There is a super quick and easy way to refill the Brother glue pen – using the original Brother pen barrel – so you can still easily see what glue level number your pen is at.

Here’s my solution – refilling the Brother barrel using a Sakura Quickie Glue pen which as I have explain below  is *exactly the same pen* as the Brother one, albeit for the branding and the pen lids.

I’ve heard one of the ScanNCut demonstraters on Create and Craft say that you can’t use a “Quickie Glue Pen” in your ScanNCut to foil, and that she did try the Quickie Glue Pen but it “ripped through” her card, and that the Brother glue pen has been “specially designed” for the job.  This is not the first time I’ve heard Create and Craft say you can’t use a Quickie Glue Pen to foil.

This information is FACTUALLY INCORRECT and I’ve done my research on it, and you can read it further down this post.  But first of all, hear it for yourself direct from the horses mouth on this show which aired on Create and Craft at 11am on Tuesday 7th November 2017.

Why would Create and Craft seemingly tell an outright lie to their customers?  Simple answer – the hold rights to exclusively sale the ScanNCut, it’s accessories and consumables here in the UK.  Quickie Glue pens can be purchased from many, many places on the internet, and are much cheaper than the Brother glue pens Create and Craft sell.

The Brother glue pens are not listed on the Create and Craft website at the moment, but previously they have retailed at £10.79 plus £2.99 postage and packaging for a set of 2.

Cost per Brother pen works out to £6.89 per pen which can *only go into the pockets of Create and Craft*.

Cost of Quickie Glue pens varies depending on where you buy them from.  

At the time of writing (September 2019)  a pack of 3 are on sale at Ryman’s stationery stores (UK) for just £4.99 for a pack of 3.

That works out to just £1.66 per Quickie Glue Pen, significantly less than the Brother branded ones, and this money is not guaranteed to go into Create and Crafts pockets.  People are free to look at other retailers for the cheapest option on these pens.

Create and Craft also sell the Quickie Glue Pens – they are charging an extortoinate £3.59 plus £2.99 for just one glue pen!

Create and Craft £6.89 per glue pen or Rymans at £1.66 per glue pen?  No prizes for guessing where I shopped!

As the foiling starter kit only comes with one glue pen, and 99.9% percent of the time Create and Craft are “out of stock” as you know of the many of the ScanNCut accessories, including the Brother glue pen, I asked around and many users do report they use the Quickie Glue Pen successfully.

Before I do my glue pen “show and tell”….a quick word in your ear regarding why Create and Craft always seem to be out of stock on ScanNCut consumables, such as mats, glue pens etc…

It’s my personal belief that they deliberately do not order the stock from Brother very often…it’s a DELIBERATE psychological pressure selling tactic.

If they *deliberately* keep the consumables such as mats and pens out of stock, and create a huge artificial void, and then all of a sudden and out-of-the-blue get a rare load of much coveted stock in, people are going to panic buy multiples of the same item (and Create and Craft very much encourage their customers to do this by saying “stock up because we have no idea when we are going to get more of these in).  That way they make a huge volume of sales in one go, SELL OUT and create another artificial stock void which leads to their customers eagerly awaiting the chance to climb over each other in the mad scramble to multiple item panic buy the next time Create and Craft order stock in.

This is also probably why we haven’t seen the Kuretake pens that fit in the standard pen holder back in stock on Create and Craft recently….they are creating “demand” ready for the big “sell out”.

Anyway, back to the Quickie Glue Pens.

As long as you use them while in the Premium foiling function, then the pens will work in just the same way as the Brother branded ones.  No glue can get on your rollers, as while in the Premium foiling fuction, the ScanNCut draws from the bottom up.

Lets compare them together 🙂

Both pens are made in Japan:

On the back of the foiling starter kit box I found this…


The Quickie Glue Pens are also made in Japan:


Apart from the branding, numbers on the Brother glue pen and the lids, the Quickie Glue Pens and the Brother ones ARE COMPLETELY IDENTICAL.


Remember that Create and Craft demonstrator in the above video telling you the Quickie Glue Pens ripped through her card and the Brother pens were “specially designed”?

See for yourself…they both come with identical nib covers..


IDENTICAL nibs, pen tips, barrels and glue inserts.  The Quickie glue is 2 in 1 and works in exactly the same way as the Brother glue, with identical drying times.


Other end of both pens compared.. the bases are very hard to photograph but the both have identical “MADE IN JAPAN” markings.


