online, on Youtube, or other instructional videos or demonstrations  –  the content in the book is *extremely* comprehensive. 

The playbook also gets you started on the basics of using Canvas Workspace in conjunction with your machine.  There is too much in the book to mention everything and it’s not something that you’re going to pick up and use once or twice, I genuinely think new and intermediate users will go to this book time and time again.

The playbook/pattern collection/bonus usb content really is *worth every penny of the price* – it’s written by someone who has extensive knowledge of producing instructional manuals for Brother and this book as I said covers much more than other instructional content – it goes places other ScanNCut instructors and demonstrators Β haven’t been before, right to the heart of the machine (in detail!).Β 

I love it and it’s going to sit right next to my ScanNCut SDX2200D as a reference guide! πŸ™‚

ScanNCut DX Print and Cut

Hi all – I’ve just uploaded a new video to Youtube –

I’ve been using the new ScanNCut DX Print to Cut function and OMG I seriously love it – I can’t stop printing and cutting, I’m obsessed now!

Now the function is designed for the SDX machine – however there is a workaround for the CM series – which I am making a video on at the moment- look out for my video though because I have a few tips – but bear in mind it won’t work in the same way as the DX machines.

In the UK the activation card is available through

I highly recommend you also buy the Enhanced Image Tracing Premium Pack 2, as it allows you to trace images more accurately, cut landlocked areas etc.

You can use any printer, inkjet or laser to print off the printed image pages. I’m so in love with Print and Cut, I bought a laser printer!

I have several friends who have spent in the region of Β£7,500 (YES REALLY!) on all the usbs with printed images to cut on, so this is going to literally save them thousands of pounds now.

Basically, once you have registered the activation card (I show how to do this in my video) – You can take ANY FREE IMAGE ON THE INTERNET, yes that’s right FREE FREE FREE IMAGES! (Obviously use copyright, royalty free images so you don’t get yourself into any hot water). You can also use your own images or photos. So download a free image – try – images with transparent backgrounds are best – think of any object or image you like and you will find a FREE image!


Can you tell I’m excited yet?

Here are some of the images I have printed and then cut so far…

Canvas Workspace will automatically trace the images and put cut lines around the image for you, including landlocked areas!!

Then you can RESIZE AND DUPLICATE BOTH THE IMAGE AND THE CUT FILE TOGETHER – (no more having to mess about with printing and trying to work out how big your images are compared to your cut files.)
– MIRROR IMAGE/FLIP YOUR CUT FILES (you can create double sided printed pages this way – video for this will follow at a later date)


Print those pages off, pop them on the mat and then…



*No dragging cut files over printed images – no aligning any shapes etc – the machine just DOES IT! How fantastic is that!

It is the most magic ScanNCut thing I’ve seen for a long time, I can’t get over how it automatically positions the cut file over the image…you can put the paper anywhere on the mat…no need to worry about lining it up with a corner…the machine reads the registration marks on the paper and knows where to cut!

You can also bring in your own photos or images into Canvas Workspace and put shapes round them and RESIZE THE PHOTOS AND THE CUT FILES TOGETHER.

I print on Wilko Navigator 120gsm paper (Β£4 for 250 sheets) or matte photo paper – you can also get double sided matte photo paper if want to double sided print to cut)Β Β 

Happy printing and cutting! πŸ™‚


OK guys so here is some information you need to know before the new SDX900 is launched tomorrow on Create and Craft.

I’m posting this because I’m passionate about getting truthful and accurate information out there so people can make an informed purchase.

As you know, the CM900 is now discontinued, and the SDX900 has been launched by Create and Craft to replace it.

I don’t like the name SDX900, as that implies it is a improved CM900 with autoblade.



I don’t know if the SDX900 has the new mat feed roller system or not.

The SDX900 screen is TINY, and I mean TINY. It’s only 3.47″ and that’s measured on the diagonal. The original CM300 actually has a larger screen than the new SDX900 (3.70 inches)

I am really disappointed with the screen size on the SDX900. I’ll add some comparison photos to this post

The SDX900 is meant to be a replacement for the CM900 – but the CM900 has a much larger screen, – 4.8 inches! and 1303 patterns, .pes capability, scans 12×24″ mat so be aware the SDX900 is NOT a CM900 with autoblade..

