Makers Superstore has a special sale on running through the whole of May to celebrate “MAY IS FOR MAKING!”

Check out their site if you haven’t already –

This means the top of the range SDX2200D is £599!

The SDX135PRO is now £449!

Both of these fabulous machines have the lovely large 5” screen and the new mat feed roller system as well as that fantastic autoblade feature together with all the crafty goodness you could ever wish for!

The offer applies to everything on their site I think and I will be checking it out myself 😀

Makers Superstore have *everything* you need for your ScanNCut – so whether you have the CM300, CM600, CM700, CM800Q, CM900 or a SDX machine such as the SDX900, SDX135PRO, SDX1200 or the top of the entire Brother range the SDX2200D, then Makers Superstore have something for you! 🙂

What’s not to love! 😀😀😀

Free ScanNCut Facebook live with a giveaway for everyone!

Hi all,

As you know, I love to help other people with their ScanNCut machine, so I’m planning on a FREE class on Facebook on Sunday 21st March at 2pm – covering ALL models of ScanNCut – so I’ll have all my machines out and ready – and I’ll also answer any questions you have about the SDX series models – I’ll also be doing a giveaway worth £15 to EVERY person who joins in for the session!

I’ll post more details nearer the time, but hope you can join me there and please private message me with any questions!

Can’t wait to see you there!


CM800Q Quilters Edition

Create and Craft have had 4 plus years to date to demonstrate cutting fabric on a regular basis with the ScanNCut.

Right from the start, the opportunity was there to put together shows that combined the ScanNCut and a sewing/embroidery machine.  They had the right products, they had guest demonstrators who could do the job.

Until 2017 they chose, for the big financial gain, to gear their advertisements (“shows”) towards papercrafters.

In 2017 they changed tack and started marketing a ScanNCut edition allegedly designed “specifically for quilters in mind” to cut fabric.

First of all, I recommend you watch the videos on the channel “ScanNCut Myths”.  This is not my channel and has been put together by someone other than myself.

Listen very carefully to what Create and Craft and Sarah Payne have to say about the CM800Q.

So lets talk about the 2017 ScanNCut CM800Q Quilters Edition and why you definitely should not be buying it…and if you bought it believing this model was made specifically for quilters, why you have been mislead.

There is NOTHING new about the CM800Q -it has no new features, no new accessories, no new software….no new rotary style blade…it works in the exact same way as all the previous ScanNCut models….AND it has exactly the same patterns, features, software as the CM900.  The only difference between the CM800Q and the CM900 is the CM800Q has a smaller screen.

So why is the CM800Q marketed as a “Quilters Edition”.

Firstly, did you know…

ALL the ScanNCuts EVER released contain quilt blocks and applique patterns – every single European/UK  model ever made: CM600DX, CM840 (not in the UK), CM300, CM700 (Special Edition), CM900, and CM800Q (UK only). In fact many, if not all of the patterns on the CM300 are on the higher model machines, including the CM800Q.

The ASA and CM800Q

I was recently made aware that a complaint to the ASA had been made against Create & Craft in regards claims about the CM800Q.

I was sent the link to the compliant to the ASA about the ScanNCut CM800Q Quilters Edition:

Although the ruling was not upheld by the ASA, I was very interested and took note of the following comments.  The ASA  used the ‘Average Consumer Test’ to reach their conclusion.

There are in fact 2 responses from Brother, the first one was not expected, and the second one confirms what a number of users has said, in that the CM800Q is not a new machine, and it is based on the CM900.

“Brother said that as they were asked to provide a machine which could be aimed specifically at quilters and sewers, they increased the specification of a previous “ScanNCut” machine from 631 built-in designs to 1,102, including 140 quilt patterns.

They said that the CM800Q also included a high tack fabric support sheet so that quilters and fabric cutters could cut out fabric without the need for an additional purchase. They also said the machine included PES data capability (files used to generate embroidery designs) to allow fabric users to cut appliqué shapes from their embroidery machine data.”

 “Brother acknowledged that these features were not brand new. They said that the features were available on another previous machine but one which was of higher specification and therefore more expensive than the CM800Q.”

I was sent a fantastic PDF document that contains details of the evidence against Create and Craft in the original complaint to the ASA which I think ScanNcut users should have access I will be adding it to this blog post with the permission of the original author who I would also like to say a huge THANK YOU to and I am very grateful to them for generously allowing me to share the information on my blog.

Click on the link below to read the information.


I found the PDF document to be VERY enlightening and after reading it I had no doubt whatsoever that:

The Quilters Edition is a Create & Craft marketing CON trying to tap into the HUGE market of quilting.  There is nothing about it that makes it specifically suitable for quilters that is any different from any previous model.


WHO was behind this ScanNCut for quilters/sewists?

Now the Quilters Edition CM800Q has only ever been released to date, in the UK.

Create and Craft and Ideal World are part of the ‘Ideal Shopping Direct’ group of companies – who have a contract with Brother that gives them SOLE EXCLUSIVITY to sell the ScanNCut in the UK – no other store or retailer here can sell it in the UK.

As the SOLE RETAILER in the UK, it seems pretty clear to me that Create and Craft would be the only likely party in the UK to ask Brother ” to provide a machine which could be aimed specifically at quilters and sewers”…as I said before, they were obviously under the impression that they were going to shift many thousands of the machines to the huge market that is quilting….and I really don’t like the misleading way the CM800Q was marketed.

Here are the  links to inbuilt patterns on various machines, check for yourself 🙂

CM300 pattern list includes 100 quilting patterns.

Click to access cm300_pl03endefrnlitesptbrruja.pdf

CM600 pattern list includes 100 quilting patterns

CM700 pattern list includes 100 quilting patterns

CM900 pattern list. includes 140 quilting patterns (plus applique patterns)

CM800Q Quilters Edition pattern list –