ScanNCut DX Print and Cut

Hi all – I’ve just uploaded a new video to Youtube –

I’ve been using the new ScanNCut DX Print to Cut function and OMG I seriously love it – I can’t stop printing and cutting, I’m obsessed now!

Now the function is designed for the SDX machine – however there is a workaround for the CM series – which I am making a video on at the moment- look out for my video though because I have a few tips – but bear in mind it won’t work in the same way as the DX machines.

In the UK the activation card is available through

I highly recommend you also buy the Enhanced Image Tracing Premium Pack 2, as it allows you to trace images more accurately, cut landlocked areas etc.

You can use any printer, inkjet or laser to print off the printed image pages. I’m so in love with Print and Cut, I bought a laser printer!

I have several friends who have spent in the region of Β£7,500 (YES REALLY!) on all the usbs with printed images to cut on, so this is going to literally save them thousands of pounds now.

Basically, once you have registered the activation card (I show how to do this in my video) – You can take ANY FREE IMAGE ON THE INTERNET, yes that’s right FREE FREE FREE IMAGES! (Obviously use copyright, royalty free images so you don’t get yourself into any hot water). You can also use your own images or photos. So download a free image – try – images with transparent backgrounds are best – think of any object or image you like and you will find a FREE image!


Can you tell I’m excited yet?

Here are some of the images I have printed and then cut so far…

Canvas Workspace will automatically trace the images and put cut lines around the image for you, including landlocked areas!!

Then you can RESIZE AND DUPLICATE BOTH THE IMAGE AND THE CUT FILE TOGETHER – (no more having to mess about with printing and trying to work out how big your images are compared to your cut files.)
– MIRROR IMAGE/FLIP YOUR CUT FILES (you can create double sided printed pages this way – video for this will follow at a later date)


Print those pages off, pop them on the mat and then…



*No dragging cut files over printed images – no aligning any shapes etc – the machine just DOES IT! How fantastic is that!

It is the most magic ScanNCut thing I’ve seen for a long time, I can’t get over how it automatically positions the cut file over the image…you can put the paper anywhere on the mat…no need to worry about lining it up with a corner…the machine reads the registration marks on the paper and knows where to cut!

You can also bring in your own photos or images into Canvas Workspace and put shapes round them and RESIZE THE PHOTOS AND THE CUT FILES TOGETHER.

I print on Wilko Navigator 120gsm paper (Β£4 for 250 sheets) or matte photo paper – you can also get double sided matte photo paper if want to double sided print to cut)Β Β 

Happy printing and cutting! πŸ™‚

ScanNCut DX software update version 1.51 & Canvas Workspace update (August 2020)

So I’m a very happy bunny….there is a fantastic new update for the SDX series of machines giving us some fabulous new features! πŸ™‚

Brother have released a new software update (version 1.51) for the SDX series of machines – so in the UK, for models SDX2200D and SDX1200, as well as a new update for Canvas Workspace. The update is the same for ALL SDX/DX models – so wherever you are in the world, please check for the new update! πŸ™‚

The actual machine updates I am posting about are for the SDX machines ONLY – the CM series has NOT been updated with this functions. (I have spoken about the in and outs of why the CM series is not being updated in previous posts).

In brief, the SDX series (known as DX in the US and other countries) has been updated with three new fabulous features!

1) The ability to resize designs by percentage (this is fantastic and I’m really delighted with this new feature!) You can easily switch between standard measurements and percentages by toggling the percentage icon on and off on the resizing screen.

2) a great new function to add weeding boxes to your vinyl designs (again brilliant if you’re like me and love adding vinyl to your projects – and weeding boxes really cut down on vinyl waste!) – so set your half cut setting to on, click “cut”, hit the wrench icon and scroll down and you’ll see the new weeding box tool in the settings. You can either leave the box the size it is, or increase the spacing around your design.

3) The ability to easily access your activation card files on the machine through the “My Collection” function – it’s now fast and easy to batch download your activation cards from Canvas Workspace to your computer so that you can pop them onto a USB. Once you’ve done that, pop the USB into your ScanNCut and you will be able to easily identity and access the individual activation cards and patterns through the “My Collection” feature.

(PLEASE NOTE: the “My Collection” feature below is very buggy at the moment, and I’ve no doubt that Brother will roll out another update asap to correct it – I’ve already sent Brother Tech a video showing them the bug but once it works properly it will be brilliant!)

In addition, both the browser based version Canvas Workspace and the Canvas Workspace for PC (the downloadable version) have also been updated with various new features: here is a quick overview.

Preview images now are available for .fcm files, meaning you can see exactly what your file is before you open it.

Canvas Workspace for PC has an improved weeding box function (for vinyl projects).

The browser based version of Canvas Workspace has a new function so that you can batch download all the files from the activation cards in one go (the activation cards are purchased separately). This is fantastic if you’re like me and like to store your files on a USB (most of the time I’m too lazy to switch the computer on!) – so now you can download and transfer your activation card patterns to USB in a jiffy! πŸ™‚

To see how to use the new features – please see the handy dandy reference guide that Brother have uploaded for the update:

Click to access sdx_afv1.5_01_endefrnlitesptruzhtkoja.pdf

Happy cutting!