ScanNCut DX Print and Cut

Hi all – I’ve just uploaded a new video to Youtube –

I’ve been using the new ScanNCut DX Print to Cut function and OMG I seriously love it – I can’t stop printing and cutting, I’m obsessed now!

Now the function is designed for the SDX machine – however there is a workaround for the CM series – which I am making a video on at the moment- look out for my video though because I have a few tips – but bear in mind it won’t work in the same way as the DX machines.

In the UK the activation card is available through

I highly recommend you also buy the Enhanced Image Tracing Premium Pack 2, as it allows you to trace images more accurately, cut landlocked areas etc.

You can use any printer, inkjet or laser to print off the printed image pages. I’m so in love with Print and Cut, I bought a laser printer!

I have several friends who have spent in the region of Β£7,500 (YES REALLY!) on all the usbs with printed images to cut on, so this is going to literally save them thousands of pounds now.

Basically, once you have registered the activation card (I show how to do this in my video) – You can take ANY FREE IMAGE ON THE INTERNET, yes that’s right FREE FREE FREE IMAGES! (Obviously use copyright, royalty free images so you don’t get yourself into any hot water). You can also use your own images or photos. So download a free image – try – images with transparent backgrounds are best – think of any object or image you like and you will find a FREE image!


Can you tell I’m excited yet?

Here are some of the images I have printed and then cut so far…

Canvas Workspace will automatically trace the images and put cut lines around the image for you, including landlocked areas!!

Then you can RESIZE AND DUPLICATE BOTH THE IMAGE AND THE CUT FILE TOGETHER – (no more having to mess about with printing and trying to work out how big your images are compared to your cut files.)
– MIRROR IMAGE/FLIP YOUR CUT FILES (you can create double sided printed pages this way – video for this will follow at a later date)


Print those pages off, pop them on the mat and then…



*No dragging cut files over printed images – no aligning any shapes etc – the machine just DOES IT! How fantastic is that!

It is the most magic ScanNCut thing I’ve seen for a long time, I can’t get over how it automatically positions the cut file over the image…you can put the paper anywhere on the mat…no need to worry about lining it up with a corner…the machine reads the registration marks on the paper and knows where to cut!

You can also bring in your own photos or images into Canvas Workspace and put shapes round them and RESIZE THE PHOTOS AND THE CUT FILES TOGETHER.

I print on Wilko Navigator 120gsm paper (Β£4 for 250 sheets) or matte photo paper – you can also get double sided matte photo paper if want to double sided print to cut)Β Β 

Happy printing and cutting! πŸ™‚

ScanNCut DX Vinyl Auto Blade kit

I’ll be updating this page with lots of photos and a full review on the new vinyl auto blade kit shortly….the gist of my review is that it cuts *beautifully* and the tiling feature is fabulous!

Giant size vinyl projects here we come! Great for walls, windows, cars, vans etc πŸ™‚

This new vinyl auto blade does a fantastic job of cutting intricate, fine details on both self adhesive vinyl AND heat transfer vinyl.

Before I go any further, please note that the Vinyl Auto Blade Kit is for SDX/DX machines only – so in the UK this kit will work on the

SDX135PRO, SDX2200D, SDX1200 and SDX900.

In the UK, the vinyl auto blade kit is sold exclusively through, who sell the two ScanNCut machines that I personally recommend, the SDX135 and the SDX2200D, as well as a FULL range of accessories and kits for both the CM series and the SDX series machines – how fabulous is that!

There are two versions of the kit available – the standard vinyl autoblade kit which contains –

  • Vinyl Auto Blade and Vinyl Auto Blade Holder
  • All Occasions Activation Card x 21 Designs
  • Access to Canvas Workspace vinyl features.

And the Disney vinyl autoblade kit which contains

  • 55 Designs – 21 All Occasions/34 Disney
  • Includes SDX Vinyl Auto Blade and Vinyl Auto Blade Holder
  • Access to new tiling weeding functions in Canvas Workspace

I recorded a couple of videos at the end of last week and they are now live on YouTube!

So here’s the first video: unboxing the kit, a look at the patterns etc:

And how to activate the vinyl autoblade kit; how to activate the Disney patterns; how to access the patterns and transfer them to your machine; how to access the patterns in Canvas Workspace; how to use the tiling function and more!