The pens are EXACTLY the same width and height as each other…meaning that the budget Quickie Glue pen fits PERFECTLY FINE in the premium function foiling holder..


Does the Quickie Glue Pen really rip through card?

Test on bog standard white 200GSM card.

I ran the same test twice with the same inbuilt design on the ScanNCut.

“Fun” on left glued with Brother glue pen.  “Fun” on right glued with Quickie Glue pen.  Both foiled with Midas Touch Leopardskin foil – which I sourced on Ebay but would have originally been sold by Create and Craft.  Midas Touch is a Tattered Lace brand.


Seeing as the glue pens are clearly one and the same, of course it didn’t rip through my card.  How could it?

You can the Quickie Glue Pen worked just as well as the Brother branded glue pen.

Tip: use an empty Brother glue pen as a guide to transfer markings onto the Quickie Glue Pen.


I have been given some technical information on the glue pens….read it very carefully! 🙂

“The dimensions of the moulded plastic for both the Brother and Sakura Quickie Glue pens are within 0.1mm. The pen’s barrel is tapered.

  • The pen tip is 2.27mm, with a variance of 0.005mm. A Mitsubishi Pencil Co. Ltd. pen tip is 2.28mm to 2.285mm (the taper is longer and the ball point is smaller). 2.27mm may be a standard size used in the pen industry.
  • The injection moulding marks are identical and in the same places.
  • The force required to pull the pens out of the Brother Glue Pen Holder are 9N for the Brother labelled pen, and 8N for the Sakura Quickie Glue pens.
  • The glue has a similar drying time, and deposits the same quantity.
  • The Universal Pen Holder and the Glue Pen Holder in the foiling kit have the same ‘holder code’. That is the foiling functions (using the latest firmware version) can be accessed with a glue pen in the Universal Pen Holder.
  • The ‘Glue Pressure’ setting for gluing is from –9 to 9 (18 steps). The movement of the tool holder is about 2mm. This was measured with a digital calliper in the glue penholder, turning the power off to the machine with the penholder down.
  • Changing the ‘Scale on Glue Pen’, or the ‘Glue Amount Adjustment’, changes the drawing speed. The lower the Scale on Glue Pen, the slower the drawing speed, and vice versa. The lower the Glue Amount Adjustment, the slower the drawing speed, and vice versa.

To create a custom glue pen would require more investment, testing, and time than using an off the shelf product. These costs would have to be approved by senior executives in Japan. A cost/saving of £0.01 on 100,000 items is £1,000. It would be better to create a pen with a parallel barrel, than a tapered one. This makes it easier to clamp the pen into the correct position.

The ‘cold’ foil can be purchased from a number of different manufactures; there would be no need to have a custom foil made. Cold foils are used by the packaging industry.

Like all companies, Brother has what appears to be a standard disclaimer about using non-Brother consumables (Date: 23/03/2017 ID: faqh00100593_000)


“In order to use this kit properly, please use the following genuine Brother consumables.”


I haven’t tried the universal pen holder while in the foiling function myself, so can’t comment on that at present.  I will test it out at a later date.

Interesting, huh?

Create and Craft say we can’t use Quickie Glue Pens and that they rip card and we need to use the “specially designed” branded ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m now going to say something which might surprise some of you.  I’m an honest crafter and I like to tell the truth.

I love the Midas Touch foil.  Unlike SOME of the foil I’ve found on Ebay, it really works brilliantly and fully adheres to the glue fully as well as the Brother branded foil.  It gives a clean, beautiful result.

The sheets are also bigger than some of the other brands _ you get 20, 6″ x 12″ sheets in a pack.

Prices vary….on Ebay I’ve seen Create and Craft customers selling stock they have purchased with special offer discounts…prices ranging from £6.00 per pack with free postage and packaging to over £16 per pack.  Create and Craft sell the foil for £9.99 per pack of 20 sheets, plus £2.99 postage and packaging.

Although I love Midas Touch foil, just be aware as I said in a previous post that Create and Craft say that Midas Touch is the only third party foil endorsed by Brother, and that Midas Touch/Tattered Lace is owned by Create and Craft, so they have a vested interest in saying that.

Something you might also want to think about is during the ScanNCut foiling pressing process, the foil/mat is covered by the protective foiling sheet supplied in the kit, so as long as you use the protective sheet, there is NO WAY the foil can come into contact with your machine….