SDX Calligraphy Starter Kit – top tips for success!

Makers Superstore are the official, exclusive retailers for the calligraphy kit in the UK. They do ship worldwide!

The kit can be purchased here:

Q: What comes in the kit?

A: Italic font (please note this is a single line calligraphy font)

Calligraphy pen holder and stand

20 Calligraphy sentiments

10 calligraphy flourishes

Three calligraphy pens to get started with in the essential colours of black, blue and red

Envelope and sample card so you can try out the kit straight away!

See the included font, sentiments and flourishes on canvasworkspace here:

Full instruction manual here:



Calligraphy markers have a specially shaped nib designed for creating variation in line width so you can get thin and thick strokes to create that stunning calligraphy work.

You won’t be able to get this effect with your normal fonts as they have been designed for cutting.

You can only get calligraphy style results with single line calligraphy fonts – the ones in the Brother kit have been specially designed and are true single line calligraphy fonts.

The starter kit comes with a beautiful Italic font.

There is another activation card with two additional fonts what work perfectly with the kit. The fonts included are Gothic and Uncial – these are great for all types of projects!

My NUMBER ONE TOP TIP for working with the kit is to choose the right size nib for the project –

I’ve found I get the best results using the following formula:

Keep your text at least 1/2″ in size:

For text sized between 1/2″ and 1 and a half inches in size, I recommend the 2mm nib end of the pen.

For any text sized above 2 inches, I recommend using the 3.5mm nib.

The activation card for the fonts is very reasonably priced and again it is available exclusively in the UK from Makers Superstore:

Here are just a couple of projects I’ve made with the kit!

I’d love to see what you make with yours! 🙂