Hope you find the videos useful, and I would love to see photos of your projects created with the vinyl autoblade!

As ever, happy cutting! πŸ™‚

SDX135PRO – available NOW EXCLUSIVELY through Makers Superstore!

There has been a new model added to the ScanNCut family – the SDX135PRO! πŸ™‚

So if you’ve wanted upgrade to the latest SDX series for a while, but maybe don’t quite have the budget for the top of the range SDX2200D, then this is the mid range ScanNCut to go for, especially now the CM900 has been officially discontinued – you’ll still be able to use almost everything from your CM series machine on this, so all the kits, the manual blade holders etc (the only exception is the mats, as the SDX range uses a different style mat), but everything else will work!

In the UK, it’s available exclusively through Makers Superstore:

Check independent reviews for Makers Superstore here πŸ™‚…/store/www-makerssuperstore-com

This machine has a great range of fabulous specifications!

New Updated Mat Feed Roller System (same as the SDX2200D) πŸ™‚
Auto Blade Technology
Extra Large LCD Touchscreen – 5”/12.7cm
682 resizable built in designs
9 Built in Fonts
Cutting area – 11.7 x 11.7″ (297 x 297mm), 11.7 x 24″ with optional mat (297 x 610mm)
Built in Scanner – 12”x 12” Scanning Area (305mm x 305mm)
600DPI Scan to USB (for scanning photos, documents etc)
Up to 3mm cutting depth with fully automatic blade
2 Year Warranty

PLUS being a SDX series machine, there are a WHOLE RANGE of fabulous additional extras available for it – so all the accessories, kits and pattern activation cards from the CM series will work, as will the vinyl roll feeder, paper piercing kit, the calligraphy kit, the new Print to Cut activation card feature, the new vinyl autoblade kit, and the new fabric mat!

So if you’re thinking of upgrading, this is definitely a machine that will grow with you and will be a fantastic addition to your craft room and is a fantastic upgrade to the CM300, CM600, CM700, CM800Q and CM900 machines!

Let me know what you are going to make with yours! πŸ™‚


Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the latest ScanNCut news from Brother.

You all know I do love the ScanNCut πŸ™‚ so I always make sure I keep up to date with what’s happening, and what’s coming up with Brother.

Ok so the first bit of news is a bit of both good and bad and comes direct from my Brother source.


And there is a BRAND NEW SDX MODEL in the ScanNCut family – the SDX135 PRO!

(I posted that I thought that the CM900 was going to be discontinued a short while back, as all the new kits have been for the SDX only – the CM900 was already discontinued a while back in Australia, so I knew it was just a matter of time..)

Now I don’t know about the CM300 yet, I will do my best to find MAY be that Brother decide to keep it on for a while as a very basic entry level model, but I have asked Brother direct and will post when I get more information on that.

Now if you own a CM series (and along with my SDX I also own the CM900) then DO NOT PANIC, because Makers Superstore ARE stocking ALL the accessories for the CM series, mats, blades, kits etc so you’ll be OK for those and Makers Superstore are a VERY reliable source!

So you WILL be able to keep on cutting with your CM900, just like you can on the other CM machines that are no longer sold in the UK (ie the CM600, CM700, CM800Q).

Along with everything you need for the ScanNCut CM series, Makers Superstore also stock a FULL RANGE of accessories and kits for the ScanNCut DX series (so SDX2200D, SDX135pro, SDX1200) πŸ™‚

Check this independent review page here:…/store/www-makerssuperstore-com

I did ask Brother just over a year ago about the mats and blades for the CM series, as I want to see us CM users are alright, and this was their reply..

“Anyway, our factory are providing accessories for some years after the production of last machine”

So I’m sure we can rely on Makers Superstore to provide us with CM series mats and blades for a while yet! πŸ™‚

Plus if you’re thinking of upgrading to the SDX series, so I’ll post the features and specifications about the new SDX135 PRO in an upcoming post! πŸ™‚

New ScanNCut kits and accessories out now!

OMG just seen this! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

You all know how much I love my ScanNCut accessories it’s like ScanNCut central in my craft room LOL!

Makers Superstore have the brand new SDX accessories available for despatch from this Wednesday 16th September πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

So – all these items will work on all models of the SDX series, (but not the CM series).

Vinyl Auto Blade Kit πŸ™‚

There are two versions of the new vinyl autoblade kit:

1) Vinyl autoblade with All Occasions activation card.

