SDX roll feeder 2 is here!

I have just seen a post from Makers Superstore that they have the roll feeder 2 and spare leader sheets in stock! (As with the original roll feeder, this accessory is for SDX machines only). Now we can cut rolls of heat transfer vinyl as well as self adhesive vinyl! πŸ™‚

What’s the difference between the original roll feeder and the new one?

Here is the information from the official Brother website πŸ™‚

Reverse it – now you can use reverse rolled, as well as forward rolled materials on your Roll Feeder II, such as heat transfer vinyl.

In the thick of it – you can now cut materials from 0.15 mm up to 0.5 mm thick on the roll feeder II (roll feeder I range 0.21 mm – 0.35 mm).

Easier feed for reverse rolled and more delicate materials with the included Leader Sheet.Compatible with ScanNCut DX range only – please check Brother Solutions Center for compatibility.

Here’s a link to the roll feeder 2 manual –

Brother now have a user manual up for the vinyl roll feeder for the new DX series:

Please note important information in the manual:

● This attachment was specially designed for the ScanNCut DX model. It cannot be used with any model other than the
ScanNCut DX.

● In order to use the roll feeder function, the dedicated application CanvasWorkspace (PC Version) must be installed on your

● Only rolled material with a width of 305 mm (12″) can be used.  The maximum pattern width that can be cut is 9.9″ (information from official Brother video)

The roll feeder has a trimmer – the blade is mentioned in the manual as a consumable – once if gets blunt, you’ll have to buy a new trimmer.


The roll feeder will only work with rolls of self adhesive vinyl.

Information direct from the PDF manual: 

“Half-cutting must be performed to cut material without attaching it to a mat. (Half-cuts are also sometimes called β€œkiss cuts”.)

Half-cutting is the process of cutting only the adhesive-backed layer of double-layered material (typically adhesive craft vinyl or ironon transfer material*), leaving the backing layer such as backing paper or backing film uncut. Therefore, only materials that can be
half-cut can be cut with a cutting machine equipped with the roll feeder. Materials without a backing layer (thermal paper, rolled sketch paper, etc.) cannot be cut with this attachment Instead of using the roll feeder, attach these types of materials to the mat to cut them.”

Direct link to download the manual for the vinyl roll feeder –