Fantastic offer on the ScanNCut SDX135!

Just gone on to the Makers Superstore website site to see what’s new..they have a new SDX135 offer and some new usbs added to the website. 🙂

If you’re thinking of getting a ScanNCut or upgrading, read this first 🙂 My honest advice if you are thinking of upgrading is to get the SDX135 over the SDX900 because of the screen size. Look at the photo I’ve added to see the difference the 5″ screen makes. And plus I know for sure the SDX135 has the new, improved mat feed roller system 🙂

They have a brilliant offer on the SDX135 at the moment, – I already have the SDX135 and it’s a fabulous machine. I’m going to treat myself to a USB or two though 🙂

You’ll be able to put the self adhesive vinyl in the bundle to good use by putting it on the mugs – the t shirts will be good for getting some HTV and putting it on. Plus you get a couple of USBS in with the bundle.

I just cut and pasted the offer from the Makers Superstore site:


Brother ScanNCut SDX 135 Pro Machine4 x Sublimation T-Shirts – Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
4 x Sublimation Mugs 11oz
1 x First Edition 52 Sheet Vinyl Pack – Gloss or Matt
2 x First Edition Digital Dies USB (Assorted Designs)
1 x SDX 135 Business Guide

I have the SDX135 – it’s a brilliant machine, it will cut, draw, foil, pierce, draw calligraphy, emboss just the same as all the other SDX machines…it just has less patterns, scans a 12″x12″ area only, and doesn’t have the .pes capababilty…but it does have more a couple more fonts than the SDX900.

And also crucially it has that large 5″ screen – I honestly think if you buy a ScanNcut like the SDX900 with the teeny tiny screen you will regret it – even if you use Canvas Workspace, you will still strain your eyes on the tiny screen of the SDX900….I am adding a photo of the huge difference in screen size between the SDX900 and the SDX135 ..

For comparison the SDX135 screen is 5″, the CM300/600/700/800 screens were 3.75″ and the SDX900 is teeny tiny at 3.47″..all my information on screen sizes came direct from Brother here –


The SDX135PRO has arrived in my craft room!

Look what arrived this morning!I

I have a new baby…a beautiful SDX135PRO 😍😍😍

I’m so excited to unbox, set up and start cutting and making! 🙂

I thought I could do an out of the box video, so hopefully should have that up in the next couple of days – I’ll put together some information about the machine specs as well for you all.

If you’re interested, pop over to the Makers Superstore website, they have some information up, and I’m planning on putting lots more information up on my blog about this machine.

Look out for lots of makes, videos, lives etc, as I can’t wait to put this beauty through it’s crafty paces!

Family Tree Album Project using the DX Calligraphy Kit (available exclusively in the UK from Makers Superstore)

As you all know 🙂 I use my ScanNCut *a lot* – that’s because I use it to make things that I can use in my other numerous hobbies, and the ScanNCut makes this simple!

I’ve been researching my family ancestry for about 17 years. I’ve found the answers to many a family mystery and uncovered more than my fair share of skeletons in the closet. I’ve painstakingly traced back many of my lines to the early 1400’s.

A member of my family had a special birthday recently, so I drew out her side of the family tree album using the calligraphy kit with my ScanNCut DX.

I didn’t have a lot of time to complete the project so I bought a pre made scrapbook album and decorated the cover with shiny gold self adhesive vinyl. I used the font “Old English” from the site for the wording: please note that this font is NOT a single line calligraphy drawing font and so doesn’t work with the calligraphy kit – it works great for cutting out though!

The leaves pattern is inbuilt into my DX – it was absolutely perfect for my project!


As a seasoned family history researcher, I know that hand drawn calligraphy family trees cost a lot of money – that is because it is a time intensive, skilled process.

I knew I could get excellent results using the Brother DX Calligraphy kit (available exclusively in the UK from Makers Superstore) – so I used this in conjunction with the Gothic font from the SDX Calligraphy Font Set – Gothic and Unical activation card (also exclusive in the UK to Makers Superstore).

This is the front page of the album – I used a combination of patterns from the calligraphy kit together with the Gothic font from the activation card.

Here is a top tip for the calligraphy kit – for the very small writing you see on the pages, I used the same single line calligraphy font with a fine line pen in the existing universal pen holder – obviously a normal pen or marker you won’t get the wonderful variation in line width as you do with calligraphy, but this works fantastically with small text and helps give your projects a more cohesive look.

This is just one of the many pages I created for the album….the ScanNCut made the pages so fast and easy to create!

I used an inbuilt envelope pattern on the DX machine as a pocket to store certificates and old census documents etc – as we can easily resize any pattern I was able to make my envelopes the absolute perfect size to fit the documents! 🙂

My family member was absolutely over the moon with her extra special gift and it is a beautiful heirloom that is sure to be loved by generations to come 🙂