2) Vinyl autoblade with All Occasions activation card AND Disney activation card patterns.

New autoblade especially for vinyl – I have seen this in a Youtube video somewhere and it’s *a lot* smaller and finer than the current standard autoblade in the black holder and is designed for fine, intricate details – I can’t wait to try this!

There is also a Disney version, so you get the all occasions card PLUS the Disney activation card.

Disney version in this video –

The vinyl autoblade kit gives us access in Canvas Workspace to a tiling function, so we can make HUGE vinyl designs for walls etc πŸ™‚ hahaha got to love that! Here’s how it works:

Also gives us access to create weeding boxes so makes designs easier to weed and saves on vinyl waste –

There are also spare vinyl auto blades on the site πŸ™‚

New Frozen 2 patterns activation card πŸ™‚

New rhinestone patterns activation card. πŸ™‚ I absolutely love rhinestones so was really pleased to see this! Look at that fabulous unicorn!

Also there are two fabulous new additional functions available by purchasing the activation cards below:

Print to Cut Function for the ScanNCut allows you to precisely cut sheets of design with ease. “Includes: Activation Card for ScanNCut Print and Cut

Use Adobe Illustrator? The Plugin Auto Position Adjustment For use with Adobe Illustrator and SDX Series” AND ScanNCut Link has been designed for use with Adobe Illustrator software to transfer your custom-made designs directly to your ScanNCut SDX machine. “Transferring your .AI files allows you to have even more flexibility in creating your next project! Add registrations marks to help align your projects when cutting with this function.”

Happy cutting and creating everyone! πŸ™‚

ScanNCut DX Rolling Tote

So there was an offer on at Makers Superstore at the weekend, so I decided to treat myself to the ScanNCut rolling tote!

It’s amazing! It’s *huge* and stores so much stuff – also if you wanted to you could fit TWO machines in there (one on the bottom and another on the top in the cradle to protect the one in the bottom), plus mats and some accessories! I love the luggage tag as well, I’ll post some photos below.

I’m using it to store my kits and spare mats and blades in – I love everything ScanNCut and jokingly call my craft room “ScanNCut Central” and I’m happy now because I know exactly where all my ScanNCut kits are and they are all nicely organised πŸ™‚

I absolutely love the rolling tote – now if I need to take my machine anywhere on the go, I know it will be nicely protected and the cradle will make it easy to get the machine in and out, and I can fit everything I need in it.

Amazing ScanNCut offer from Makers Superstore!

I’ve been away for a while as have been very busy with family…just come online to see the fabulous SDX2200D is now just Β£479.99 at Makers Superstore – they have 20% off on EVERYTHING including the SDX2200D !!! But only until minight this Sunday (26th July 2020) – see here! –

That is an FANTASTIC price for an AMAZING machine (I have three ScanNCut machines but the SDX2200D is my GO TO machine – it is seriously AWESOME), and 20% is a great discount for all the goodies on the Makers Superstore website…my favourite place for all things ScanNCut – Makers Superstore sell all accessories, kits and MORE for both the CM range and the SDX range and have really fast despatch and delivery times (think 2/3 days rather than weeks!) πŸ™‚

The SDX2200D TOP OF THE RANGE of ALL ScanNcut machines and has an new and much improved mat roller feed system compared to the SDX1200 (which I also have). Can you tell LOL how much I love mine…I’ve been busy lately cutting stencils – I’m really into stencilling and distress inks at the minute and am loving being able to create and cut any stencil I want, saved a bomb on buying expensive stencils…really enjoying myself. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

If I didn’t have three machines already I would definitely be buying another SDX2200D…don’t think hubby would believe me if I tried telling him they made babies ….but I’m sure I will need to stock up on some spare blades and mats! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Makers Superstore Facebook Live – postponed :-(

Sorry everyone, sadly I’m going to have to postpone tonight’s Facebook live for Makers Superstore as I have a family issue I have to deal with….apologies but I will be rescheduling the live free class as soon as I can!

I will let you know the new date for the free class as soon as I can, it will be held over on the Makers Superstore Facebook page here –

The stream will be available to watch anytime once the livestream has ended, so no need to miss out if you’re in a different timezone! πŸ™‚

I’ll be covering how to get gorgeous CLEAN CUTS with your machine…lots of troubleshooting tips, tricks and machine demos to help you get the best cut possible from a variety of materials – this is a FREE CLASS for all models of ScanNCut!