Don’t be fooled though by anything Mel or Create and Craft might tell you that this is a replacement for the CM900 – because the SDX900 is definitely not comparable with the CM900 – the SDX900 has only 682 patterns, 7 fonts, no .pes capability and doesn’t scan a 12×24 mat – the only benefit is autoblade, and the ability to use the new kits.

Lots of us here have are very unhappy with Create and Craft…some people spent over Β£500 and ordered their SDX1200 on the 19th September and still haven’t got their machine!

IF YOU WANT A MID RANGE, BUDGET MACHINE, then the SDX135PRO is a MUCH better buy than the new SDX900.

The SDX135PRO has the same patterns (682) as the SDX900, and the same basic specs as the new SDX900 (so doesn’t read .pes, no scan 12×24 mat etc) – but DOES have more fonts, the new mat roller feed system as I said, AND THE LARGER 5″ SCREEN

There are more improvements on the SDX135PRO over the SDX900 but I’m waiting for Brother to email me a full list.

The SDX135PRO has a 5″ screen (same size as the SDX1200 and the SDX2200D)…by comparison the SDX900 screen is only 3.47″

The SDX135PRO (and the SDX2200D) are only available through Makers Superstore.

Yes Create and Craft might have a lower price on the SDX900 tomorrow….but you’ll regret not buying the SDX135PRO with the larger screen and the better features!

The current top of the entire Brother ScanNCut range is the SDX2200D which obviously has a higher price point than the SDX135PRO.

Makers Superstore also have a much better service than Create and Craft – ask your fellow users here, and read INDEPENDENT reviews of Makers Superstore here:

SDX135PRO 5″ LARGE screen

CM300 3.70″ screen
CM900 4.8″ screen

ScanNCut DX Vinyl Auto Blade kit

I’ll be updating this page with lots of photos and a full review on the new vinyl auto blade kit shortly….the gist of my review is that it cuts *beautifully* and the tiling feature is fabulous!

Giant size vinyl projects here we come! Great for walls, windows, cars, vans etc πŸ™‚

This new vinyl auto blade does a fantastic job of cutting intricate, fine details on both self adhesive vinyl AND heat transfer vinyl.

Before I go any further, please note that the Vinyl Auto Blade Kit is for SDX/DX machines only – so in the UK this kit will work on the

SDX135PRO, SDX2200D, SDX1200 and SDX900.

In the UK, the vinyl auto blade kit is sold exclusively through, who sell the two ScanNCut machines that I personally recommend, the SDX135 and the SDX2200D, as well as a FULL range of accessories and kits for both the CM series and the SDX series machines – how fabulous is that!

There are two versions of the kit available – the standard vinyl autoblade kit which contains –

  • Vinyl Auto Blade and Vinyl Auto Blade Holder
  • All Occasions Activation Card x 21 Designs
  • Access to Canvas Workspace vinyl features.

And the Disney vinyl autoblade kit which contains

  • 55 Designs – 21 All Occasions/34 Disney
  • Includes SDX Vinyl Auto Blade and Vinyl Auto Blade Holder
  • Access to new tiling weeding functions in Canvas Workspace

I recorded a couple of videos at the end of last week and they are now live on YouTube!

So here’s the first video: unboxing the kit, a look at the patterns etc:

And how to activate the vinyl autoblade kit; how to activate the Disney patterns; how to access the patterns and transfer them to your machine; how to access the patterns in Canvas Workspace; how to use the tiling function and more!

Hope you find the videos useful, and I would love to see photos of your projects created with the vinyl autoblade!

As ever, happy cutting! πŸ™‚

Eclipse Card Tutorial

To create this fun, colourful card, I used the following materials:

Pattern AR-0133 which is a fantastic chameleon design on my SSDX2200D, available in the UK exclusively from Makers Superstore –

You can also use any other pattern of your choice πŸ™‚

Makers A4 Super Smooth Extra White Cardstock 50 Sheets 300gsm (super smooth card is fantastic for ink blending!

Ink blending tools:

Tim Holtz Distress Oxides (I highly recommend that you use google to find the best prices)

Warm colours: Picked Raspberry, Candied Apple, Abandoned Coral, Wild Honey.

Cool colours: Tumbled Glass, Peacock Feathers, Salty Ocean, Twisted Citron.

Cut a piece of the super smooth cardstock in half so you have an A5 sized piece.

Ink up your cardstock in your preferred style and colours. For my projects, I’ve used linear ink blending (used a ruler) and overlapped the colours.

