Free ScanNCut Facebook live with a giveaway for everyone!

Hi all,

As you know, I love to help other people with their ScanNCut machine, so I’m planning on a FREE class on Facebook on Sunday 21st March at 2pm – covering ALL models of ScanNCut – so I’ll have all my machines out and ready – and I’ll also answer any questions you have about the SDX series models – I’ll also be doing a giveaway worth £15 to EVERY person who joins in for the session!

I’ll post more details nearer the time, but hope you can join me there and please private message me with any questions!

Can’t wait to see you there!


Create and Craft CM300 untruths

On Create and Craft this morning (7am show, Saturday 8th February 2020) there were some outright untruths told about the functionality of the CM300 which I would like to put right – I really don’t like to see people mislead in this way, so I will be reporting it to the ASA – I’m passionate about consumers being given the correct information so that they can make an informed choice on their purchases.

Presenter Andy Love, demonstrator Jo Foster.

Jo Foster claimed that the machine does everything the rest of the ScanNCut range does “everything works on the 300 just like on all the other machines”

This is 100% UNTRUE and I don’t want anyone to be spending £250 which is a sizeable chunk of money, only to find that some kits do not work on it. I genuinely care about my fellow users!

The CM300 cannot use either the paper piercing kit, the calligraphy kit, or the roll feeder – these are all DX ONLY.

Create and Craft will try to tell you that they didn’t mention this, as they don’t sell the kits. Jo Foster will come out with her catchphrase “I’m a technophobe” statement. However, I can assure you 100% that they DO know about these kits that are on the market – you can check this fact for yourself with Geoff Taylor, manager for ScanNCut UK – his e-mail address is Also, drop an e-mail to Brother ScanNCut Europe – their e-mail address is

As the sole retailer of the CM series and of the SDX1200, Create and Craft are fully aware of this, having worked very closely with Brother over the last five or six years.

Also, when the machines are normally sold on air, they are priced at £199 – meaning the sold called two free mats are not really free, seeing as the machine was priced at £250 on this show.

Important update: warranties on machines purchased outside the UK


I’ve had an e-mail from a user who logged a complaint with the ASA regarding Dean Wilson’s incorrect statements on warranties for ScanNCut machines bought outside the UK.

Please read the ASA’s reply below, and the original complaint which I have pasted under that.

This is the section of the show that lead to the complaint:

—– Original Message —–From: Adam ElmahdiTo:Sent: Tuesday, May 07, 2019 12:23 PMSubject: ASA Enquiry Ref: A19-567341

Dear Mr ***************

Thank you for contacting the ASA with your complaints about Create And Craft.

We have assessed the issues you raised, and agree that the statements made regarding the warranties were misleading. We have taken steps to address this.

We have explained your concerns to the advertiser and provided guidance to them on the areas that require attention, together with advice on how to ensure that their advertising complies with the Codes in future.

Thank you once again for taking the time to raise your concerns with us. Comments such as yours help us to understand the issues that matter to consumers and we will keep a record of your complaint on file for use in future monitoring. If you would like more information about our complaint handling principles, please visit our website at

Kind regards,
Adam Elmahdi

Complaints Executive
Direct line 020 7492 2165
Advertising Standards AuthorityMid City Place, 71 High HolbornLondon WC1V 6QTTelephone 020 7492 2222


———- Forwarded message ———Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2019 at 12:42

Subject: Re: Brother ScanNCut WarrTo:


I just sent a complaint to the ASA about the Create and Craft broadcast last week where Dean Wilson told porkies about the SDX1200, the warranty, and the support from Brother UK.

Create and Craft, “Brother ScanNCut Birthday Special”, Monday 8 April 2019, 11:00 to 12:00, Dean Wilson (Presenter) and Melanie Heaton (Demonstrator), Segment From: 09:15 to 10:07

Dean Wilson (referring to the Brother ScanNCut SDX1200):
“We’re back in stock Ladies and Gentleman, now this has sold out hasn’t it. Do you know how long it takes to get this deal put back together again, and Brother, we are exclusive, you can [????] and listen. If you are thinking of going online, and I would, if you are going to buy anything in this day and age, you get your app, you go online, you check the prices, you do your research, you read the reviews and you go right I’ll buy it. Here’s the thing, we’re the only people selling it, we’re the only place you can get it, cause we’re the number one in the world, and if you want a warranty, and a decent warranty, and you want a legitimate warranty, from Brother and Brother Support, you need to buy it from us. Cause I’m telling you now, if you don’t, you’re not going to get a warranty, and any warranty they’re telling you they’re giving you, I’ll tell you now, tell them to talk to me, cause you won’t get it, cause Brother won’t give it to them. So this is the only place, and that’s why we’ve kept the price down as low as we possible can, people are buying two”

Segment From: 44:55 to 45:15
Dean Wilson:
“But do you know what, buy what you can afford, that’s the main thing. Hopefully we’ve made it affordable, we are the number one, this is a [????] get it, you can’t get it anywhere else, and if you do find it somewhere else, you won’t have the warranty. Trust me, I’ve done the research, talking to the team this morning, we have a one-to-one relationship with Brother [UK], which means you are going to get a top end service”
Complaint:The broadcast is misleading in that it claims that Create and Craft are the only people selling the Brother ScanNCut SDX1200, and that if you buy the SDX1200 from elsewhere, the warranty won’t be valid.
An un-substantiated claim is that due to the ‘one-to-one relationship with Brother UK’, if the ScanNCut SDX1200 is bought from Create and Craft, the support from Brother UK, is a ‘top end service’, that you won’t get if bought elsewhere.
Buying any Brother product from any authorised Brother vendor, and you WILL get a valid legitimate warranty.

Some of the questions about the Brother ScanNCut warranty from Brother EU
Who is issuing this warranty?This warranty is issued byBrother Sewing Machines Europe GmbHIm Rosengarten 1161118 Bad VilbelE-Mail: to in this document as “Brother”).

To whom does Brother issue this warranty?Brother issues this warranty to you if you have purchased the product new from an authorised Brother vendor as the first purchaser and end-user of the product.

How long is this warranty valid?This warranty shall be valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.If the machine is used for commercial purposes, this warranty shall be valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Where does this warranty apply?This warranty applies in the European Union, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

What you should do if you think that an event covered by the warranty has occurred?Inform the authorised Brother vendor from whom you purchased your machine of your concerns within the warranty period, and forward or send your machine at your own expense to the vendor along with the original invoice or receipt showing the date of purchase, product description and vendor name. If you cannot contact your authorised Brother vendor, contact Brother within the warranty period. Brother will then inform you where to send your machine and the original invoice or receipt.