I’ll do my best to help you all as much as I can!

ScanNCut face masks!

A big thank you to all the lovely crafters who joined me over on the Makers Superstore page yesterday for my Facebook live on using the ScanNCut to cut fabric for face masks!

If you missed it, or want to watch it again to see how to make the masks, then you can find the video here :

DISCLAIMER – This mask (or face mask) does not protect the person against coronavirus. The goal is to stop the spread of droplets to reduce the spread of the virus. Strictly follow all recommendations from the government and health organisations to keep you, your family and loved ones safe.

*** NOTE – at the moment – Makers Superstore are offering a BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE on all their fabrics (Please check their website for current offers) ***

You need basic sewing skills and a sewing machine to complete this project. A fancy sewing machine is very nice (!) but a basic model will do the job well.

You can use ANY ScanNCut in the CM series or the SDX series to do this – my preferred machine of choice is the SDX2200D, at the time of posting (June 2020) – this is the current TOP OF THE RANGE of the ScanNCut family πŸ™‚

If using SDX series – then use the BEIGE THIN FABRIC AUTOBLADE and your machine will take care of the settings!

If using CM series – use standard blade for quilting cotton and you will have to test cut – here are some cutting guidelines for you –

Brother have helpfully provided a guide on the basics of fabric cutting for both the CM and SDX series – this has suggested settings for the CM series and a troubleshooting guide:

Brother also have a basic guide to quilting which explains the difference between lengthwise, crosswise and bias grain – as this is a sewing project, we need to cut our fabric on the crosswise grain – see here for an explantion on grain lines, bias etc.

To make this facemask, I’ve used my ScanNCut SDX2200D (my preferred machine of choice!), sewing machine AND


I’m making with these cotton fat quarter bundles from Makers Superstore

If you’re new to fabric, then a fat quarter is 1/4 of a yard/meter of fabric – made by cutting half a metre of the full fabric width and then cutting this piece in half vertically (cutting it by the width). Fat quarters allow you to get a better cut of the design rather than just a quarter of a meter/yard cut across the bolt of fabric horizontally.

You need a GOOD QUALITY QUILTING COTTON – thin or loosely woven cottons are no good for making face masks!

Winnie the Pooh 5 fat quarter pack –

Frozen 5 fat quarter pack –


Any ScanNCut plus sewing machine (could handsew if you really needed to)

High tack fabric support sheet (optional – can cut paper or doeflex templates (label doeflex with self adhesive vinyl)

The CM900 and SDX machines come with a high tack support sheet in the box – replacements can be found here –

Fabric – approximately 2/3rd of a fat quarter (see above for the fabric I used in my livestream)

NON WOVEN fusible interfacing – I use:
Vilene F220 standard iron on interfacing – it comes in both white and black – google around for the best prices.

Elastic, ribbon or cord.
80/12 sewing machine needle (I use Schemtz brand which are excellent quality)
Sewing pins or clips.
Iron/ironing board or ironing pad.

Frixion Erasable Rollerball PenΒ  (ink vanishes when hit with a hot iron) –

NOSE BRIDGE STRIPS ARE A *MUST* TO ENSURE A GOOD SEAL ACROSS THE TOP OF YOUR FACE MASK – (if you wear glasses and they fog up while wearing the mask then you don’t have a seal)

These are the ones I use:

Optional: I like to also sew and quilt, so to precut my fabric to go on the mat, I do use a rotary cutter, quilting ruler and self healing mat, but this is *entirely optional and not necessarily required* – this is the sort of items I use.

PREP: Iron fabric (can lightly starch if you would like – I use Mary Ellen’s Best Press)

Pre cut fabric ON GRAIN – (fabric folded selvedge edge to selvedge edge) –

2 x 12″ WIDE by 8″ HIGH pieces of fabric (matching fabric – same fabric for both sides)

2 X 12″ WIDE by 8″ HIGH pieces of Vilene F220 fusible interfacing.

Create pattern – for my size (adult)

For the mask, you will need to cut TWO x Vilene F220 fusible interfacing and TWO x fabric pieces.

Select Basic Shapes – BA-A093 Perfect shape to create the style of face mask we’re going to make today!