Chose the chameleon pattern on the machine – I resized my chameleon to fit the A5 piece of cardstock – in inches – 7.38″ wide by 4.91″ high (mm measurements are 187.5mm wide by 124.7mm high).

From the machine, send the file across to Canvas Workspace – to do this tap “save” and then tap the icon that with a laptop and wifi icon.

In Canvas Workspace, open up the file you just sent across. (On the web based version of Canvas Workspace, you’ll find your file in the “My Projects” tab. If you’re using the offline/downloadable version of Canvas Workspace, then go to FILE, EDIT, IMPORT FROM YOUR CUTTING MACHINE, FCM IMAGE.

Select the Chameleon and now UNGROUP it. This will separate the outline from the inner elements. Select the INNER ELEMENTS ONLY (so leave the outline unselected) and change these to DRAW lines. Leave the outline as a CUT file. Now select everything (so both the inner element shapes, and the outline) and GROUP these back together.

Now EXPORT/TRANSFER the chameleon file back to your machine.

Scan in your inked card stock, and drag the chameleon over the top of the cardstock until your happy with the placement.

Next, insert a pen into the universal pen holder (I’ve used a glitter pen from the Scribbalicious range available from The Works). Select the “fill shape” function on the machine (shaped like a pen nib). Select DRAW, and you will find only the inner elements appear on the machine’s screen filled in with blue – this is what the machine is going to draw out.

Once the machine has drawn out and filled in the inner elements, WITHOUT DELETING ANYTHING OFF THE SCREEN OR UNLOADING THE MAT, take the universal pen holder out of the machine, and swap the pen to a different one – I’ve used a metallic pen again from the Scribbalicious range available from The Works).

Put the metallic pen/universal pen holder back in the machine. Deselect the fill function by clicking on the pen nib icon again. Select DRAW once again to draw and the machine will draw an outline around those filled shapes! Magic!

Once the machine has finished drawing the outlines, take out the universal pen holder from the machine, and replace with the blade holder. Select CUT to cut the chameleon outline.

Once the machine has finished, take everything off the mat. πŸ™‚

I’ve cut three more chameleon outlines out of black cardstock and glued them together then offsetting the inked/drawn chameleon slightly glued to those to create a bit of contrast and to help the chameleon “pop” up from the card base a tiny bit.

To create the finished card, simply fold an A4 piece of cardstock in half and burnish down the fold to create your card base. Glue the outer inked piece to the card base first, then glue the chameleon into the opening and you have your eclipse card!

Add any sentiment you like to finish πŸ™‚

SDX135PRO – available NOW EXCLUSIVELY through Makers Superstore!

There has been a new model added to the ScanNCut family – the SDX135PRO! πŸ™‚

So if you’ve wanted upgrade to the latest SDX series for a while, but maybe don’t quite have the budget for the top of the range SDX2200D, then this is the mid range ScanNCut to go for, especially now the CM900 has been officially discontinued – you’ll still be able to use almost everything from your CM series machine on this, so all the kits, the manual blade holders etc (the only exception is the mats, as the SDX range uses a different style mat), but everything else will work!

In the UK, it’s available exclusively through Makers Superstore:

Check independent reviews for Makers Superstore here πŸ™‚…/store/www-makerssuperstore-com

This machine has a great range of fabulous specifications!

New Updated Mat Feed Roller System (same as the SDX2200D) πŸ™‚
Auto Blade Technology
Extra Large LCD Touchscreen – 5”/12.7cm
682 resizable built in designs
9 Built in Fonts
Cutting area – 11.7 x 11.7″ (297 x 297mm), 11.7 x 24″ with optional mat (297 x 610mm)
Built in Scanner – 12”x 12” Scanning Area (305mm x 305mm)
600DPI Scan to USB (for scanning photos, documents etc)
Up to 3mm cutting depth with fully automatic blade
2 Year Warranty

PLUS being a SDX series machine, there are a WHOLE RANGE of fabulous additional extras available for it – so all the accessories, kits and pattern activation cards from the CM series will work, as will the vinyl roll feeder, paper piercing kit, the calligraphy kit, the new Print to Cut activation card feature, the new vinyl autoblade kit, and the new fabric mat!

So if you’re thinking of upgrading, this is definitely a machine that will grow with you and will be a fantastic addition to your craft room and is a fantastic upgrade to the CM300, CM600, CM700, CM800Q and CM900 machines!

Let me know what you are going to make with yours! πŸ™‚