ScanNCut update myths

I’d like to clear up any myth or misunderstanding about the “updates” that Brother release for the ScanNcut….what do those updates actually do? And do they actually significantly update your machine in anyway?

I have been very kindly sent a very informative PDF document by a software engineer who works in the industry which explains what the various software updates actually are for, and what models of machine these updates have been available for.  You can read the document by clicking on the link below:


If you’re a regular viewer of the various ScanNCut infomercials on Create and Craft, you will know that since the release of the SDX1200 here in the UK, Mel Heaton regularly quotes “Brother has assured us that all updates will continue forward for all machines” etc etc and that software updates will regularly occur for the CM series “to make your machine all singing and dancing as it should be”.

When Mel says “updates” – she seems to be referring to more than one thing: both the various optional accessory kits that are available. ie rhinestone kit, embossing kit, foiling kit, stamp kit etc etc AND the software updates for the machine.

I’ve no doubt that of course Brother will make the various *accessory* kits available for the CM series as well as the DX series and it is in their financial interest to do so, and they do definitely add fantastic new dimensions to what you can do with the ScanNCut….I personally love the accessory kits…but here I am talking about the SOFTWARE updates for your machine.

The software updates to your ScanNCut are another matter…

You’ll note from the PDF document above, as I did, that in fact there have been NO real functional updates to the CM series software since November 2016.   You’ll see that in fact there have only been minor improvements and bug fixes.

I take what Create and Craft say about these updates with a pinch of salt now.  Reading the document, I also question whether in fact whether there will be any REAL FUNCTIONAL SOFTWARE updates will be released for the CM series.