Turn OFF aspect ratio – resize to 6.75″ high x 11.02″ wide (adult size – for other sizes, use fantastic resizing feature on ScanNCut then cut out of PAPER first to gauge size required)



** PLACE FUSIBLE INTERFACING GLUE (rough) side UP and SMOOTH SIDE DOWN ONTO MAT. (You don’t want to loose any fusible glue dots that might stick to your mat so do it this way)

Cutting fabric – you can either cut a paper or doeflex and cut the fabric the old fashioned way BUT I am going to show you how to cut fabric on the ScanNCut

Mat with high tack support sheet attached & BEIGE THIN FABRIC BLADE on SDX (standard turquoise blade for CM series)

Just place fabric square on the mat (BE AWARE OF THE GRAIN) and smooth it down with (I use the Brother brayer – does the job perfectly)


Position cut file over fabric – HAS TO BE ON GRAIN VERY IMPORTANT FOR SEWING PROJECTS – cannot rotate shape because otherwise you will be cutting on bias, which is stretchy, and your fabric will go out of shape, too much stretch is no good for a face mask!


FUSE INTERFACING TO WRONG SIDE OF BOTH FABRIC PIECES – GLUE SIDE DOWN – (if you make mistake and get glue on your iron, then run it hot over a tumble dryer sheet and this will clean all the glue off – isn’t that magic?)


I’m going to use my 1/4″ foot (if you don’t have one, use 1/4″ guide on bed of your sewing machine).

Right sides together, sew down both curved edges.


Turn piece upside down – nest/ match seams again – making sure seam is straight on both sides – PIN IN PLACE

CHECK WHICH END IS TOP OF YOUR FACEMASK IF YOU ARE USING A DIRECTIONAL PATTERN – AT THE TOP* – start sewing and backstitch about two and half inches in – backstitch at end.

Sew straight across the bottom.


PREPARE TO INSERT NOSE BRIDGE STRIP – from seam – measure out and mark 1.75″ on both sides (nose bridge piece is 3.50 inches long).

INSERT NOSE BRIDGE STRIP – one pin across bottom, one pin across either end.

I like to use ZIPPER FOOT to top stitch – I use the edge of this as a guide.

Start TOP STITCHING at top right hand side – pivot and turn – BE VERY CAREFUL AS YOU APPROACH NOSE BRIDGE STRIP.

At start of nose bridge strip, (use needle wheel to test you are NOT going to hit the metal bridge strip – YOU WILL BREAK NEEDLE AND POSSIBLY DAMAGE THE TIMING ON YOUR MACHINE – YOU DON’T WANT ANY BROKEN NEEDLES FLYING INTO YOUR EYE) pivot and stitch DOWN four or five stitches


MAKE SURE TOP OF NOSE BRIDGE STRIP IS FLUSH WITH TOP SEAM – run edge of zipper foot along the edge of the nose bridge piece until you reach next pin/mark – work out where end of nose bridge strip is – sew along to end –

PIVOT (use needle wheel to test you are NOT going to hit the metal bridge strip – YOU WILL BREAK NEEDLE AND POSSIBLY DAMAGE THE TIMING ON YOUR MACHINE – YOU DON’T WANT ANY BROKEN NEEDLES FLYING INTO YOUR EYE) pivot and stitch UP four or five stitches until you can get zipper foot to fit flush with edge of fabric again.

Continue to top stitch – go over beginning of stitches five or six stitches to secure.

Basic mask is done!


More than one way to do this –

One way – decide which side of mask you want to be FRONT.

Insert elastic.

Turn over edges about 1/2″ inch – sew (backstitch at start and end) – again I use zipper foot.

Or can insert ribbon or cord – use pony beads to make adjustable.

Hope you found this useful! πŸ™‚

Face masks – ScanNCut style!

Let’s use our ScanNCut the full and make something we all need – face masks!

I wanted to do something different from the normal tutorials already out there I can offer you something different from Applelover53 to save repeating techniques that are already out there πŸ™‚


So….This Thursday at 4pm UK time over on the Makers Superstore’s Facebook page, as I will be covering all about making facemasks and how to make them fun with the ScanNCut!

I have lots of tips and techniques to share – super easy and no fancy equipment required – just your ScanNCut, a basic sewing machine, cotton fabric, thread and elastic, cord or ribbon.

Hope to see you there! πŸ™‚